Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Over....

It's the end of our Company's Financial Year today & it's CRAZY BUSY!!! I'll be back tomorrow hopefully in a saner frame of mind & with a slightly tidier desk - apologies for my AWOL status in Bloggie World recently. It's been a hard, but rewarding year at work, with a lot of my little 'chicken's' coming home to roost. In the meantime, these are pics of my hero Albert Einstein's desk (I think my sub-conscious is presently doing a desk thing here at The Hedge!). I love the man for all that he did, but most of all for this:

The Photoelectric Effect
A revolutionary hypothesis concerning the nature of light. Einstein not only proposed that under certain circumstances light can be considered as consisting of particles, but he also hypothesized that the energy carried by any light particle, called a photon, is proportional to the frequency of the radiation. The formula for this is E = hu, where E is the energy of the radiation, h is a universal constant known as Planck's constant, and u is the frequency of the radiation. This proposal - that the energy contained within a light beam is transferred in individual units, or quanta - contradicted a hundred-year-old tradition of considering light energy a manifestation of continuous processes. Be still my beating heart, kiss, kiss A.E.!!!

Images: Flickr & Life

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shiny Brights

Looking at the state of my silver recently, I'm embarrassed. So I've decided to put some time aside over the coming Long Weekend to cover the Dining Room table with newspaper & drop sheets & go hard. I still use the bottle of Silvo, toothbrushes & old white sheets cut up into buffing cloths - just as my Mum taught me. A Domestic Goddess I'm not, but I do find this is the chore that gives me the most satisfaction after it's done.....and the most frustration!

I've some cherished family pieces that mean the world to me & I really enjoy sitting quietly cleaning them recalling their provenance. My Great-Grandmother's Edie's silver button hook for her high black Victorian boots, soft clothes brush set & silver photo frames. My Grannie's beautiful tea service. Grandpa's engraved water jug from his Adelaide Steamship Company days. Mum's gorgeous heavily embossed coffee pot. My childhood flatware set. And the boys christening mugs. While I'm at it, have you a precious piece you'd like to include in Millie's Silver Cleaning Session?

Monday, March 29, 2010

New Horizons

You did good Son #4, we're all very proud of your achievement! Congratulations & love from your Mum.xx P.S. No more bumpy light plane rides, red desert dust & 55oC. days - YAY!!! You've earnt it - now listen, learn & make the most of this wonderful new opportunity in the City.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Desk Top

It's never worried me that I've never been able to keep a tidy desk. I like to have some stuff around me, a bit of this & that. I'm immediately suspicious when seeing images of executives being interviewed on telly sitting at a pristine desk devoid of anything but a lap-top. I figure they're a corporate psychopath just about to perpetrate a huge fraud on their Organization & are planning a fast getaway - it's just not natural. After being away from the office most of the week, watching the poor Fellows sweat it out at their exam trials & presentations, things have snowballed. I don't work on Friday's but sadly I'll be desk-bound most of the day trying to clear the back-log. We are still basking in a late Indian summer despite the calendar declaring that it's autumn here in South Australia. This weekend's weather looks to be positively glorious, see you all next week.

Image: Steven Randazzo

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Keeping It Simple

I'm in the midst of a monstrous week at work, with Advanced Trainee Workshops for the Fellows running each day & 2 Dinners. I do love these guys though, they've chosen The National Wine Centre in Adelaide as the venue, as they reckoned it had the best audio-visual facilities for teleconferencing, 'onya boys! This week is held just prior to their first round of College exams, & they are all a little edgy. So the excellent ' refreshment' area at the venue should help break the tension for the poor darlings at the end of each day. I do need to keep life simple & uncomplicated this week, so thank you Joseph Dirand for this outstanding kitchen design. Marble, black gloss woodwork, sandstone on the floor - such simplicity, but with every centimetre of it oozing style.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Safe To Come Back

The King has left the building & the girls are in giving his Throne Room a thorough going over, just as he's getting from me. I've only just uncurled myself from the foetal position after the images of the uncompleted Bathroom From Hell were shown yesterday. The King thought it was a laugh, but I reckon he's actually shot himself in the foot, as now the After pics need to be so good it's gonna kill him! That should wipe the supercilious grin from his face - 'My Public, My Public', I don't think so!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Measured And MOTHodical

My Public, my Public - thank you so much to all of you who expressed deep sympathy & understanding following Millie's post on my recent record-breaking Serum Lipid levels. I don't how the information has got to such levels in our local community, but I've received brochures from 5 different Funeral Directors, an Exclusion of Risk Notification from my Life Insurance company & an invitation from a group of Cardiologists to be their case study at the next World Cardiology Congress!

It is always good when dealing with an affliction to find a Dr. who has experienced a similar condition, & fortunately my Doc. has wrestled with Hyperlipidaemia. It was decided at consultation to take the highly scientific approach - NOTHING - as it's 99% genetic in my case & no ancestors or close living rellies have shuffled off due to clogged vessels. For example my Great Grandfather James at the age of 84, died 3 days after slipping on a banana skin, from complications of a fractured femur - true story! Anyway Millie says I have to survive at least another 25 years because at the current rate it's gonna take me that long to complete the reconstruction/renovation of this God forsaken project I've gotten into!

Speaking of are all probably wondering at what stage the Bathroom-From-Hell (BFH) is at - well so am I!!! I DON'T have any excuses (other than the fact that for the last 12 years, I've spent 6.5 days/week working on other people's houses!!), but I DO have reasons, largely due to advice from my good mate Moose - the Consultant Building Engineer.

  • The concrete in the reconstructed floor needed to cure for at least 12 months to ensure no cracking occurred in the outrageously expensive tiles chosen by Mills.

  • I had to ensure that any rebuilt walls had to remain perpendicular for a given time for similar reasons to the above.

  • Re the large, gaping hole in the wall for the new window - this is directly relating to the above points.

  • This Summer was stiflingly hot & OH&S clearly state that one shouldn't work above 20C. (68F.)! Clearly the best substance for cooling in these conditions is beer & I found that after a couple, work was not advisable.
The above legitimate reasons notwithstanding, Mills has been advised that work on the final stages of putting in a ceiling, window, applying those obscenely expensive tiles & the other budget-breaking fittings will be underway as of the Easter holidays. This is on the promise of what will happen if I don't - ooooh, ooouch! - Millie inflicts a mean 3rd degree Chinese burn as shown graphically below!!

Exhibit A (after it stopped smoking)

Good to post to you all, Millie is on the way home from her How To Treble Your Man's Home Renovation Output In Five Easy One-Hour Sessions class & I'd better look busy. Love & kisses from MOTH (Man-of-the-House). xx

Friday, March 19, 2010

Advance Warning

Thought I'd better let you all know that next Monday's post here at The Hedge will be brought to you by a certain past Guest Blogger. He's so far refused to disclose his chosen subject but he's promised to be good. That remains to be seen.

Diamonds & Stones

Some days are diamonds & yesterday was just one of those. I was so touched with the amazing response to yesterday's post. To know that I wasn't alone in my feelings of blog shyness, was a beautiful feeling. And the way you all articulated your thoughts left me humbled & emotional. Thank you from my overwhelmed bloggy heart, you are simply the best.

........and some days are stones. I learnt yesterday that Not Dr. McDreamy is fighting a battle for his own life. It is devastating news & the outlook is grim. He is a brilliant academic who's teaching skills are exceptional - the Fellows need him. He has published ground-breaking research papers internationally - his colleagues & the future of his specialist field needs him. He has healed so many with his surgical skills - his patients need him. He has a house full of active, energetic beautiful teenagers - his children need him. This is so, so unfair.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life's Layers

I had long drive to see a client yesterday, & as often happens, that gave me 3 hours alone in the car without any interruptions to think & mull, & then to think & mull some more. It will be 2 years next month since The Hedge slipped/slid/fell/lurched into the wonderful world of blogging. And nearly 500 posts later, I'm still having a really, really, really good time. So that being the case, why is it that I still feel a little 'uncomfortable' whenever the subject is brought up in public. When I started The Hedge MOTH & the kids took not the slightest interest in it. Now bless them all, they're my best PR Agents. They tell anyone & everyone about The Hedge & can spout off the full http:// address without blinking. So why, when asked by someone to explain what The Hedge is all about in a work or social setting, do I still shy off & want to change the subject pronto?

Well, no more! It's high time to toss off my cloak of coyness & accept that The Hedge is now a permanent layer in the multi-layered cake that is my life & I wouldn't want it any other way. The bottom layers will always be MOTH & my 5 darling boys, always there ready to prop up the higher & less well-balanced layers. My much-loved work & wonderful clients are the robust middle layers along with my dear friends & extended family. Then teetering a little precariously on the top is this house & all the things we still need to do to finish its transformation. So what layer does my blog life assume? Well that's easy, it's the frosting on the top. Sweet & yummy, it's the thing that really makes this cake such a scrumptious thing.

Thanks to you all, the gorgeous people that still make it fun to do every single day - you truly are the frosting on my layer cake of life. And the promise to myself is to come out from behind the veil & celebrate what I have found, to embrace the unique community I'm part of, stand tall (even if I can only make it to 162cms!) & tell the world 'I'm Millie & I blog!'

Image: Epicurious

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Best Not So Big House

Love this transformation of a not so pretty run-down 1930's caretaker's house on a 17 acre farm in Connecticut into the cutest little cottage. The Owners are currently living here while restoring the historic farmhouse elsewhere on the property. Once that task is complete, this cottage will become the guest house. My favourite detail is the new sun-room on the eastern side of the the building.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One Click Of Separation

I've been honoured with 3 beautiful Sunshine Awards, & have used the opportunity to push the rules a little using the Awards as a catalyst. I decided to conduct an experiment to try & broaden my bloggy horizons which have become a bit limited lately, & here's what I came up with.

I went to the Awardee's blog & chose a blog they had listed on their blog roll that I didn't know. I went over for a visit & then randomly chose a site from that site's blog roll & continued on. I had a heap of fun in the process, & definitely want to do it again. I've included a link with each Header, so I hope I've given you some new places to visit & enjoy as well.

Thank you to Jeanne over at Collage of Life . This gorgeous girl came onto the blog scene last year & what an ride it's been for all of us who have followed her adventures! Her posts are always visual feasts, as she's a highly skilled photographer who can back up her wonderful words with fabulous images (I would be so lucky!). I started my journey with Jeanne & here's the results.

Thank you to Pam over at Red Ticking . Blogging from the awesome city of Seattle WA, Pam is renown for generally posting just one fab image & following it up with a few succinct words that complement the pic perfectly. I'm trying to be like Pam, but am failing miserably! Here's where my Red Ticking journey took me.

Thanks to Rita from A Refocused Life . Her stunning blog is always a delight to visit, her gentle, encouraging words & scrumptious images always put a smile on my face. Style, elegance & grace are 3 words that come to mind whenever I think of Rita.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What Am I?

  • I am 10.7mmol/L. & rising. (normal values less than 4.9mmol/L.)
  • I cause much grief & angst to my Owner.
  • I seem totally immune to strict dietary controls & high levels of aerobic exercise.

Yes, I am MOTH's cholesterol level. On Friday he received a copy of his latest test results with the following note from Dr. Tony.

'Dear MOTH - What are we going to do about this??? You are still the current record holder at the Clinic.'

He's tried everything - various statins didn't work, with one causing near-disastrous side effects. He eats well, with the fruit, vegies & legumes far outweighing the proteins, sugars & complex carbs. He has rolled oats & skinny milk most mornings for brekkie in an attempt to 'sop' up the enemy cholesterol. He has a physically demanding job, so gets heaps of gut-busting exercise every day. He rows on the water & in the gym & loves exercise. He's cut his alcohol intake down to one lo-cal stubbie a day & a small glass of red wine with dinner. Yet the levels are still escalating - from 9.1mmol/L. in April 2008, with this last LDL skyrocketing almost past a measurable amount. He is totally asymptomatic & on imaging there is not the slightest evidence of diffuse cardiovascular disease.

He is the victim of familial hypercholesterolemia, all his rellies had the same issues, yet all lived to their 80's & 90's. The poor darling has spent the weekend in a big deep hole, thinking that despite all his best efforts things have only got worse. What to do next, I don't know. He's back to the Dr. later in the week & is not looking forward to more lectures. It's horrible to see the stooped shoulders & weary look of defeat. Send him a hug today, he needs as many as he can get. Damn cholesterol!

Image: Quotes To Live By

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Weekend Triple Treat!

The gorgeous Misses Charlotte, Lucy & Heidi with their hard-working Mum.

Arriving home.

In hospital.

I know many of you have enjoyed seeing the pics of my cousin Sally's 3 beautiful little girls. Here's an up-date received this week. They are now crawling & Sal reports every day is full on. For those new Hedgies, the triplets where born in Darwin & now live in the remote heart of the hot & humid Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory where their lovely Mum & Dad work as Environmental Scientists. They are progressing so well, I just want to reach through the computer, scoop these little cherubs up & cover them with kisses! May your weekend be full of smiles & smooches too.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bye Bye Baby

I've been umming & aahing for ages about what to do with this chest of drawers. It was part of a set (it, an oval mirror & a sleigh-style cot/bed) which I had made by a local guy when I was renovating the Nursery while awaiting Son #5's arrival. As Bub's about to turn 27, it's certainly time to give this baby a new lease of life. It's actually really useful for storage, the drawers are deep & hold a myriad of stuff. In actual fact, the 2 bottom drawers hold all the boys favourite soft toys that I can't bear to toss out - Big Teddy, Blue Ted, Snoopy, Little Monkey, Mr. Elephant, Teddy Ruxpin, Growly Lion & others. It's currently sitting in the last unrenovated bedroom, which MOTH & I use as one big walk-in wardrobe & general dumping ground/junkroom. We don't have any storage in our bedroom until the 'Builder' starts a Dressing Room addition through the end wall out into the garden - the plans are drawn.

My mind was made up for me this week when I saw this lovely chest in the first pic. I'm happy with the other old 80's pieces I've given a new look to & are now sitting pretty & useful in the Guest Room. So out with the paint & some new handles & I reckon I'll get another 20 years out of this baby.

Image: R. Grant

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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