Tuesday, February 28, 2012

X Marks The Spot

Tomorrow's the day I hope I'm removed from the Players Injury List for quite some time. My smart young Gen Y whizz kid of an Orthopaedic Surgeon is going to get off his iPhone long enough to shove an arthroscope into my left knee. He tells me he'll be fossicking around in there for some time, as he needs to repair a torn meniscus, suss out an ACL problem & get rid of a whole heap of osteophytes for me. I'd say I'm breathless with excitement but I'd be fibbing. I'm actually very tetchy today & just want it over with.

My issue post-operatively will be all the stairs at home. I told MOTH he'll have to do his best Rhett Butler impersonation & carry me Scarlett-like, up & down them for a couple of days. It's in the marriage contract I told him under Additional Responsibilities, but he didn't fall for it. And yes, before you ask, my train is just about to pull into a destination that I'll be jumping up & down with joy about. I can't say much until next week, so you've got to keep it a secret, shussssssh. I've got 5 days off work now, so I'll let you know how things go, with my iPad balanced on my good knee & MOTH & the boys tending to my every whim, NOT.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Destination Unknown

This year I've felt I'm a passenger on a train who's destination is unknown. I've paced the corridors of that train, sliding open the doors of each of the compartments along the way, anxiously asking the people inside 'Do you know where this train is going?' And all I get are blank stares & a collective shaking of heads. I've been doing it in my waking hours & also in my sleep. It has been a disturbing experience.

However late this week I've had someone whisper a possible destination to me. I know this may sound confusing to many, but to those who have picked up on some of this metaphorical pacing of corridors here at The Hedge & have written (as you do!) to let me know you are concerned, breathe a little easier. I'm hoping that this time next week my train will be pulling into a very familiar station. I know it sounds like code, but trust me on this & send me positive thoughts through the Bloggie Universe.

In the meantime I'm going to leave you with some Weekend Thoughts, an idea I've so blatantly knicked from one of my Bloggie heroes, the amazing Branford aka Uncle Beefy.

  • Do I really need another pair of divine shoes from here, you bet I do!

  • I admit to shedding a tear last night when Catherine Willows said goodbye here.

  • Food & wine snobs invading the Hills on a weekend are driving me CRAZY!!

  • Was it wrong to buy 3 identicals of these this week in 3 different colours & prints just 'cos the fit was FANTASTIC!

  • I need to be careful Twitter doesn't usurp my first love.

  • I still wonder what happened to Manhattan Transfer.

  • Pinning is not a way of life.

  • This is, & always will be, my favourite restaurant.

  • I love my best friend more today than ever - 22 years of never, ever letting me down xx

  • Does Bach's 10 Siciliano (Sonata for Flute and Harpischord n° 2) sound bloody good played on a bandonéon here - you bet it does, & I'm not afraid to argue the point!

  • It is a very good thing that MOTH understood early in our relationship that to get me to agree to anything, he needs to plant the seed & walk away. I eventually come around.

  • I would sell all the kids to black market slave traders for one of these.

It's the weekend dear Hedgies, so go enjoy!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love The One You're With

Geez you guys......honestly. I've just had a quick squizz at all your Valentine's Day posts & really, how good are they! Here's my woeful effort, but it makes me happier than I can describe. MOTH took the morning off to finish all the tax stuff for the Accountant & decided to stay at home for the rest of the day to sand & paint......& sand & paint. And he's just wandered back from the garden with our first Tuberose of the year. The aroma drifting from that beauty even knocks out the fresh paint smell. Do you remember the story behind the Tuberose? If you need a refresher I've dug it out from the archives & it's here. I think I needed to grow a plait at the time for the flower to have its maximum effect. And hasn't that happened NOT!

And a big thanks to Chris at Locavore for springing MOTH from the Valentine's Day sin bin. A table for two at 7.30p.m. miraculously appeared this morning & he has redeemed himself big time. Anyhoo dear Hedgies, whatever you're doing today & whoever you're doing it with, I hope you are surrounded by lots of love. XXX's from The Hedge.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Pleasing All The People

Every now & then I'm reminded by an incensed Follower that this blog is supposed to be about renovating & not all the other 'stuff'. OK, so to placate the said Follower from their Unfollowing threat, here's some images taken in 3rd bedroom yesterday - not pretty huh.

Since MOTH's crook back has eased off enough to let him back at it to a degree, these wardrobe doors have been ripped off their hinges & are propped on the trestles getting the Smart Prime once over. Except it isn't just one coat, it's bloody hundreds to stop that rubbish varnish stain bleeding through! He's also put numerous coats of Solver's Parchment on the walls, chased a whole heap of wiring through the brickwork & done an enormous patch up job to the holes he bashed in the bricks to do this.

We invited a son over for a Sunday roast dinner recently & unbeknowns to him, he had to help MOTH fix the new ceiling plasterboard to its frame before the meal was served. It got done but not without some dramas. All I'll say is that there was a 'failure' of the fixative by a certain serial renovator & a large piece of plasterboard hit the deck via the son's head. Let me tell you the conversation over dinner was unusually subdued. All the ceiling plastering & top coats have been done & most importantly we have downlights (sorry Ms. Velvet & Linen!) that work. I hope that's the last whinge I hear from that Follower for a while. Isn't renovating fun.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Calling All Expats!

OK I know you're lurking out there, reading this from London, Toyko, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris, Beijing, Madrid & lots more fabulous, but temporary places. I know 'cos you've told me so via your comments & emails. You love your posting, your job & the excitement of experiencing a new city & lifestyle. But Miss Millie is smarter than you think & can read between the lines of your sweet notes. You love Adelaide, & when the excitement & challenge of your overseas position has waned there's only one thing you want to do & that's come home to the loveliest little city in the whole of the country - Adelaide!!

So on this gorgeous warm, sunny, South Australian summer's day I'm going to tempt you with what's currently on offer in the way of real estate. After you've wiped away your tears of longing & home sickness, leave me a note telling me which one has won your heart. I'm happy to call the real estate agent for you.
Let's start with 'Carawatha' a gorgeous c1880 Victorian mansion in glorious Gilberton. You'll need to call Bernie about this one & if you're from Adelaide I won't need to elaborate.

Then there's 'Benacre' at Glen Osmond, a heritage icon in town c1870 in all it's Victorian bluestone glory. Toopie's got this one.

Candy B's just listed this beautiful Victorian terrace in Barnard St North Adelaide. With a generous rear laneway access, it will go in a heartbeat.

In fabulous Fitzroy 'Carlton House' is ready for you. A c1890 Victorian mansion on Fitzroy Terrace sitting on 2264sq.metres opposite the Parklands, what are you waiting for. Another call to Toopie for this gem.

Come up the Hills for 'Broadlees', a c1926 Georgian Mediterranean mansion at Crafers West. The 18 acres you'll also get for your $'s is a bonus beyond all words. Speak to Tim T at Toopie's about putting a deposit down.

Another beauty on Fitzroy Terrace, this time a c1880 return verandah Victorian sandstone house with floodlit supergrass tennis court. Contact Judy M via Oren for a squizz.

And there's marvellous Medindie & on divine Dutton Terrace check out this Victorian bluestone villa on 1226sq. metres. It goes to auction on Valentine's Day & wouldn't your little heart flutter if your bid secured it. Another call to Judy M is needed here.

And if luscious Leabrook calls your name what about 'Tarleamore' in Tusmore Ave. A c1925 gentleman's residence on 1345sq. metres of prime residential Eastern suburbs land. Ros Neale's got this listing.

Your Mum's probably told you in one of her emails that they've just spent a motza tarting up the Burnside Village Shopping Centre & it's even got a Zara. If that doesn't get you home, then nothing will! So go on, I know you want to. Come on home we're waiting for you & so is Bernie, Toopie, Judy & Ros.

It's the weekend, so go enjoy!

Book image: Chris Pavone All other images: Real Estate


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Princess Patricia

Princess Patricia van Esshe - happy 5th birthday mate! We jumped into the bloggie world around the same time & 1,130 fabulous posts later you're still going stronger than ever (while yours truly can only dream of such posting stamina!). Thank you for the gentle beauty & generosity of spirit you share with us each day here.... & especially through your beautiful art & design. Always posing a question that makes us stop & think & wanting to share our thoughts. You are a unique & original stand-out in a bloggie world cluttered with sameness. I'll splurge at your blog bar, a glass of Krug please - I raise my glass to a legend!

Images: pve

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