Sunday, August 21, 2011

Birch/Laurel Loop

Another quiet couple of weeks at The Hedge the blog, but behind The Hedge it's been pandemonium! A nightmare week at work with everything that could have gone wrong doing just that & MOTH's crook back still giving him heaps. We've just got back from our Sunday walk & I thought you'd like to see where we've been.

A couple of years ago I took you with me on my regular walking route on a hot Summer day. The foliage on the trees obstructed the view of most of the gorgeous houses, but today Winter's last hurrah means that the houses can be seen in all their glory! St. Vigean's is the jewel in the crown & the first house on the Birch Road/Laurel Road loop.

Love that verandah & the decorative wrought iron to bits!

Yep, it's MOTH & Lulu out enjoying the Hills air.

There are still lots of Winter creeks running on properties.

Here's Dunfuin in all it's Edwardian glory.

It's probably still too cold for sitting out on the verandah with a late afternoon G&T.

I'm always captivated by the terracotta tile work on Dunfuin's roof.

Oak Tree House is quite a different style for the area.

But still very pretty in it's unique way.

My favourite style of Hills gate.

As MOTH would say 'There's a heap of Angry Pantha's happening there Mills!'

This incline always gets the heart racing.

Copperfield & the resident guard cat.

What's got MOTH's attention?

The enclosed deck on this house that's just been completed. MOTH's been watching the Builder's do their thing & taking notes for months.

And here's my very favourite house Redwalls.

Complete with quite the most amazing clipped Ivy bank I've ever seen.

And matching detached garage.

Round the bend into a part of the loop where the houses are of a much older vintage.

I don't know the name of this house, but it's on a huge piece of land & a massive amount of restoration has been conducted over the past few years. If it's yours, do let us know!

Byethorne Lodge sits next to it.

It must have been the Gate House for the previous house & I've always thought what a wonderful little Hills retreat it would make.

Love Stirling's tall trees & the other 2 in this pic as well!

Another Winter creek on the way home.

Our neighbour's sweet little cottage.

Home again - & yes, it's camelia time here at The Hedge & one of my faves by the front door. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that it's goat curry for dinner here tonight. I'll tweet later & let you know how it tasted. I've only cooked with goat once before, so I had to wing it a bit with this one, but as I opened the door, the aroma drifting up from the slow cooker certainly indicates it will be OK! Have a wonderful week dear Hedgies.


Friday, August 12, 2011

A Little Treasure

I love what Priscilla Wikkerink has done with the teeny tiny kitchen space in Mark Challen's townhouse.

A warm, stylish & very functional space has now emerged for Mark & his partner to use for cooking & entertaining. And this picture validates perfectly why, if you can at all manage it, cabinets need to extend to the full height of the ceiling.

Priscilla has met the big challenge of working her magic in less than 100sq. metres. Here she's created a kitchen bookshelf/cabinet that doubles as a bar & storage for Mark's cookbooks.

Clever use of bevelled edge tiles add a wonderful dimension to the room & with the use of undermounted cabinet lights + aged mirrored panels behind the over head cabinet shelves that reflect the light - WOW! If have a moment, do follow the link below to the House and Home guided video tour of this little treasure.
Cramped Kitchen Reno House & Home


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back Me Up!

Thank you to everyone who's emailed me demanding to know why it's been so quiet here at The Hedge. Previous excuses used have beeen a new job, a new puppy & now I can add a sick husband to that list. Yep I've had to dig out the old white uniform & morph into Nurse Millie - MOTH has been laid low with a major back injury. A nasty acute flare up of a chronic problem has caused huge upheaval in the house. He's tried everything over the past few weeks to give him some relief, but to no avail. A last ditch interventional procedure last week using radiofrequency ablation to blast the nerves around the offending lumbar discs was an abject failure.

Work has come to a grinding halt while he does the round of Adelaide medicos seeking a cure. The Neurosurgeon broke the news to him on Wednesday that due to the dodgy nature of the facet joints around the injured discs he is not a candidate for a spinal fusion. Oh joy.

We do have one glimmer of hope though & that's the magical world of Pilates. Under sufferance, he dragged himself off to a class a couple of weeks ago & discovered immediate benefits. Although Darren Vizer the star of the video I've posted is a Melbourne pracititioner, I love his moves. Thanks DV for inspiring poor MOTH, do you do house calls?

Oh & dear Hedgies, how are things in your world, I'd love to hear, I'm desperate for some light relief.

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