Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas at The Hedge

Well dear Hedgies, it's Christmas Eve & here's what's happening behind The Hedge today:
  •  I'm at work, but that's no drama 'cos as MOTH so succintly puts it 'Mills you should be jolly grateful you have a place to go to other than a Bingo Hall.'
  • After only 2.5 years our very expensive heat pump hot water system went belly up & we have had no hot water since Friday night. A plumber is supposed to be on his way, wish us luck.
  • MOTH hasn't started his Christmas shopping.
  • The cavalcade of cars belonging to various family members has left Melbourne this morning bound for a big Christmas over the border at The Hedge. They are blissfully unaware that MOTH has not completed the reno of the Home Office, so the 3rd bedroom is full of all the stuff from that room & is totally unusable. So MOTH's sister, Son #2 & Son #3 & his partner will be tossing for the only available bed - good luck.
  • MOTH is desperately upset that none of the Aussie telly networks picked up the 2012 Victoria's Secret Christmas Show. As you know, he always does his best pressie wrapping propped in front of it.
I could go on, but I won't, I ran out of tissues about 2 hours ago. All in all though, it's been an OK year here & I'm grateful for getting through it relatively unscathed. I'll be working through early January & then I'm off to make my acquaintance with my new titanium knee on Jan. 23rd. I'll be back before then, so see you soon.

Merry Christmas!


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