Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No Room at the Inn

After a flurry of phone calls from the boys over the weekend (all rather too well co-ordinated Mr. Suspicious MOTH reckons!), I've had to hang the No Vacancy sign up over The Hedge for the Christmas week. It now appears that we'll have the pleasure of entertaining Sons #2 & #3 & their girlfriends from Melbourne over Christmas. With only one renovated Guest Room & of more concern, only the teeny-tiny grotty En-Suite Bathroom (no don't even ask!!) for all 6 of us, things are going to get very cosy! MOTH said with 3 sets of GHD hair straighteners on the go in there all running off the one dodgey power point, he'll be stationed permanently outside at the fuse box!

Along with Sons #4 & #5 making the trek up the Freeway with their girlfriends & puppie Tazzie, it will be almost a full complement of offspring for the big day. Son #1 promised his girlfriend to do Christmas with her family in country Victoria this year, so he'll be missed around the table. It's been many years since we've lucked in with this many of them all in one Festive hit. This year I'm working right up to Christmas Eve, & as usual, MOTH will be pulling into the driveway around midnight every day that week. And as it's taking me 4 times longer than normal to do anything, including negotiating the challenging & somewhat precarious slope of Stirling's main shopping street, I think my patience will be sorely tested this year. While I'll do my best, I think this Christmas will be a slightly toned-down version of previous extravaganza's thanks to a certain decision made to take the stairs instead of the elevator!


  1. Wow Millie, sounds like some crazy fun!! I think you should hand over all the holiday prep and cooking to MOTH this year;);) Maybe he should bring in his mail-order bride to help?!
    Remember to rest and take care of yourself!!

  2. Order the offspring to bring something to contribute to the festivities such as food or ?? (nothing to do with Chrissy gifts) to make it all a little easier for you. Delegate!!
    ...and have a wonderful time with so much of your family :) Irene x

  3. Wow Millie, your house certainly will be full for christmas! If they are all going to be there, then why not get them to help with the remaining rooms in the house that need doing - they may as well make themselves useful!

  4. Do yourself a huge favor and have some of the work/cooking done for you. We expect so much from the holidays. Do the little things that will make it special and let someone else do the things that take energy and time. It will all come together nicely...but have some of it done for you!

  5. I'm thinking of you! Especially as you are living my future.

  6. Oh Mill's, how wonderful to have nearly the whole family for Christmas. I can't think of anything nicer. I'm sure they will all muck in, and who cares about the bathroom arrangements. We have a Victorian house ( it's called 'The Laurels', by the way. It was named when it was built in 1895 and the two Laurel bushes are still in the front garden..... I've been meaning to tell you that for ages. )and bathrooms are at a premium here, as well. We will have the full compliment of offspring this year and I am so looking forward to it. I am using the lift since your accident!!!! Have a great week, Mill's and rest that foot as much as possible. XXXX

  7. Hi Millie,

    I am sure that your Christmas will be wonderful and don't worry about the ghd's and the bathroom.
    Things have a way of working out and it will be fun with the family.
    Just make sure you get some rest so the foot can get better and have everyone else do the work.

    Have a happy week

  8. Oh Millie, it sounds lovely. I wish that my children and their spouses could come forChristmas! You're so lucky!!

  9. I'm with Rachael - get the boys to chip in on a little reno work!! That's what family's for after all! You have a great excuse for sitting down anyway... ;-) Lucky you though having nearly everyone back for Christmas.

  10. Lucky you having so many of your brood around for Christmas, surely they'll take pity on their poor crippled Mum and be extra helpful. As for that MOTH being out till midnight every night, he'd better be fluttering around his shining (Millie)light on Christmas day.

  11. Talk about "appropriate" -- my story about taking a bath and bathrooms in particular did smack right in the middle. From your post it sounds like you are going to be taxed to keep up with everything.

    I had to compare your #2 and #3 and their girlfriends with those nuns getting pregnant in the bathwater. Moth will have more to worry about than the fuse box and electricity.

    You are a "hoot" yourself. I laughed all the way through this post. I even looked up "Stirling" on Google Earth and was confronted with Stirling SA, Australia or Stirling WA, Australia and not knowing one from the other chose the former and saw what looks like large hills on and around Johnston Street. So figured this is the place you are gonna have a full house. Stirling SA.

  12. I'm sure those gorgeous sons of yours and their equally gorgeous girlfriends will spoil you rotten. Make a list...check it twice and hand it to them as they walk in the door. Just position yourself behind the bar and keep the drinks circulating while you crack the whip...everything will be wonderful! Meredy xo.

  13. Well, so long as everyone has straight hair, I guess nothing else really matters. It's what Christmas is all about. Take it easy and enjoy the squash and the squeeze.

  14. awwww...how fun and crazy for you. i'm sure everything will turn out just fine.

  15. Isn't that cozy & lovely gathered the boys & respective? Well, you have agreat weather downunder this month of December so, I suggest a tent for the kiddies §;-) dóh!

    Kinda fun, though! New Year's Eve my cousin's & their families will gather at my poorman's house too & sleep over. I am nervous coz we only have 3 bedrooms well, with 3 bathrooms & 2 showers, so we manage that. 16 adults, 1 is 3 yrs old, 1 7 and 4 teenagers? Waaahh! and imagine -25 below zero degrees? That's what I call "hang me up"!

    Well, we will both wait and see what will be the outcome of this holidays means for us.

    Hugs to you Lady & MOTH...

    Have a blessed mid-week!

    The retreat you'd posted isn't far where I live. We always visit there on summer. So nice and cozy. Very swedish. On Friday, we'll visit my hubby's bro coz he celebrate his 50th bday and Carl Larsson's house located in Dalacarlia isn't far from where my inlaw live, approx 45 mins.
    Wish you can drop by at our place with MOTH and enjoy the calmness of Scandinavia.


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