Thursday, February 7, 2013

Slowly As It Goes

'It's OK Mills, no need to look so startled. I've done the shopping, cooked dinner, vacumed the floors, cleaned the bathroom, hung the washing out & shampooed puppy Lulu. All you need to do is lie back & rest your weary self.'

It's been 2 weeks since the new L knee became a fixture in my life & it's been a roller coaster ride. The 6 days in hospital on mind-altering substances was an 'interesting' experience, but I couldn't wait to escape the ho-hum nursing care, so went over the wall early.

This has been the hardest thing I've ever done. Miss Over-Confident here thought she'd prepared mentally for the procedure, but she had not. The unrelenting pain, sleepless nights, loss of appetite, immobility & outright boredom have taken their toll. I've lost my sparkle & want it back. Throw in a large capsular effusion that won't go away & I'm over it. My wonderful physio is pounding me to a pulp in an effort to get me more mobile & I'm cranky. However, I do know that this too will pass, so I'm trying to keep my eye on the prize.....slipping that L leg confidently back into the highest pair of Manolo's I can find & strutting my stuff.

MOTH has been outstanding & I owe him big time. The many messages of care & concern from Hedgies everywhere have been amazing - thank you, thank you, thank you. Now back to the chaise lounge for a little nap.



  1. Oh Millie, it sounds very painful. Glad to hear that you survived the horrors of the hospital, and that MOTH has been a great support. Wishing you some deep & pain free sleep, and hoping that you're up on your feet in no time. xx

  2. I think of you often and can't begin to imagine how hideous the last few weeks have been... the only good news is that it's over and can only get better from here.. All the work will pay off... the pounding and the pain... you will see... and how fab will you feel in those Manolos... Cobalt blue I hope...;) Sleep well... xv

  3. Millie, I look forward to you feeling yourself again!!!! Hang in there Babe...


  4. All the best Millie...sounds horrendous, but it's downhill from now on :o trying to be cheery for you!! xxx

  5. Oh Mill's ..... poor you. I can imagine a busy, busy person like you feeling like a caged animal ...... it must be really hard for you, not being able to do anything, let alone dealing with the pain.
    ..... and, a big high five to MOTH .......what a star but, I had faith in him !!!! haha
    Look after yourself and, the more that you rest, the quicker you'll be up and about again.
    Lots of love. XXXX

  6. Ugh! You poor thing! I do hope you're feeling better soon!

  7. Millie...

    I hope the worst is over. MOTH is being a real champ, isn't he? It pains me to hear of your physical pain. You mustn't take your eye off the prize of returning to normal very soon. Being home is the best medicine.

    Love, Rosemary

  8. Sounds like you need one of my super dooper packages to aid your trip to wellness and sanity. Can you email me at so I can get your contact details? Make sure you do now okay?

  9. Hi Millie,

    Oh you poor dear - must be so hard having the pain and to be out of action.
    The best thing you can do though is try and rest and hope you will soon be sashaying down the runway in your Manolos! Take care.

    Happy weekend

  10. Oh Mills,
    Darling you must know that it's events (not sure if event is the right word)like this that make us stronger and more beautiful! Even though it can get quite ugly at times, temper and all that blankety-blank pain, it's still worth it! I sound like I've been through such a procedure. I have not but from what I hear, it's like childbirth ~ After a while you'll be relaxing that sparkly new knee by the pool at some fabulous resort. Miss Over-Confident will return with a handsome pool boy to fluff up your towel ~ And as you're slipping into those Manolos for dinner, you'll whisper into the handsome MOTH's ear ~ what pain?
    If your reading this MOTH ~ good job taking such good care of your girl. xo

  11. Oh Mills, how unpleasant, you poor love. I'm so sorry to hear this. Thank heavens for MOTH. Sending you a huge ♥. J x

  12. Dear Millie,
    I'm sorry for all your pain. At least the procedure is over....that is always the worst for me. I'm glad you are back home....enjoying your chaise lounge :) Will you be starting physical therapy soon?
    Take care,

  13. Hi Millie, I can so relate to your pain. On the same day as your op I had my elbow replaced ( for the second time). Recovery is slow, physio grueling and level of feeling useless is high. Recover well.

  14. I can highly recommend Rescue Drops (Bach Flowers). All of a sudden, it doesn't seem to matter quite so much any more! (But without head spins etc!) I hope you're spending some of the time window shopping online for shoes :)
    Hope you're up and around and in high heels soon!

  15. Sorry to hear you have had a tumultuous post operative course. I hope the river opens onto a glassy still lake and that it is all plain sailing from there. In the meantime keep visualising a happy Millie in new Jimmy Choos!

  16. My giddy aunt, Millie - sounds like you've been through the wringer! MOTH, of course, has come up trumps - God bless him. I hate to think of you feeling you lost your sparkle - say it isn't so! Sending you lots of love and prayers from Chez Joy. Meredy xo

  17. Take it easy dear Millie and enjoy to be cared about! It is just a question of time.
    All the best from Spain!

  18. Hope you found some comfort in that chaise-longue ! You are so lucky to have your MOTH ... I bet he can't wait to see you in those sexy shoes ! Lots of love from France !

  19. Hi, Millie - Checking in to see how you are recovering. Hope you're doing well. xo, Loi

  20. Hi Millie
    Sure hope your on the mend.It's pretty quiet around here.
    Kind Regards

  21. Oh Millie, this post was 2 weeks in. Of course you are exhaustipated. Major surgery and an anasthetic and a whopping chunk of metal in your leg. Take care, listen to your physio and do what MOTH says. You'll be back to your disco dancing in no time. Deb

  22. Hey Millie, catching up a little late, I'm sorry. I smashed my shoulder really badly a few years back, and what got to me above the pain and discomfort was ... the lack of sleep!
    Follow your doctor's and physio's orders, take the time you need and rest as much as you can - it will get better
    hugs to you

  23. Oh dear this does not sound good! I have been putting my little knee procedure on hold for just this reason. How on earth would I cope with 2 boys a farming husband and immobility? I know I'm going to have to do it soon though. I really hope your sparkle is back soon. Yay for MOTH. xx

  24. I have thought of you often and after reading your facebook page, it looks like you are getting around and it's all down hill from now on, just don't fall down the hill, then you'll be back to square one, not good at all. I hope MOTH is treating you good, if not, I can mail you this leather whip my son got from a San Antonio Mexican Market. Just kidding, not really. Yeah, of course I'm kidding. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Love, Heidi

  25. I was just thinking of you Millie, wondering how you were getting on. Sounds like things have been pretty tough :( I am sure MOTH is doing a great job and hope each week is getting slightly easier. London is awaiting you, streets to walk and restaurants to visit....I'm sure the new knee will be up to it!!

    Take care,
    Simone XX


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