Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sunday Lunch

Care to join me for Sunday lunch here - it's gorgeous isn't it! We could probably give the throw rugs the flicko though, it's way too hot for those. It's been a silly week - an 0330 start on Wednesday morning, a long drive to the Airport, the first plane to Sydney, the train into Central, then a long train trip up to Leura in the grey, misty cool Blue Mountains, just to attend the last session of a Divisional meeting. Then up at sparrows the next morning, a long, long road trip to the Airport, the plane to Adelaide & back at work by lunch time. I couldn't go earlier as there was an elective case to support here on Tuesday, but really, did I need to go for just an hour??!! The things we subject ourselves to.........

It's the Australia Day Long Weekend here but I'm working, as an emergency case has appeared. But gosh Sunday lunch looks appealing, what should we talk about? I'd love to know what you have planned for 2104 - travel, work stuff, new goals. And you know, I always reckon a long comment is a good comment!! It's the weekend dear Hedgies, so go enjoy! 



  1. AAAHHH A woman after my own heart. You know I've never been one to leave a comment with a couple of words nice, beautiful, stunning. Although these days I rarely comment on any blogs anymore. It has to be enough at the moment to read blogs when I can. Although in saying that, was thinking yesterday I need to be harder on myself with the computer time. Meanwhile, my garden is looking lack lustre and I've decided to spend a lot of my computer time instigating what I want to do there. I don't think it will hurt to take a step back and instead of dreaming I will be DOING!!! I am guilty of calling in and not commenting, sorry 'bout that. I still enjoy reading your blog posts, glad you are well and hopefully won't be long before I leave another comment. Off to do something constructive.....Happy Australia Day...

    Take care



  2. Happy belated Australia Day!!! :) I am astonished at the amount of traveling you do. I'm sure they have heard of conference calls and Skype or face time in Oz? I bet they even have some sort of Meeting Hologram thing invented like the Jedi Meetings on Star Wars. I had a dream/nightmare the night Australia was celebrating Australia Day. I was finally in Australia and I was elated. I was in a mall that had a few levels and saw some ladies and decided to share with them that I had just arrived and was looking to find Millie from the Laurel Hedge. The ladies knew you. They told me that you worked down stairs and that they saw you that morning. I was so excited and got butterflies. I thought to myself that I need to sit down first and gather myself and calm down before I met you so you wouldn't think I was a weird-o. As I was walking toward a bench, a man brushed against me walking from the other direction. There was no one else walking by, why so close? I instantly thought pick pocket!!! I grabbed him and he held up a stack of credit cards to give me. I was confused and started to yell, "HELP!!..THEIF!!...SOMEONE HELP!!!" A mall security man came running and took the guy away. The whole time I held onto him.(why the hell did I hold on to him?) I woke up, my heart was racing. It was so real. I never got to meet you. It's funny what our mind think of while we sleep. My plans for this year???? Simplify my home and continue the renovation, cook awesome food, make healthier choices, manage our farmers market, arrange flowers for the 8th year at my store, plan another Oktoberfest, go to the beach for a couple of days and maybe to Australia for a couple of weeks, while I'm there, hand out my resume to every florist in South Australia and pray for a job sponsorship. Be safe while you are traveling, watch out for pic pockets. Love, Heidi

  3. Happy belated Australia Day. I was working, but it was fairly quiet which was good. Yes, heard your weather has been shocking. Hopefully was slightly better in the hills than it was in town. No need for the throws - more like several cold libations! Take care and don't run yourself raggered you work-a-holilc. Dx.

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Without a quickening of the heart.
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~W.H. Auden

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