Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tub Terroir

Where would we be without our laundry tubs, that most highly under-rated piece of household equipment. And as I do love an architect with a sense of humour, this little beauty caught my eye in a flash. Thinking about some of the 'challenges' I've thrown at my beloved tubs over the years, I'm sure this ever-so-practical model would have no trouble being used for:
  • Gutting & scaling 6 dozen fish straight from the esky after a big day out on the boat with Da Boys.

  • Rinsing thousands of buckets of disgusting nappies.

  • Washing all 95kgs. of Miss Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

  • Soaking all the filthy BBQ plates & racks.

  • Rinsing the dirt from the many baskets of MOTH's beautiful freshly dug spuds (Tassie Pink Eyes are his specialty).

  • Cleaning the paint from the Super-Long roller brushes.

  • Soaking a King Size blanket & doona.

  • Hosing down a screaming, wriggling, slippery mud-covered toddler.

  • Soaking the entire Little League team's footy guernseys.

  • Holding 4 bags of ice, 6 dozen beer & a dozen champers on Christmas Day.

  • Rinsing the hardened crud from hundreds of buckets of MOTH's Secret Recipe plasterboard & cornice cement.

Image: Pursley


  1. Your tubs have a hard life, Millie.

  2. You covered most of them Millie. Suddenly I think I would love having this in my basement. It would make some of the chores so much more fun- fill it with ice and pack in the beer and wine-oooppps-did you mention that one???

  3. I want one!!
    So many uses for such a lovely... might I add ... gorgeous tub!

    Millie you make me laugh!

  4. You didn't have disposable nappies? I am impressed and suitably chastened.

    My rule for garden produce is - person who picks it has to wash it. xoxo

  5. 95kg's...whoa, that is one big dog. Please tell me you had help lifting her in!!!

  6. Totally awesome. Thank you again. Love, Heidi

  7. awesome...good lord that is awesome. industrial yet fancy.

  8. Gee Millie, I think you about covered it. Not much more I've done to my tubs and probably alot less not having any boys. It certainly makes a statement doesn't it? Love it.

  9. Hi Millie,

    That tub is a beauty! When you were listing all the things you could use it for and you mentioned Pink Eye potatoes, I just had to respond. We grow potatoes here on our farm and hubby is always disgruntled when I buy pink eye potatoes from the veggie market (when our potatoes are not ready and we don't grow the pink eye variety for the factory) and they hardly have any pink on them at all, so we are going to grow our own in our veggie patch...he often tells me how they should look and what to do to give them pink eyes. Will keep you posted!
    Have a wonderful day today.
    Take care
    XXOO N.W. Coast Tassie

  10. Hi Millie,

    I was a cloth nappy, Mama too.
    Only ever used disposables when we were going away for a holiday.
    I love this tub and your list.

    Happy Thursday

  11. You know, some of those things on your list sound like awful chores but in this beautiful tub/sink, I think they could be glamorous! Where did you find this image? It's precious.

    And you standing at it would be the perfect picture. Happy Day!

  12. i agree.
    but i think this looks very cool.
    i'd love one.

    the only thing,
    it is missing is one of those old fashioned things called 'clothes ringers.)
    you would put your clothes between these two rubber rollers, then turn the crank.
    your clothes would come out the other side without a drop of water in them.

    but let me be clear!!!
    (my grandmother had one out in her old garage back in the 1960's in texas )
    i am old. but not that old.


  13. Millie, I honestly think that lovely tub is way too pretty for anything I would torture a laundry tub with! It would not stay silver for long that's for sure...
    You could find a swimming pool helpful to wash your dog (or could it be a horse in disguise?).
    Lovely pic and great post!

  14. Some how Millie, I don't think that tub would withstand any of the things you mentioned...but it's mighty pretty all the same!


  15. Ohh, I love this tub Millie. How very wonderful. Much too wonderful for all those nasty jobs that get done in the laundry room. Oh, if I could only win that darn lottery!!!

  16. love love love and adore this concept - it seems so french to me for some reason - you find some great images - best le


    For all you mentioned and apple-bobbing. Meredy xo.

  18. Oh Millie,
    Your mind amazes me day after day after day.

    It's true, everyone needs a good laundry tub, I would love to have two of them, but I would never think to blog about it.

    That's what is so special about you Millie.

    What's next?

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Coty

  19. Me again, Styling by Coty FarquharJanuary 28, 2010 at 7:34 PM

    Oh and by the way,
    it's so nice to see the four seasons of your laneway. One day I will visit you and your lovely hedge.

    xxxxxxxxxx Coty

  20. sorry, I meant to say country Lane not Lane way.

    I going now,
    xxxxxxx Coty

  21. I think you and your tub should be nominated for a Victoria Cross or some other equally appropriate medal for bravery! Leigh

  22. I love this tub Millie, though you'd have to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water! My little Bruno (the dog, as opposed to Brunnel, the husband) would fit in it particularly well.

  23. How lovely, a real blend of the tried and tested and designer chic. What a full and rich life you and your tub lead!

  24. Millie- great list of uses and gorgeous tub. Love it!!

  25. Ooooh I LOVE that laundry tub... Ooooh I wish I had a place to do that!!!

  26. Hi Millie
    Yep my laundry tub seen a lot of action over the years too. Only just caught up with your blog I spent 2 dys RAH having my retina reattach to my eye Scleral Buckling it's called so my life is to be lived in 30minute lots for 2-3 weeks 30 minutes up 30 minutes lying on my left side speaking of which I'd better go and lay down. Sorry for any spelling mistakes one eye is hard work
    Kind Regards Karen

  27. Millie...This is genius. I absolutely love the idea of using a galvanized tub as a laundry sink. I'm saving this photo to show my plumber. Thank you. You know how much I love a laundry room. ~ Rosemary

  28. Grabbing this photo to show to the MR. I am a sucker for galvanized tubs.
    xo Lisa

  29. Millie

    Can you please tell me how big is your tub ( I want one in my garden ;)


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