Friday, December 2, 2011

A New Star

A Library of Design

'Really Millie, who wants to read another blog?' Ummm........that would be me Janelle!! Every now & then something very special arrives in our wonderful world & Janelle McCulloch's new blog A Library Of Design ticks every box I need to become an instant devotee. Wonderful words, scrumptious images, a delightful sense of humour, eclectic subject matter - all from one of Australia's best known design journalist/photographers & published author of 15 architecture, interior design, travel and gardening books.

Trust me, there are no fusty musty Shush Keep Quiet signs over at Janelle's library. Go & treat yourself to a visual & cerebral banquet here. It's the weekend, so go enjoy. I know I will, I swear this new job of mine is causing me to lose the will to live!!



  1. Hi Millie, I popped over and you are right, it is a fabulous blog. Just one thing, I could not for the life of me work out how to post a comment. Am I just being a bit thick?

  2. Wow, that's spooky! I did op over and you are right, it's fabulous. The side bar caught my eye and in particular Good Books To Borrow. The book on Paris was one I have just bought for a girlfriend who will be celebrating her 50th birthday in Paris in January. And whadda ya know, it's written by Janelle.

    Very spooky!

    Jennifer xx

  3. I'm already liking what I see in this image here - such dramatic and bright colours. Sad to hear the new job is not playing nicely. Hopefully it will get better in time? Virginia xx

  4. You're right, it's gorgeous!!!

    Hang in there with the new job Millie, it'll get better. Won't it? X

  5. Dear All,
    Isn't Millie lovely to feature my little blog here? In my eyes, she is the real star, however.
    And no Moerks, you are definitely not thick. I can't figure out how to do comments on the blog either! (Accept OR post them.) It must be the design? Unless I am the thick one, which isn't out of the question...
    I shall just have to keep trying.
    Warmest regards, Janelle McCulloch

  6. On my way Millie, I cannot resist a wonderful blog recommendation!

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    Art by Karena


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