Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Sweet MOTH

With work being totally responsible for me now actually having lost the will to live (MOTH reckons trying to deal with this particular group of clients is akin to herding cats!) & a major family issue that needed me to hang the Dr. Millie Family Therapist shingle out urgently, it's been a tough, tough, tough, tough week. I'll share the family thing with you when I can get my head around it & I've lowered the level in the vodka bottle a bit more. MOTH's been his normal 'Deal it with it & move on Mills' self, but this morning he rendered me speechless.

'Hey Mills, I noticed Balhannah By Design have got a VIP shoppers night on tonight. They had a new container of stuff from France arrrive last week & one from Belgium on Monday. Mon's had to hire out the Balhannah Village Hall temporarily to fit everything in. If youse like, I can come home from work early & we can go up there together. They've got free grog, free gift wrapping & 10% off everything. Would that cheer youse up?'

Would it ever babe, fire up the Millie-mobile & let's go! Oh & if you or the girls are reading this Mon, for goodness sake if MOTH offers to man the gift wrapping table & gives you a story about his prowess in that Department - DON'T LET HIM!!!
Images: Balhannah By Design



  1. Hey sorry to hear it's been a total shocker of a week...MOTH's bright idea sounds just the thing!

  2. Onya MOTH - love our Millie up to the max - as you know she's a sparkling gift and needs to be treasured.

  3. Just what you need when everything is going bad is a husband who understands and knows just the right suggestions to make! Bravo Moth!!!!

  4. Glad there is a spot of "loveliness" for you tonight Millie, sorry to hear of difficult times though. Look forward to hearing more about the little shopping spree. I'm off to a girls night "Christmas bubbles Jewellery party" - just the medicine after a day filled with cleaning house for "Open Inspection appointments.

    Christine xo

  5. What a wonderful, thoughtful MOTH. He deserves his own bottle of vodka. Good luck with the troublesome trouble.

  6. Sounds like a great way to forget your troubles Mill's.......and make sure that you take good advantage of the free grog !!
    Mr Home does feel that your rather negative comment on MOTH's gift wrapping skills was a little harsh. He is waiting for MOTH'S annual post on gift wrapping !!!!
    Keep smiling Mill's XXXX

  7. That's why we love him, good on you MOTH! My thoughts will be with you Millie, I sincerely hope everything resolves itself and I'm sorry to hear that work is still a pain. Love Rachaelxx

  8. Catching up on bloggy posts Millie and am sad to hear of troubles at the hedge and work.
    Life has a funny knack of constantly throwing curve balls our way.
    Thank goodness for certain beverages!

  9. Oh Millie. I'm so sorry to hear that the new job has degenerated to that level, you poor thing. Roll in Christmas. And MOTH is a dead set legend. Without doubt. J x

  10. Hope some good shopping at least distracted you for a couple of hours, thank goodness it's nearly the Christmas hols!!! X

  11. oh Millie sorry to hear about what is going on at the Hedge.
    good on you MOTH for being such a darling.

    hope this week bring you lots of smiles sweet Millie ♥


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Without a quickening of the heart.
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~W.H. Auden

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