Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Clan

It's been a tough week - my dearest friend's Dad died suddenly over the Easter weekend. R & I met each other on the first day of our nursing training some 39 years ago as 17 year olds & formed an instant bond & I met her Mum & Dad not long after. R & her family have lived overseas & interstate for the past 22 years, & although we catch up as often as we can, I still miss her every day. She was my bridesmaid & is Godmother to Son # 5. R's been back in town for the week supporting her Mum & we have spent lots of time together. Yesterday we said goodbye to her Dad & if a funeral can be truly wonderful, this one was.

Although born in Australia, her Dad carried his Scottish heritage with pride. We were close neighbours for many years when I lived in our previous house & I would often see him walking down our street with his trademark Scottish tartan cap sitting jauntily on his head..... & I always felt reassured that all was well in my world. Yesterday that same cap sat atop his casket & as the pipes played him out of the church, it was the end of an era. So this image of his clan tartan is a tribute to one of my extended clan.

Slàn leat



  1. I hope that the pain and sadness of losing her dear Dad is eventually overshone by the realisation that he made the world a better place in many wonderful ways...the description of him walking through the neighbourhood in his jaunty cap is just one precious example of this.

    Big hug from afar Lovely.

  2. A lovely tribute to one of your extended clan Millie.

  3. Thinking of you and your dear friend, her Dad sounds one of a kind...gone but never forgotten.
    love dj

  4. A beautiful tribute to a dear man Millie....sadness I know, but also wonderful memories

  5. Millie, What a lovely tribute to both your friend R and her Dad... I am sure having you close by has helped her enormously over the last few days... xv

  6. Beautifully put, Millie. I'm sure you've been a tower of strength to your friend R. I am not good at funerals. I tear up just arriving and blubber my way through. I hate it when people start saying nice things as I can really feel their pain. I've even shed a tear reading this. Great memories to look back on though after the pain has passed.

    Jennifer xx

  7. The best testimonial to anyone's life is not just to be missed by many but to be remembered by many. He will live on every time someone relays a memory, event or conversation they shared with him and that will change your friends tears to smiles.

  8. His tartan cap on his casket makes me weep. What a lovely tribute to your dear friend's father....

  9. What a nice tribute to your friend and her father. It's been hard watching my friends go through the death of a parent. And sad that I know the same pain. But it's so good to know my friends were there with me.


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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