Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Secret's Out!

We have a Baby Shower coming up very soon here at The Hedge & guess what colour we all need to buy for...............PINK !! Son # 4 & his sweet girl Miss K have announced they are having a baby girl. And as you can imagine Nonna-to-be Millie is just a leeeeetle bit excited! So ideas please dear Hedgies for a fun Baby Shower night. Son #5's bride-to-be the clever & creative Miss A is busy making lots of gorgeous pink favours & decorations, but we're a bit light on in the fun & games department. Miss K is very well & has the nursery looking beautiful & Son #4 is delighted about being Daddy to a little girl. With 27 male children in just the group of my immediate family & closest friends, I went into a pink buying frenzy on hearing the news & haven't slowed down yet. The parents-to-be Facebook page has been out of control since they posted the news, my how social media has changed the pregnancy & birthing landscape since I was with child/children. Looking forward to hearing all your suggestions to help make the evening a truly memorable one.

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  1. Oh Millie that is Fabulous News..sorry no help with games not really into that...Just the Champers..
    Enjoy your Pink Shopping it is Fun.

  2. Millie how totally exciting a little pink girl at last!!!!!
    I can understand your shopping frenzy, little girls things are so much prettier
    than boys. The day our first grandchild was born I think I emptied D.J's baby wear department
    I wonder why I have the feeling my record is about to be broken!!!!!

    Congratulations to the parents to be. xxx

  3. Congratulations Mill's and MOTH ......a baby girl. After all of those boys, you must be in seventh heaven ( ....although, I know that you would have felt exactly the same if it had been a boy !)
    We don't really have baby showers over here so I can't be much help on that front.
    Our grandson is one next week so, I shall be great at giving advice on the first birthday party !! XXXX

  4. Congrats Millie... a girl... you must be tap dancing all over those Adelaide hills.... Suggestions for the shower... simple... lots of champagne for you and loads of cake for the pregnant one! xv

  5. Congratulations, Millie - how wonderful for you! I don't have any suggestions on fun & games for the baby shower - I was thrown two of them when I was pregnant with my son, but we didn't play games in either - it was just a lot of eating and laughing, and oohing and aahing over baby gifts :)

  6. Congratulations Millie and MOTH! I'm thinking Pinterest can get you in a little bit of trouble here too!!


  7. Millie I am so excited for you and your family!! A little baby girl what a joy!!

    Art by Karena

  8. Oh my goodness! That is just so,so exciting. I can imagine the high energy running in your home right now. Cant wait to hear more about the baby shower and the favours being made.Congrats to you all. Fiona

  9. Oh Mills! I am *so* delighted for you - can you hear me clinking the champagne glass in Hobart? I suspect Little Miss won't want for company in the family! J x

  10. How very awesome!! Congratulations!!

  11. How very special..Congrats Millie.. nothing like a granddaughter coming soon to get those purse strings flapping.... when is d d Millie?.. I've included a link to the shower cake a friend of my daughter's did for us.. when our very precious Willow was on the way.. and yes.. pop those bottles.. and have fun! hugs to a very excited 'nanna'?.. or what's your new title Millie?

  12. Oh CONGRATULATIONS Millie! What fun you will have with PINK! x

  13. Congratulations. Happy that you're tickled pink! David.

  14. I'm very bad at decorating anything, much less a baby shower, so all I can say is "Congratulations"! I'm SO excited for you and the parents-to-be.
    As for the decor issue, I'd just toss everything pink that you can think of into the room. Make it a raspberry mash-up, I say!
    (Although in saying this, pink and green look quite cute together? And pink and black always looks very sophisticated.)
    Janelle x

  15. Congratulations Millie & Moth! Our first grandchild is just a month old and I can truly say that it is the ultimate payoff! Trouble is - after all those years, raising kids and working like crazy - now that we have flown the coop and are traveling about the country - we just want to be with the baby and miss him terribly! I'm so happy for you as I know first hand the joy it brings!
    As for the shower - Our daughter's was in the evening with all their friends and co-workers. Turned out very well with lots of laughter. I'll try and do a post on it before long.

  16. yay, congrats to you all lovely Millie!! pink is sweet, you will have the best time with a gorgeous girl grandchild.

    all the best to the mamma to be too ♥

  17. Oh huge congratulations, Millie, I am so happy for you.
    A darling little baby girl and all the precious pink, lace and frills and sweet clothes.
    You must be so thrilled, dear friend.

    Sending hugs and hope that you are enjoying a wonderful weekend

  18. Congratulations on the PINK news - I am such a pink person, so was truly blessed when I became a mum to my Sophie Monique 5 years ago!

    A couple of fun games for the shower - each person has to estimate the circumference of the mum's tummy and then a piece of string is cut to test that measurement - this caused many laughs at my shower. A tray displaying lots of baby related bits and pieces, eg, dummy, pins, wipes, thermometer used as a memory game - the person who can remember the most items wins.

    Enjoy all of the preparations, such a fun time for all - and look forward to a baby photo perhaps too!

    Christine xo

  19. Soooo exciting Millie,
    Sorry I'm a bit late on this news, it's been a bit busy up here.
    Do you want me to send you some pink things for the party?
    xxxxx Coty


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