Friday, May 18, 2012

A Game Changer

Blogging for these past 4 years has been a game-changing experience. Through a hard-core bunch of bloggie chums (yep, you know who you are) I have learnt so much. (Note to self - & ain't that a whole new blog post!) But one stand-out is that I've now been able to ditch running the gauntlet of that fearful of all places......the make-up counters at DJ's. No more slinking through the myriad of choices & getting up the courage to launch a tentative attack on one. Only then to be looked at through a set of piercing, disapproving eyes full of disdain at my woeful attempts to improve my appearance. 

The woman in the image above is now my own personal Make-Up Advisor, all of DJ's formidable make-up consultants rolled into one knowledgeable, sweet package. And unlike the DJ ladies (& the occasional boy), this one has not been to Mrs. Slocum's School of Customer Service.  She's our Vicki, who from the other side of the world & without ever setting eyes on moi, has delved into my dodgy make-up bag & done the best clean-out & refit ever. After receiving her sage advice I just jumped onto the computer & ordered everything online (sorry DJ's), yippee!!!

If you haven't had the chance to avail yourself of Vicki's advice, get yourself over to French Essence pronto & get your consultation. You'll find heaps of advice on her beautiful new website. 

There's only one more trick I'm hoping I can master to make my transformation complete. How do you I get the old liquid eyeliner to behave & give me a pair of eyes like this? Geez I've tried & tried & just can't get that flick at the end to give me the most smoldering pair of eyes in Stirling. Any advice gratefully received. It's the weekend dear Hedgies, so go enjoy!



  1. Hi Millie, customer service is fabulous when you can find some. Those eyes are gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend.x

  2. I with you Millie, I always take note of what Vicki advises...she is fabulous!

    ps this may help to tame the eyeliner...I've not tried it but I thought it was pretty funny (just don't let MOTH see you trying it)

  3. Vicki's blog is marvellous and I like to pop in there to imagine I'm in France.
    Oh I hear you Millie re eyeliner issues. I simply cannot wear the stuff, maybe that is down to the wrinkles in my eyelids. I resort to a smudge of dark smokey shadow and this helps me believe I look smouldering and hot. Hah.

  4. once you conquer that eye look then do tell me .... like you I have tried and tried and just end up looking tired and panda eyes !! :) happy weekend M - le xox

  5. Yes you need a steady hand.

    There are quite few video tutorials on You Tube by groovy Asian girls. It is really hard to do and you have to be Brave and Firm.

    Its a tragedy about DJs and customer service. All that brand loyalty they built up over the years, just gone.

  6. Vicki looks so well herself that I shall hasten to her website now and be a blonde bombshell by the time I visit you again, dear Millie.

  7. Well, she is lovely herself! :)

    Go to youtube and search for eyeliner tutorial. There's one that uses scotch tape as a template...really easy!

  8. Millie, I manage my eyeliner using proper old fashioned brushes by Napoleon Perdis (not the ones from target beacuse they are synthetic) and also using Mr Perdis' eyeliner (in a screw top pot) the brushes are tapered and easy to use and the consistancy of the makeup is also important. Firm but not dry. As previously suggested Youtube is a good source.

  9. Millie... what a shock to see me up there!! I couldn't quite work that out for a minute.... thought I must be on my own page!!!
    Glad to be off assistance with the make-up... I shall be on the lookout for some new goodies for us as soon as I can... and in the meantime good luck with those eyes... wish mine would look like that!
    Happy weekend and happy eyelining... xv

  10. I had to watch the video clip that Dustjacket recommended to you....please tell me you won't be trying Scotch Tape on your eyelids ;) She's right that it's pretty funny though ;)

    You are quite right that Vicki's knowledge - of pretty much everything - is second to none.

    If I tell you that I shall be having lunch with her AND Jeanne (Collage of Life) this coming Tuesday, how envious will you be??!! I cannot WAIT!! XX

    1. You are one very lucky duck, Simone! Three of my favourite bloggers - that would be bliss ☺. J x

  11. Hi Millie - So delighted to find your blog!! I think we are following each other on Pinterest. Though I do not see you on Pinterest often? Maybe it's the time difference? Anyhow, looking forward to catching up on your blog posts :-)
    Cheers from DC,
    Tone on Tone

  12. Millie I adore Vicki and Everything about her blog!!

    Her beauty tips have also helped me a lot!!
    2012 Artist Series featuring the Gifted Decorative Painter Theresa Cheek


    Art by Karena

  13. Sorry, cant help on that one as I dont even try as it all seems too hard. Would be nice tho. Fiona

  14. Thanks for the the tip - I will check out Vicky Archer - she is obviously a multi skilled talent! I just stumbled across your beautiful blog & have just signed up as your latest follower. I look forward to popping back soon for some more inspiration!

    Country Style Chic

  15. I can never get it right either. However, I have heard a trick that instead of trying to draw a straight line to do little dots and then to take a qtip and blend. As for the little wing on the end I`ve read that you should hold your fingers near the tip of the liner and then do a tick motion, like you were ticking off answers on a test. Haven`t tried it thought! Still working on getting that line straight. So I`m off to check out your makeup goddesses site asap!



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