Saturday, May 5, 2012

What's Up Ma?

'Hey Ma what's up - you haven't put a new post up on The Hedge for ages.'
'Yep Son # 3 I know, but I've been flat out like a lizard drinking with everything else, you know how it goes.'
'Sure do Ma, got to keep up my image as a partee animal & now that I'm 32 I'm finding it tough, but I'm still giving it a good nudge. Anyways Ma, checking into The Hedge everyday when I get to work keeps me in the loop if ya get my drift, living away from home & all. Can you get ya act together & start posting again.'
'Sure mate, I think I'll have a few minutes each day between 2.20a.m. & 3.10a.m. I'll do my best to meet your request. Love you too.' 

'Hey Ma what's up - you've been slacking off at The Hedge, we thought you might be crook or something.'
'Well Son # 5 if you recall mate I did start a new job 6 weeks ago that's requiring me to be out the door at 8.15a.m. & I'm not pulling the trusty Subi into the driveway 'til after 6p.m. Then I need to start dinner straight up 'cos MOTH's screeching like a wounded banchee that he's starving, then there's puppy Lulu to attend to, then a load of washing to chuck in, phone calls to all you boys & my neglected friends to try & catch up on, an hours worth of work emails to plough through now that the blokes at work in the U.S. are awake & wanting stuff answered & so it goes.'
'OK well sort yourself out will ya Ma, 'cos you've set a certain standard over the years & at present ya not meeting it at all.'
'Sorry mate, I'll make amends immediately, things will change I promise.'

'Hey Ma, I've been thinking about a way I could help ya out with The Hedge, seein' as I've noticed things have gone rool quiet on that front.'
'And dear Son #4 how might that be?'
'I've got a guest post almost done & ready for your censoring  perusal. It's taken me a while but it's a ripper, you'll love it!'
'BINGO!!!!! If it's any good you've just inherited your other brothers share in the Will.'

So there you have it dear Hedgies, a quick run-down on why things at The Hedge have gone VERRRRRY quiet. But it looks like Son #4 is about to turn things afraid, be very afraid!!!! 



  1. Oh Mills! That is hysterical. Go Son #4 - you're a legend! J x

  2. mills,

    you a slacker?

    great son!!


  3. Hi Mill's,
    Just wondering if son #4 is a chip off the old MOTH block ? If so, we are in for a real treat of a post !! I am so looking forward to it .... no pressure son #4 !!
    Being so busy is a bit of a bummer but, it sounds as if you are enjoying your new job so much more than the last one.
    Bring on the son '#4 post ! XXXX

  4. ... and you, Millie, must be proud of all these caring, thoughtful sons ! xx

  5. Millie - I'm glad you were able to check in, even if it is only to let us know that the boys have been pestering you!

    Your new job sounds tiring, but it also sounds fulfilling, so it's a delicate balancing act!

    If you haven't already discovered them - I like crock pot meals for a nice family dinner without having to fuss a lot when you get home from work.

  6. Millie...

    They call you and read your blog. How wonderful is that? Your sons are hilarious too. I can't wait for the guest post from son #4.
    Have a great weekend.

    xo, Rosemary

  7. Millie I adore you and this sounds like life!! Ha! One reason why I am not posting away every day!

    I have featured an Interview with Tina from The Enchanted Home...


    Art by Karena

  8. Waiting with baited breath.... Have a relaxing Sunday Millie..xv

  9. well we are certainly looking forward to this guest post, but does the boy know about the high standard that's been set here by Millie and Moth?!
    Put you feet up and enjoy the weekend Millie

  10. I say bring it on Millie! I am keen but promise you will catch us up with your thoughts and again too! I just love family affairs, I can tell their is lots of love going around in yours.
    Best wishes take care!
    Jeanne xx

  11. Awaiting with great anticipation Millie!!

    Be assured we understand your "busy-ness", take care

    Christine xo

  12. I'm not the only one missing your posts! :)

  13. Hi Millie,

    So lovely to read a post from you and glad that you have loving Sons checking in on their Mum.
    We await #4's post, know it will be great.
    Do hope that you have a little bit of time to relax, sounds like a busy time.

    Sending hugs and have a lovely week

  14. Hysterical post and yes just slightly afraid of what #4 has up his sleeve to "help you out"!

  15. Oh, please let him write a post Millie! I'm dying to read it!
    If he's as hysterical as his mother, he may even get his own following...
    Janelle McCulloch xx

  16. Don't worry Mills. Like I often tell parents of my son's good friends. "We'll only believe half of what he tells us about you if you believe only half of what our son tells you about us!". :) The Hedge will always have a place on my list of favorite places to visit because of you my dear! xo Lisa

  17. Will share your other Hedgie's anticipation of the guest post, and hope you find some time to your self soon. David.

    PS - Cracked open several bottles of something French and bubbly the other night - am still paying for it :-)

  18. Love it Millie!!!!
    Can't wait for the guest post.
    Miss you! xx Coty
    Have a happy Mother's Day tomorrow.


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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