Saturday, October 20, 2012

Back To Basics

I received an email from an irate Hedgie the other day, telling me that The Hedge had gone 'off piste' so to speak. That this was supposed to be a blog about renovations & it had become something very different & he/she wasn't too happy. Well dear anon Hedgie, you are of course correct, so apologies for the stumble & here's an update of where MOTH's up to. This is how the final room upstairs to be completed looks this morning, pretty dodgy aye. But there are no brown/red brick walls or Mission Brown beams, so I'm happy!

It is the big long room we've always used as a home office, although now that I'm off to another office in the city every day, MOTH's delighted as it's his & his alone. In a previous incarnation it was used as a consulting room by The Hedge's original Owner/Builder, a G.P. It has a separate entrance so his patients could make a quick & discreet exit. It has no heating or cooling & is like a mortuary in Winter. No pun to the good Dr. intended.

The room has a full bank of the original c.1972 book cases down the long wall. We've ummed & aahed about what to do with them, but they are really useful & virtually indestructible, so hey, they'll stay.

Like all the other rooms here at The Hedge it has this weird, weird 3-panel incredibly high window. The room is a bookend twin in dimensions & appearance to the Master Bedroom, which is downstairs & at the other end of the house. MOTH won't drop the ceiling in here, as we want it to resemble it's twin. I do like symetry! We're on the downward run here - finish the painting including the book cases, add a split system AC, chuck some carpet down, get Miss Richfields to wave her magic wand with curtains & a Roman etc.

And much to my amazement, a trip to Ikea for a huge buy-up of matching file holders, as suggested by MOTH. 'Mills, we couldn't possibly put back all those disgusting mis-matching coloured files & 3-rings.' Yep, I'm still in a state of disbelief that a statement like that came from his lips.
Work has been crazy, we moved offices 3 weeks ago & it nearly killed me. We've only gone 2 suburbs - from Glenunga to Norwood (for Adelaide Hedgies), but it's like we've landed on a different planet. The Builders start the big refit soon, so I'm shaking at the thought of all the plaster dust & noise, but it will be worth it. Baby Gracie is now 14 weeks & is keeping us all entertained. Spring is beginning to appear in the Hills & boy, do we have some work to do in the garden. So how are you? I'd love to hear. It's the weekend dear Hedgies, so go enjoy!



  1. I can see through the 70's decor Mills and know that MOTH will work his magic once again.
    Baby Gracie is just beautiful ....... you must be loving every minute.
    ' See' you when we return from Rome. Much love. XXXX

  2. Hello Millie, the reno looks like it's back on track then - love the solid bookcases, a bit of paint will do a world of difference. Baby Gracie looks adorable - I love that age when they start to smile at you responsively. xx

  3. HI Millie, Nice to see that MOTH still finds ways to keep busy while you are working hard down town. I can tell you'll soon have some great before/after pictures to show us.
    Little Gracie is totally gorgeous.
    Autumn has got off to an incredibly wet, no drenched, start here in Normandy.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend

  4. Oh little baby Gracie is a doll. You must be so proud! A-M xx

  5. Millie -- I'm glad MOTH is getting a room of his own. Now that the 3-rings match, you'd better check once in a while to make sure they aren't 'binders full of women' HaHa. American political joke....just kidding MOTH. Gracie is adorable. Sorry you've been working so hard. I have too not that the real estate market is coming back.
    xo, Rosemary

  6. Oh I chat wait to see what you do with this room! Baby Gracie is just beautiful. xx

  7. I think MOTH is just saying he is happy to have the whole office to himself, while in his mind he has a designed a Princess Playroom complete with a dress-up closet, catwalk runway complete with lights on either side and tea party area. Enjoy your Sunday. Love, Heidi

  8. You are so funny. That first par has made my day.

  9. Love those bookshelves. Are you going to stain them, or paint them? Can't wait to see the finished room!
    Look at Baby Gracie... Just as beautiful as her grandmother!
    I'm in Paris as I write this, but off to London and the Cotswolds tomorrow. I have a few days free from the work schedule, so thought I'd have a look at some of the gardens on the Garden Tour. Will keep in touch.
    Hugs from Paris. xx

  10. I'm sorry that an anonymous commenter felt the need to tell you what to write in your blog!!!! How rude!!!

    I think MOTH will work wonders with the office now that he knows it is his alone!

    Grace is a cutie pie!

  11. Beautiful Gracie! How sweet she must be. I admire the way you take your anonymous commenter's feedback in stride. It just seems so you to have a sense of humor about it, Millie!

  12. Thank you Deborah, believe me I wasn't quite as circumspect when I first received the email. It always amazes me the sense of 'Ownership' anonymous people have about this blog. I often get a razz from one particular Hedgie if I've given MOTH a blast. I did wonder about the voracity of that Commenter, except for the fact that MOTH is a technological neanderthal & would not have the slightest idea how to sign up to Blogger! Unless of course it's the kids playing funny boys- now there's a thought. Sort of like the great Russian bride saga!
    Millie xx


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