Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wok's Happening

MOTH & I have a combined love of Asian food. Our poor old wok is on its last legs, & we've been talking about replacing it. It was a cheap & cheerful job from the Market, but over the years it has produced some fantastic nosh. I would love to hear any recommendations along the wok line, what works for you, what doesn't....there are so many choices available my head's spinning! Oh & if you're reading this Son #3 in Melbourne, are you still ordering your famous ' Lemon Chicken thanks, but hold the Lemon' at your local Chinese takeaway!!

Image of the late Danny Kaye's amazing kitchen: Architectural Digest


  1. We picked up a Scanpan Wok in DJ's quite few Years back works really well still going strong.

  2. Well Millie, I don't think you can go wrong with a steel or iron wok which you can season if you have a gas stove top.xx

  3. Hi Millie,

    We are currently wok-less here at our house! We've just been using our large saute pan. But now I feel as if we've been missing out on extra deliciousness. Saute pans certainly don't hold as much either.


  4. Hi Millie
    We have two woks and they are both Le Creuset (extravagent I know but they were actually weddings presents so they have lasted 12 years).

    It is a bit counterintuitive to have a really heavy cast iron wok, because we think of them as light metal but I have to say they are amazing, they retain and distribute the heat really well.

    I would also expect Scanpan would be good I find their products to be very high quality.

    I think its worth the investment if you do any amount of Asian cooking. xoxo

  5. I still can't beat the good old cheap steel wok from the Asian foodmarket - I guess they know what they are doing and their customers wouldn't keep buying them if they weren't any good! Once it's well seasoned over a gas flame (or use the gas BBQ) it cleans up well and it's light, non-stick (without those nasty chemicals they apply) and easy to handle. The whole point of a wok is to transfer heat quickly, therefore cast iron etc really defy that logic plus they are too heavy to toss the ingredients around. We've had a scanpan wok in the back of the cupboard for years - absolutely hate it but each to their own. I trained as a chef and all the chefs I know have a preference for steel woks.

  6. That's Danny Kaye's kitchen? It's fabulous!! WT adores him.

  7. I've never had a wok! I'm interested in hearing what you pick out!

  8. I don't have a wok, but I do have a big non-stick skillet that works pretty well with stir-fry.

  9. I was given a fairly expensive wok as a wedding present years ago, but it never cleaned well and so it sat in the back of the cupboard. On the spur of the moment I bought an Ikea wok a few months ago (you know what it is like when you are on that shop!) and it has been heaps better. I have heard that the Chinatown ones are excellent if you know what you are doing!
    Clare x


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