Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Book Worm

Today is the last day of my 5 day weekend. It's been busy with lots of things ticked off the To Do list, but I do feel wonderfully relaxed. Other than the morning papers, I haven't caught up with any reading, so today I plan a few indulgent Millie hours in front of the fire with Andrew Davidson's fascinating book The Gargoyle. I took a gigantic leap right out of my genre comfort zone a couple of weks ago when I purchased this on someone else's recommendation. The leap has been well worth it. This is a story of redemptive love, an historical epic with a Gothic twist & a tale of addiction all rolled into one. At times, sexually explicit & violent, this read may not be for everyone, but it certainly has me turning each page with anticipation. I've had to surrender to Davidson's narrative & just trust him to take me into a world very foreign to me. So far it's been a challenging & intense journey, the word pictures he's painted in my head have taken a lot of energy to process. But gosh, I'm looking forward to seeing where he takes me today.

Image: William Waldron



  1. I love a good book - so glad you found one to curl up with! I just finished reading The Kite Runner this afternoon; my mind is still caught up in the story.
    Enjoy being back at work. Emma

  2. So glad that you had a weekend to re-charge. Love, Heidi

  3. Hi Millie,

    So neat to find a good book and to be able to curl up in front of the fire and enjoy it.

    Have a lovely week

  4. Good reads are such a treat. My wish is that you had a very relaxing day curled up on a chair reading to your delight while Moth finishes the bath.

  5. All sounds wonderful to me Millie...perfect 5 day weekend!

    jeanne :)

  6. I love when we take that leap and move outside of our comfort reading zone. That is so difficult for me~ but generally pays off. I adore this image-so warm and cozy...and the books! Enjoy the last precious hours Millie.

  7. That sounds like the ideal weekend. I adore getting lost in a book. One that consumes you to the point you have to slow down reading so you don't get to the end too quickly. Enjoy Millie.

  8. There is nothing like a little me time with a good book, especially one that has you totally absorbed. Hope you can ease back into work tomorrow Millie. xx

  9. There's nothing nicer than curling up with a good book and a glass of something nice......while MOTH gives his sermon !! hehe. XXXX


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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