Friday, June 11, 2010

Go Red!

Today is Go Red For Women Day and the Heart Foundation’s campaign is to raise awareness of heart disease as a critical women’s health issue. Heart disease is the number one killer of Australian women, it kills four times as many women as breast cancer & the rate soars to over 75% in indigenous women. Over 11,000 women will die of heart disease this year. While you can't change your genetic predisposition, you can make positive life enhancing choices. Here's 5 simple things that could reduce your risk & have a significant effect on your heart health later in life.

  • Regular check-ups with your health care practitioner.
  • Know your blood picture & blood pressure numbers.
  • Be a non-smoker.
  • Enjoy healthy eating.
  • Be physically active for at least 1/2 hour every day.

So today please include a touch of red in your life - wear something red, paint your nails Fire Engine Red, include a little red in a room, convince the Salesperson to let you take a red Ferrari for a spin....whatever it takes to spread the word & unite with women everywhere to raise awareness of this important health issue.


  1. Dare I say it.....a girl after my own heart. Good health to you Millie on this long weekend.

    Jennifer XX

  2. Am eating tomato tabouli salad as I type - I think that counts.. .... xoxo

  3. HI Millie - I have followed your lead and gone red (with a few sparkles) over at Mrs A - have a great weekend - hope it is not too chilly in your neck of the woods! Leanne xx

  4. Oh scary stat's....I'll find some red!

  5. Good post Millie! I have a heart condition and I've taken some positive steps recently with our new treadmill. Definitely making a big difference, my heart rate is excellent at the moment. I'll go and find some red...have a lovely weekend..Rachaelxx

  6. You can't beat putting a bit of red in one's life for making a positive change for the better! Thanks for sharing! xxoo

  7. The one scene. All white. Red chairs. So Japanese.

  8. Dear Mill's,
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. What terrible statistics. We are pretty aware about our lifestyle which isn't bad but I think a little more excercise is needed. As I've never really been overweight I tend not to be over-enthusiastic about exercise but, I know that I need to do more for my well-being.
    I'm off to the posh car showrooms to see if anyone will let me take a red Ferrari out on the town....I could also paint that very town red while I'm at it !!!! XXXX

  9. I did join in Millie...I wore red to the gym today! Love the red pics you showed. Beautiful!
    Ness xx

  10. I am on it !when you get time stop by to see just how I honored your request!Happy weekend!

  11. Millie...You picked some great photos with stunning red elements. My red geraniums are in full bloom. Hope this counts. Have a wonderful weekend, Rosemary.

  12. i am loving these images.
    the red frames and
    are for me!!

    perhaps i will wear a red clown nose to work on saturday. hahahah

  13. Hello - I popped over from Leanne's blog - so this is me, nice to meet you :-). Louise x

  14. Hi Millie,

    Such a great post and so very important ~ thanks for sharing.
    Yesterday while out at lunch I ordered a salad and I try and do my thirty minute walk a day.

    Good health to you and have an enjoyable weekend

  15. I wear the Red Dress pin for this cause. So very important!
    I'm taken with the hallway lined with red-framed art! Oh my!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend Millie. My giveaway closes Sunday night.

  16. Great cause. Great color. Happy weekend to you, my friend. Heidi

  17. Hi Millie! What a great post! I definetly join in. Here in Brasil the statistics go the same way, unfortunately...Thanks for your action! Bela.

  18. I joined and wore a red scarf!
    To the power of red!!!


  19. Great posting, it's very important to have a healthy lifestyle. Have a great week.


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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