Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another Week Away

A busy weekend here at The Hedge has seen me dashing out to walk puppy Lulu amid all the other stuff on the agenda. I thought I'd give her some variety, so took her over to the other side of Stirling to show her my favourite set of entrance gates to one of the big estates.

No house to show her (or you) as it's set so far back from sticky beaks like me, but puppy was very impressed!

Sometimes I must walk around our place in a daze, 'cos when I went out to see how MOTH's garden terrace rock steps project was proceeding today, this was staring me in the face. It sure adds some glorious colour to our garden.

I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow to work. There's an Asia Pacific work conference on for the week. Don't really want to go, but there are a couple of side benefits.

Work's been generous enough to book me a suite at the new Metropol Hotel, really far too very swish & swanky for moi, but I'll take it while it's being offered thanks!

Lovely en-suite, unlike the wreck we currently have which dear Hedgies, is now sans a loo, thanks to a nasty incident involving a careless Plumber recently. Russell the Plumber was still swanning himself in the south of France with the profits he made from 2 days of light work here in the Bathroom-From-Heaven a year ago, so couldn't attend. His recommendation was not up to Russell's standards, & in the process of fixing a delicate issue with the said loo, dislodged it from it's base, sending it rocketing skywards. What goes up, must come down & according to MOTH, who was watching from the doorway, it came down alright, smashing into numerous pieces on the floor. MOTH then made the following big statement to the wide-eyed Plumber, which subsequently earnt him 2 nights in the sin bin aka the Living Room sofa. 'Don't worry mate, Millie will clean it all up when she gets home from work.' He reckons he's never seen a tradie scarper off to his truck so quickly!

I have a dinner date with my favourite Melbourne sister-in-law on Wednesday night. We are going to enjoy a night out at Neil Perry's Spice Temple.

I hope to be enjoying this.............

............followed by this. And of course it will be lovely to catch up with the Melbourne sons & hear all the latest goss. So off to pack a bag - see you soon.

Images: Moi, Crown Metropol & Spice Temple



  1. oh no re the bathroom - ya re Melbourne - travel safe - had lovely sushi last time I was there - best le xox

  2. Stirling always sounds so beautiful Millie.

    You must dream of bathrooms.....or maybe MOTH does ;)

    Melbourne sounds wonderful....can we join you please!! Enjoy your dinners! X

  3. Oh tne Metropol Millie....swisho. Daughter stayed there recently for a special weekend...She loved it ! Enjoy

  4. Este jardin tiene que ser precioso, me gustan esta fotografias. Buen viaje.Saludos.


  5. Have a great trip Millie. Hope you're well.

  6. Hi Millie,

    Must be wonderful walking Lulu around the lovely streets of Stirling.
    Oh no! can't believe what the plumber did to your ensuite and you will be looking forward to getting away from it all and staying in the fabulous swanky Hotel.

    Have a fabulous week

  7. Have fun in Melbourne! I love staying in fancy hotels, even if I wouldn't want their decor in my own home :)

  8. Eeep on the loo - and MOTH... what WERE you thinking? I hope 2 nights on the sofa taught him. LOL.
    Love the gates and that dreamy yellow.
    Have fun with your SIL, and swanky or no, the suite looks fun.
    xo isa

  9. Lovely hotel suite!

    Have a wonderful week, Millie!

  10. Millie...I hope a spa treatment is snuck in there somewhere!

    Jeanne xx

    PS..thanks so much for your Thailand suggestion..I have already posted it in my Expat Diary..:)

  11. Did Lulu show you suitable gratitude vis a vis the lovely gates of Stirling? Just askin' ;-) Have a great week in Melbourne. I'd give anything to pop down to Melbourne at the moment ...

  12. Hi Millie, Lovin those gate posts too, Lulu has good taste...have a great time away in Melbourne! Til next time, Tammy

  13. Dear Millie,
    A birdie has just told me that you have one of my books - 'Country Estates of Australia'. It's ironic, because I have admired your writing for years. I love your wonderful posts - and the enchanting village that you and MOTH live in. In fact, every time we drive to Adelaide I make my partner stop over in Stirling for a wander around the town. We even did your Architecture Walk one day, although we had to be quick because my partner was fearful that MOTH would think we were stalking!
    Such a great blog! (And your son's gardens are sublime too.)
    Best wishes,
    Janelle McCulloch

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