Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Change Is Coming

Over the years many of you have blogged about the take-up of online shopping - how it's affected your shopping rituals, online vs. bricks & mortar, etc. Last year I did about 50-60% of my Chrissie shopping online, this year I've already knocked over about 70% of The List & I'm yet to enter a High Street store. Returning to the full-time work grind this year has probably influenced this to a degree, no more glorious no-work Fridays & Mondays to leisurely wander around the stores. It's been a natural progression, quite unintentional on my part, but I have set myself some online ground rules.

Use reputable Aussie stores that have a retail outlet with a great online presence (note to David Jones - you guys REALLY need to get your act together with a much more comprehensive online catalogue than your current woeful offering!), check the gift wrapping option each & every time, not pay more than $10 delivery per order & use a direct debit facility or move on if it's not offered.

Are things changing at your place this Silly Season? Are you hitting the Buy Now button more than last year? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

ADDENDUM: Thanks to Jac for reminding me that MOTH needs to do his 2011 Christmas Gift Wrapping post. For those new to The Hedge, here's what you can expect. Last year's post didn't eventuate 'cos The Ten Network didn't cough up to televise the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Australia. Crumbs I hope they've seen the light of day this year & done the deal with the US network or he'll be impossible to live with!



  1. Hi Mill's,
    Well, I've already done about 90% of my Christmas shopping online. Such a civilised way to shop....no crowds, no sore feet etc. etc !! Plus, I can find really unusual gifts online....things that I wouldn't find on the High Street.
    I was a little worried about your checking out the gift wrapping option.....I hope MOTH isn't taking them up on it. I always look forward to his gift wrapping tips.....it's the highlight of my year and, Mr. Home gets wonderful ideas from MOTH !!!!!!!
    Happy online shopping Mill's.....it's the best way to go. XXXX

  2. I'm also an online convert. It's convenient, but also usually cheaper even when you include postage. It's the way of the future. Have a nice day x

  3. wow, good for you for having so much already done! me... not so much! but I do like online shopping.


  4. Christmas shopping??? must I? haha.. There's nothing left in the kitty after my trip!! Do you think they will suffice with my long suffering travel stories?

    But really.. I agree that online shopping makes it all so much easier.. and less temptation for me to buy things for me!!....

    Have a great week Millie.. and bring on the MOTH post!! ciao xxx Julie

  5. I do slmost all of my shopping online. If i'm unsure of the size I order more than one and return the rest.It is so much easier and with a child I can never put in the time and attention you need when shopping in store

  6. My heart aches for MOTH - (chuckle - chuckle) I will talk with Victoria!!

    With the kids back in CA I have been doing a lot more online shopping. We have a wonderful store that does free delivery in the US. It is so great to be able to send a gift and not factor in shipping cost. Tomorrow Malissa and I will take Des Moines on our annual shopping trip. It gives us a chance to shop and talk and eat together. Hopefully we will come home with a few Christmas gifts too. With my Mom's, Matt's and Stacey's November birthdays I have to get those crossed off my list too.

  7. I love online shopping, but then I still love going into a store too. I reckon it will be a tragic day when we can't go into any lovely chocolate shops (aka Haighs) or boutiques or bookshops because all have closed down due to online shopping only. But increasingly, the stores are empty and the online sites are getting so much better, so it is all so tempting to head that way. So I do a mixture - resolve my guilt but also get to shop around! Virginia xx

  8. Love the online shopping - those crowded shops do nothing for my Christmas cheer! (but I do agree that postage can sometimes be a killer!). Would love to know a few of your favourite shopping sites! Always love some inspiration :) I'll be heading to biome.com.au for a few "greenie" gifts for the parents.

  9. Hi Millie,

    Well, I'm glad you like online shopping because I'll tell you a secret - I'm about to open my own. I've been working on it for a long time. I hope that it will be stand out from the crowd in some way, we'll see! I don't have a retail outlet yet, but hopefully one day. Your advice is very sound and I agree with you about DJs - can you believe that some of the big retailers didn't get their online catalogues sorted ages ago? Sorry to hear about Lulu's bad haircut...best she go with Mummy next time!

    Have a great week,

    Rachael xx

  10. Hi there Mills,
    Um - Christmas shopping. I'm still only realising that I have to quickly make an advent calendar! Decided to make my christmas presents this year too. Have such a backlog of French linen etc to use that I've got to get rid of some and make some space. Other than that - Yep - I'm for online. You also get cheap parking, no crowds and I'm happy to giftwrap myself ;-)
    PS - Hope you're name change goes well ;-) I'll drink to that!


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