Friday, November 18, 2011

Millie Archer

First thing Monday morning I'm heading to the Registrar of Births, Marriages & Deaths & changing my surname to Archer. It seems yet another Aussie Archer is experiencing great success with a bonza product. Not only is brand French Essence attaining world dominance faster than you can say ' Blog Superétoiles' than another Archer makes their mark.

Chris Archer is a well-known Aussie winemaker now living in New Zealand. He's created a cheeky non-vintage carbonated Riesling called Ritzling. He suggests drinking it with a twist of lemon & viola you have what the clever Mr. Archer calls a blend of 'pure happiness'.

Ritzling comes in a four-pack of 250ml. bottles & just check out that exquisite packaging. I'm sure Madame V. Archer would give it her tactiturn approval & may even want to add it to Shop French Essence.

So after what's been an extremely average week, I reckon come Monday & the name change, big things are in store for moi. I see a stunning farmhouse in the idyllic French countryside, an olive grove & a big book deal on the horizon - bring it on!! And Vicki if you read this post, I reckon you & I need to open a bottle or 3 of your relative's product for quality control purposes. It's the weekend, so go enjoy!



  1. Oh I'll have a glass or three too!

    love the packaging,
    xxx DJ

  2. Oh it's so pretty... reason enough to give it a try! I am sure Vicki would give it her Aussie expat stamp of approval! A-M xx

  3. Ms Archer-to-be, this is a great find, and it would be one's duty to drink enough of it to collect a sufficient number of lovely empty cartons with which to wallpaper a room.

  4. I'll take a doz. bottle too! How could one not enjoy this wine? Would make me happy just looking @ the bottles. I'm been out of the blogging world too long Millie. I hope you are super and I hope to get up to 'snuff' here soon.
    Bye the way, I think you should be given the title of Archer taste

    Happy weekend xx

  5. It would be un-Australian not to give it a go surely?

  6. Hi Millie,

    Having bought this lovely box at the supermarket a while back, purely on the packaging and the label, Bottled Happiness!... must say would enjoy sharing a bottle or two with you.
    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday


  7. Well that is a very elegant product, I'd fill my pool house refrigerator with it if it were available around here. Great style you've all got down there!

  8. Just in time for the celebration season I think - such gorgeous bottles it's almost irrelevant if they taste good! Let me know how the name change goes, if it leads you to a property in France you may have a few people joining the Archer clan! Tracey xx

  9. oh yes, nothing like a few bubbles at this time of year! (heck! at any time in the year!)


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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