Friday, February 26, 2010

The Bayberry

Some beautiful scenes from the work of The Bayberry Nursery & Arboretum in Amagansett to take you to the weekend. I'm going to enjoy these last, wistful days of Summer as much as I can, outside in the garden. Even though it's still warm, the trees are slowly beginning to exchange their lush green verdant coats for a lighter version, tinged with soft reds & pale golds. Autumn is letting us know she's on her way & with it comes the cooler Hills nights that send us scurrying inside for a warmer sweater. May you enjoy a wonderfully restorative weekend.

Images: The Bayberry


  1. super fab millie,
    i am gasping for breath.
    how outrageously beautiful.

    the stairs, amongst all that green is fabulous.
    this is truly beautiful.
    the tree with the rounded bench, the wall, the!

    but is that you in the white, long flowing gown i see in the background? ????
    love you xx
    happy gardening

  2. Oh my! Is your son responsible for some of these? I have resisted and resisted- but with no snow in weeks-I really do have a touch of spring fever now... but it's still early! Have a glorious weekend Millie and MOTH.

  3. I could eat, sleep, work, play, live and die here. Thank you for sharing it with us. I have never seen the sunken bench concept around the tree. Dreaming of spending a fall down under sipping wine and eating wonderful things. Have a great weekend. Peace, Heidi

  4. Absolutely beautiful gardens...something to aspire to.
    There's no chance of me going out into the garden for at least 6 weeks, but I can gaze at wonderful photographs like this and dream of warm Spring days, Mill's.
    Have a lovely weekend. XXXX

  5. Hello from Vancouver!
    Pretty, pretty images. I would love to transport myself into those gorgeous pictures. We're heading into spring, here in Canada, and I can't wait.

  6. Wow, simply amazing. Is the arboretum close to you? Loads of inspiration. We are going to try your Brioche recipe this weekend. Have a good one. David.

  7. Stunning garden, would love to be able to transfer it all to my own yard. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. What a truly beautiful place. I particularly love that sunken seating area around the big tree. Hope your weekend is fantastic.
    Clare x

  9. Thanks for another fun fabulous week Millie. Enjoy your garden, here on the Adelaide Plains it's still dry and hot.The few cool morniings we've had I've been in the garden too.
    Kind Regards
    PS Thanks for the beautiful garden images

  10. Oh Millie
    The thought of summer ending has me a little down.. I know the heat hasn't been the best this year.. but it is the long days... and the feeling of life all around us that I will miss... Enjoy the garden.. and I will enjoy walks along the beach.. xx Julie

  11. sorry .. forgot to say how incredible the gardens are.... got a bit melancholy over the end of summer .. haha

  12. So refreshing to see so much green space. Beautiful photos! It is so gray and rainy in New England these days. I'm longing for spring! Thanks for tiding me over for a few more months.

  13. What a beautiful garden, I love the tree with the bench around it. Hopefully we will be able to get out and enjoy the last few days of summer. Our evenings have already started getting cooler.
    Nellie xx

  14. Love the photos Millie, but agree with Renee, we want to see you in the flowing white gown and even a young admiror or two feeding you grapes.

    Leeann x

  15. Fantstic pictures, I'd love to be close enough to go by and visit this afternoon. Two new things on my must-have list: the sunken garden bench -stunning - and of course the elephant. I don't know why I don't already have one!

  16. Breathtakingly gorgeous!!! Love your hydrangeas. I have one puny little bush that refuses to give me any blooms. Fabulous rock walls. We have some very old limestone walls on the manor property.

  17. What a beautiful post.. and a very lovly blog.. glad to have found you!New to blogging and a new follower.

  18. Hello!
    I must say that your blog is truly wonderful! I love your photoes! I've always wanted to visit your country and still hope that I will one day!
    Here in Sweden we are at the end of winter and longing for the spring. Your photoes made me warm and hopeful, soon it will be warmer!
    I wish you a lovely weekend!
    Lovisa (la petite perle)!

  19. This is a little slice of heaven, no? It's amazing.... Just paint me into the pictures :)

  20. All heavenly images. As everything slowly awakes from its Winter slumber here, we can see some hints of Spring to come. Aren't the changing seasons so wonderfully refreshing. xoTrina

  21. I look forward to seeing the green grass and some blue skys. And NO MORE SNOW!

  22. Hi Millie,

    This garden looks so tranquil and beautiful and thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos.
    Enjoy the rest of the Summer days and happy gardening.


    We have not had our rain yet, so a little dance from Moth would be much appreciated, thanks.

  23. GORGEOUS.... these photos are simply stunning.... and that sea of hydrangeas.... i think i just fainted.

    enjoy your lovely weekend

  24. Millie,
    Before I turn in I just wanted to visit you since it's been a while. These garden posts of your are charming, gorgeous, and GREEN. I am so ready for GREEN I'm afraid I'm in my march mood...not good. I also love the way you have photographed the lane to the hedge in all your wonderful seasons. I've not been good at peeking over the hedge lately but think of you often and hope you and MOTH an the boys are doing well.
    xo Lisa


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