Friday, February 12, 2010

On Growing Young

MOTH's sister organized a family dinner while we were in Melbourne & along with many others, invited his favourite Auntie A. She arrived looking a million dollars, carrying a bottle of champers & a beautiful cake she'd baked that afternoon. In 2 weeks she will be 95! She kept us entertained all night, even using her cell phone to take some pics & then sending them to one of her grandsons along with a text message telling him what a great time she was having. She looked very disappointed when the rest of us ran out of steam at midnight! She lives in a wonderful apartment in one of Melbourne's most iconic buildings, a home she purchased off-the-plan as it was being built in the early 1950's. Her weekly Friday night After Work Cocktail Party for family & friends from the neighbouring apartments is legendary.

When I told her how fabulous I think she is, she retorted 'Oh I'm not so special, B's. much more sprightly than me!' B. is Auntie A's. much-loved older stepsister. At 99 she lives in the Penthouse apartment directly above Auntie A. & has only just stopped driving her groovy little car. Every morning they meet for elevenses, taking turns hosting each other. They kept the same table for over 50 years in the old MCC Dining Room for game day lunch when their beloved Melbourne were playing at home at the G.

I so want to be as good as these 2 girls when I'm their age, growing young not growing old. I still want to be in my own home, trowelling on the make-up every day, keeping my appointments at the Hairdresser's for a colour, baking goodies in my own kitchen, phoning through my weekly order to the Wine Store, hosting cocktail parties, sneaking the occasional ciggie, going to the Footie & enjoying a good party. Do you?


  1. What an inspiration those Aunties are! I agree I would love to grow younger not older.

  2. DARLING post... oh how i love the zippy old ones who keep us younger ones going! my great grandmother bowled until she was 94! lets hope we all can do alot of fun things as we get older... (its hard on my body now to bowl with my nieces and nephew!) xx pam

  3. Hi Millie
    Oh YES I want all of that and more.I'm around the same vintage as you. But life is teaching me what you want and what you get can be two different things.
    Kind Regards

  4. hahahahahah

    too cute and too funny.

    only it is not so funny... really.
    i have one of those 95 year olds living with me.
    she is not as funny as your aunties.
    i wouldn't describe mine as any kind of a 'party girl.' hahahah
    by the way i am baking a great big (face sized )cupcake for my lovely boss.
    no worries...i jest. XX's

  5. Oh I love this~ I too want to grow young with a spring in my step-and feeling sassy! I have an older woman friend that has a to-die-for
    flat filled with gorgeousness! She speaks her mind, dresses beautifully-with a bit of spunk, and yes she too uses a cell and has an occasional ciggie and a bit of wine. I just adore her. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

  6. Lets live together!!!!
    I'm in for everyone of those fun things!!!!
    Trowling on the make-up...I almost
    wet my pants laughing.
    You have to love it when the glass is always half full and life is an adventure!!!
    Rock on Auntie!!!!!
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  7. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all age this way. Staying young at heart and enjoying life instead of moaning. Very inspirational.

  8. Wow, I'd be happy to do what those nonagenarian aunties do right now in my late 30s. Just need some more cash to get me that penthouse though!

  9. I'll meet you every other Wednesday around noon and bring the Listerene mouth wash! My handsome driver will escort us wherever we want to go. This post is one of my faves Millie!
    xo Lisa

  10. I LOVE those ancient sprightly with-it old ladies.

    I hope dearly that I can make it to 90 and still drive and be up to the latest technology.

    Imagine all the things they have seen, from having a horse drawn cart deliver their milk to emailing photos to the other side of the world.

    Unbelievable. It is noticeable how the women tend to live on and on isn't it. xoxo

  11. Oh Millie
    Now I did specify NOT to use my pic in a blog post... Do you like my pink trackie dacks???

    You know I had a wonderful neighbour who was just like your Auntie A.. Sadly she became house bound in a top floor flat. I'd come home from work at 11pm and still see her light on.. so off I'd go bottle of scotch in hand.. she'd love it!! [mind you the scotch was for her i can't stand the smell]... It was quite a loss when she was no longer with us...

    Great post... and I do hope I can shine like these ladies in my twighlight years. PS Thanks for the lovely comment...I'll have to think about that one.. xx Julie

  12. And I bet you will Millie! You have the right attitude and that's what counts. They are wonderful examples to follow!

    I hope to be sharing those same days with you!

  13. So refreshing. My grandmother lived until 91 doing all the same. I keep thinking I hope I got her genes! Hope you all had a fabulous trip. So glad you are back.

  14. you had me at "troweling", and I did wet my pants, of course now whatever I do, I wet my pants.... I want to look just like your picture of the "seasoned" lady. Great post, thanks.

  15. Fab post! And what fabulous Women! I can only hope i keep my marbles long enough to live that well at 90+ ! I fear genes may not be on my side in that department. A thought goes to my lovely Great Grandmother who went a little loopy in her final days ♥

  16. I CANNOT tell you how much I want to be just like Auntie when I'm her age -think I'd be lucky to be like her in my 70's to be honest, what a gem. Seriously that is just the best, I would so love to just to hear their stories at elevenses. Their apartments sound fabulous.

  17. Boy oh boy do I and your post has helped me look into the future with hope and positivity. I must say it's hard to do @ times. I find that so often we loose the respect of those younger & are not looked at in the same way any longer. I am truly impressed with both ladies. Just the fact that Auntie A. uses a cell phone let alone texts..Wow!!

    Thanks for this lovely post & happy weekend to you xx

  18. Wow, that is so cool. Working in my profession one gets a skewed view of aging. I hope I am as fun to be with when I am 95 (if I make it that far!). Glad you had a special night. David.

  19. Oh yes Miliie....those Aunties have really got it sorted. I am not in too much of a hurry to get there though, just as long as I do! xv.

  20. Absolutely & more!! What fabulous women...lets hope we are all living it up at that age!! Ax

  21. Oh yes, please!! How wonderful to be so vibrant and alive at that age. If I am to grow very old, let it be like that! xxoo

  22. very insipiring story about your aunties. makes my spirit up although we go older day by day, never be afraid of getting old .... just be fun, enjoy your life and grow young :))

  23. Great post inspiring these ladies are, I loved reading about them. Just fabulous that they are still going at their ages and that they are still bright as a button.....very cool!

    Hope you had a wonderful time in Melbourne.....glad you are back, I've missed you!

  24. Oh I love this story Millie ... it is so inspiring!!

    I guess you've just got to keep up with the times, dress beautifully and party ... to be like these two divine creatures!!

    Have a beautiful valentines weekend!

  25. Oh, YES, YES, YES, I am DEFINITELY going to be like Auntie A and Auntie B. I think that I'm already starting, Mill's !! haha.
    My Great Grandmother lived to 99, her sister, the same, my Grandmother 96 and my dad 91 so, fingers crossed, I hope to do the same and grow old DISGRACEFULLY !!
    My Great Aunt lived to a ripe old age although, she went a bit do-lally but, kept us amused all the same. She used to dress rather like the lady in your photograph.
    I'm also very impressed that Auntie A can text AND send photos from her phone. Even some of my friends can't do that !! I'm making sure that I try to keep up with technology although, it gets harder each year. I find it difficult to work out the washing machine and tele when we get a new one !!!!¬
    Enjoy the weekend, Mills and, like me, keep piling that make-up on and having that occasional ciggie ! Isn't having a fag just wonderful? XXXX

  26. To true Prue! what an inspiration. Forever young.

  27. Cheers to that! I fully expect to be "Tearing up the Town" for as long as possible.

  28. So relaxed Ill run for 99
    Thanks for chering

  29. I hope to live a long healthy silly life with all my fabulous friends and family around me.

  30. I can't imagine you not being like that Millie. It comes from speaking (unhurtful) truths and living a life full of fun with integrity. Will all the humour you've got - I know I still want to know you when you're 99!! GREAT POST!

  31. Gorgeous story Millie. You will be that groovy then. Once groovy, always groovy! A-M xx

  32. Millie, I can just picture it! What a truly fantastic story to emulate. One of my favourite posts to be sure. You'll just need to get your Jimmy Choo's altered slightly with an orthopaedic heel and you'll be set. Meredy xo.
    p.s. I'm going to go and catch up on the rest of your posts...I've missed my daily Millie-ness due to "stuff". Dave's just brought me a cup of coffee, and I'm settled in.

  33. So do I Millie,
    So do I,

    Have a wonderful Valentine Day with the beautiful Moth.

    xxx Coty

  34. Hi Millie,

    Beautiful post!
    I think it is wonderful when we see great inspirational old people that are still enjoying life and having fun.
    Yes, I am like you and want to still be doing all those neat things when I am old.

    Hope that Valentines Day is wonderful for you and Moth.

  35. after valentie can a link to your post becaus I love it the one with my soul mate.
    Hugs from a blogging friend

  36. Hi Millie it's always so nice receive youur messeges!!!
    Tank you for leaving your lovely comment!
    Happy Valentine's day you too my friend.
    I always enjoy visit your wonderful blog!!!!

  37. I can hardly wait to grow young when I am 99. :)
    Great dames! (your Aunties)

  38. You're only as old as you feel. Obviously these two ladies active life has kept them feeling young. How fabulous. Great story Millie!

  39. Texting at 95? I love it. My grandmother would have been 94 tomorrow, I'm not sure whether she would have texted, but she her nails would have been done, she'd be gardening in her heels and have that lovely smile. Happy Birthday Mime!

  40. Love, love, loved this funny, inspirational post!!! And have whizzed it around to friends all over the world so hope this brings you many more happy readers.

    Not as funny, but with lots of pretty photos of things for the home: blog


  41. You make growing old sound like so much fun!!! What amazing women...very inspiring! Tracey xx


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