Wednesday, February 17, 2010


More than 25 years ago my Brother-in-Law (DC) suddenly stopped calling me by my real name, I simply became Marlena to him. Marlena Evans Black (formerly Craig, Brady, Bradford, Black, Black, North & Black) that is.... star of that King of all soapies Days of Our Lives. He says because we look alike, are lives must have run a parallel course. Of course they have DC, all you need do is check out this list of events in Millie/Marlena's life:
  • possessed by the Devil (MOTH would definitely agree with that!!).

  • a plummet from a thirtieth-story-window (& survived).

  • used as a surrogate for genetically engineered babies (including 2 sets of twins) during a four year coma.

  • being mind-controlled to behave like a serial killer. Given sodium pentathol & admitted to the murders. Sent to jail, was shot and appeared to die. But wasn't really dead, & awoke in a coffin calling for help.

  • despite advanced age became pregnant late in life. However, while attempting to break up a fight between both husbands, fell down the stairs & suffered a miscarriage which caused hysterical amnesia.

  • when flying in a plane that began to lose altitude, jumped from the plane & was rescued by Smokey Robinson.

  • kidnapped & thrown into the boiler room of an abandoned warehouse and kept there for over a month.

  • captured & kept in a gilded cage in a strange mini-kingdom below the streets of Paris (my personal favourite).

  • received a mysterious job offer to lead a women's empowerment program in New Jersey, but mysteriously disappeared & turned up bound and tied up in a crate in a storage room.

  • is a doctor, wife, mother & grandmother (of course we are!).

  • and over the years we've.......

loved big '80's hair

a comfy pair of jeans

a wedding dress or 5

a handsome Groom

However, Millie's still trying to perfect this one......

Images: 1. Days of Our Lives 2: Majjastar 4: MSN 6 & 8: NBC 10: Exposay 12: Herald


  1. Goodness me. Have you (Marlena) ever left a burning candle unattended as well as all that even though the label told you not to?

  2. That is absolutely hilarious. The parallels are astonishing. Do you also have the ability to not really age. I haven't watched Days of Our Lives since I was a university student 20 years ago. Is she still on it? I can't believe it. She does give the show a certain gravitas doesn't she? It takes real skill to pull off some of those hair brained out there situations she has been in. I wish I had seen the gilded cage one. Is her nemesis still that Victor guy who is Jenifer Aniston's father?

  3. oh my god Millie, you are truly a crack up! I am still chuckling as I type, tears of laughter streaming down my face! As for the levitation, I can't wait to see the pic!


  4. Hilarious Millie, I always suspected you had a hidden side :)

    Got to love those daytime soaps!!


  5. Your posts always take the sting out of my mornings at work, so funny! Thanks 'Marlena'! ♥

  6. That is too funny, Millie. Surely, if you made an effort, you'd be able to levitate like Marlena?

  7. That Marlena is Super Human for sure, I never could figure out how she survived being embalmed and then buried, oh yeah they don't embalm on soap opras. I just had to tell you, as your friend, and I know that you know I love you very much, but YOU ARE BONNIE HUNT'S DOPPELGANGER. Ok, there I said it. And a big coincedents is that her name was LAUREL on the movie Jerry Majurire. Check for yourself, here is the link to all of her images

    Love ya, Heidi

  8. Oh Millie~ How do you do it? I use to watch Days of Our Lives....Like Sands Through the Hourglass....... Marlena has nothing on you. I love the wedding shots- and your dress! Gorgeous!

  9. Oh Millie you're just not trying hard enough to levitate.
    You are so funny. I bet DC thinks he's rather witty too!

  10. Ha! Wonderful post & who did not love or want to be Marlena? You were a gorgeous bride bye the way!! Thanks for the chuckle xx deb

  11. Oh gosh, better turn the telly on and see what you are up to may have remarried, joined a cult or...... :o

    Love the pic of you in your wedding dress, really gorgeous.

    Did your boys catch ACDC, just got was great...I think I'm deaf but that's okay.

  12. Oh how lovely Millie ~ made my day to read your post.
    What great photos of you, and really glad that you are Millie and not Marlena.

    Have a great Wednesday

  13. Gee, she certainly isn't boring! But then again neither are you.

  14. I used to watch this soap when my kids were at pre-school. Marlena was one of my favs. You are a such a hoot Millie. Surely levitation is within your reach, keep up the practice.

  15. You are really too funny. And, yes, you all do look alike. Hope you have a great week.

  16. Are you sure you are not the real Marlena?? xv

  17. Oh, Millie you are so funny.

  18. haha Millie, you make me laugh! I used to watch Days, but when Marlena got possessed by the devil, I thought it became a bit too outrageous for even me! xxoo

  19. Let me know when you manage to levitate your way over here... I'll watch for you over the Eiffel Tower!

  20. Oh I used to plan my Uni lectures around DOOL.... back in the days when Bo was courting Hope! You are channelling Marlena Millie, the resemblance is uncanny! A-M xx

  21. Oh I will think of you every time I hear the DOOL music now Millie! I heard recently that Marlena (and John) have been axed from the show - don't tell your brother or MOTH as we could not cope if that happened to your blog!! Leanne

  22. It makes you wonder what the writers are on to dream up this stuff! But I think for you the levitation will be a snip!!

  23. hilarious as usual.

    i am laughing so hard my eye liner is running.

    and you know....i LOVE that mind of yours!


  24. I should be working - but here I am rolling with laughter at this latest post. I've never watched this show - but feel as if I've caught up on 20 years just this morning! P.S. - You look beautiful in your wedding dress.

  25. I can't believe the similarities! I really must start watching daytime television...sounds like I'm really missing out! Tracey xx

  26. I remember when poor poor Marlena was posessed by the devil, I couldnt watch it, just too much for me with those horrid contacs and all.
    please please dont levitate over your bed, spit vomit at poor father flanigan, or twist your head around and around..I was a victim of that "real" movie with that wicked little linda blair,

    still scares the bjesus outa me..
    btw, you and marlena have the blond hair in common, but you are much much muchooo more gorgeous..

  27. Hysterical. We have a little saying, my best friend and I, "don't you worry your pretty little head about that, Marlena." I think that was Roman (first or second incarnation) about 15 years ago. Priceless.


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