Monday, February 1, 2010

Sensational Summer

While the Summer weather is still so glorious, I'm trying to get out in the garden as much as possible. MOTH spent all day yesterday doing his monthly Business Activity Statement, so couldn't join me in the garden or work on the Bathroom (many thanks to our wonderful Federal Govt.!). As he's resisted all move to keep his business records electronically, the absence of our critically ill computer was of no consequence to him. He still uses ledger books, a feather pen, a bottle of ink & an abacus. The scene in our dining room while he does this has a distinct Dickensonian feel about it.

I really like Garden Architect David Pfeiffer's simple philosphy on gardens. He really believes in creating a strong connection between the house interior & exterior. And these images of his work certainly confirm that. His practical use of edibles like grapes over a dining arbour & co-opting blueberry bushes & strawberry plants in the borders to do double duty as ornamentals makes perfect sense to me.


  1. Love these image Millie, I can see why you are so taken with them..however I am not a green thumb, so all I can do for now is sit and admire other peoples gardens....


  2. Oh to have green fingers instead of black. Do you think I could blow these up big enough and stick them to my fence and people would believe these were ours?!!!!!!!!

  3. looking at the glorious outdoor photos helps take my mind off the fact that 4 of the pipes in my house are frozen.
    the soft textures and colors mixed with alot of grey tones is so soothing.


  4. Millie, those photos are simply amazing! Wow! I envy you and your little place. :D hee.

    I'm looking forward to our summer so I can get to gardening once again as well!

  5. Guys just always seem to nail the landscape thing. This is such a beautiful piece of property!
    Mills it's been way to long since i've visited you at the hedge.
    So moving on now to your next post now to do some catching up. Miss you.

  6. Beautiful gardens Millie and glad that you could get out in yours in the weekend.
    We are needing rain so badly, the plants are crying out for some water.

    Happy week

  7. Hi Millie
    Beautiful images Well i can only dream about the garden with this eye (I live my life in 30min lots 30mins up 30mins laying down only on my left side until today left and right from now on)This is probably my lot for 2-3 weeks. So keep on torturing me.
    Kind Regards
    PS I love to wander around outside first thing can't do that either.

  8. I love these. I think they work because of all the hard landscaping - it is often overlooked but I really think you need structures in a garden not just an expanse of lawn - gives it all more depth and shade and perspective.

    Funny about MOTH! There are some advantages to being a Luddite. I guess that means the ATO can't pay him his refund by DD, they would have to send a cheque!!

  9. Millie, OMG my computer broke too. Crap! Lucky me, I have a computer geek husband, I'd send him over to fix yours if I could. These are the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen. I love how they made kitchen garden look absolutely stunning. Hope you get to spend lots of time in yours. Our weather needs to get on some meds because it is bi-polar. Love ya, Heidi

  10. Incredible...I am so married to the idea of indoor/outdoor space melding into one flow....each as viewed from the other angle. Great photos to get us thinking ahead to spring.

  11. Beautiful gardens Millie. The Gardens here on the Manor Estate I live and work on are quite beautiful like this as well. They are beautiful 365 days of the year. They have a Garden Architect that helped to map it out and plan it and then two full time gardeners to keep it up to scratch! Myself, I am not much of a gardener. I love to look at them, but am rather lazy I'm afraid!

  12. I'm in love with all those pictures, Millie!!!!
    enjoy your summer my friend!!!!

  13. Millie - I had to come back into the house yesterday and warm up by the Aga - I couldn't feel my hands (which was a shame as there is still a lot of debris to be cut back before spring) so thank you so much for this - it's spurring me on! (& getting me yearning for summer) beautiful! Susie x

  14. Boy I'll loving all the garden scenes from the other side of the hemisphere!

    Davids work on these gardens are as you say ... very practical... and the idea of just leaning over and picking a grape or strawberry sounds very appealing.
    Lovely images Millie ... enjoy the lovely weather while you can!

  15. Absolutely beautiful Millie, what a dream garden.

    Am giggling at the image of MOTH with the ink and the abacus :)

  16. We are still freezing here but thanks for giving us hope....

    Leeann x

    ps on the positive side we are counting down to summer and you to winter :-)

  17. Beautiful.

    Vanishing Threshold.

    Centuries ago Italians were designing their gardens, ornamental & agricultural, on axis with views from inside their villa.

    Of course before that the middle east was doing the same thing.

    In college I was taught to start landscapes from outside. WRONG. Landscapes begin inside the house.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  18. Those top images have long been favorites of mine as well. The perfect outdoor room - I love it. I want it!

    P.S. The mental image of MOTH as scrivener, working away at the books with a feather pen is too funny!

  19. Thanks for lovely images.
    Take care

  20. Millie,
    The landscape photos are fabulous. I'm going to save them onto my computer for future reference.

  21. I'm definitely in for decorating I can eat!! Some architects are definitely worth their salt. Hoping the Ghost of Christmas past doesn't visit your MOTH while he's scraping away with pen and ink. Mind you, you can find all that stuff here, I just need to learn how to use an abacus again ;-)


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