Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sweet Tuberoses For Everyone

MOTH has excitedly reported that our pots of tuberoses down on the Tennis Court are starting to look very, very good. As I'm still blogging on my slow, slow work laptop (grrrr, grumble, grrrr, mumble), I can't take a pic & post it. However I do have great news on the technology front, young Dr. Nick from the Computer Hospital called & I can pick up Patient Processor & bring it home to recuperate - YAY!!!

So this post is to thank you all for your patience this week, all your comments on The Renovator's Prayer were absolutely fantastic & great fun! I am lucky to have my Mr. Serial Renovator. Even though the work pace here is slowed by all of his other commitments, once he gets going he's awesome to watch. His meticulous attention to detail is what makes this project so special.

I also wanted to send a big Hey to Janine Marshall from gorgeous N.W. Tassie. Many of you know Janine through the great comments she leaves on blogs. It's always lovely to hear from you Janine, & thank you so much for all the contributions you make.


  1. oh i love tuberose! had them in my wedding bouquet and their scent always reminds me of that lovely day. pam

  2. I use to grow ooodles of Tuberoses while I was a gardener-the scent is heavenly. Hopefully you will get your computer back and all will be well once again. It's amazing how we depend of these things.

  3. Love, love, love Tuberoses also Millie, they were one of my Nana's favourite flowers and her other favourite was the Gardenia, also one I adore. You just have to put your nose right into the flower and breath in, "heavenly" Your tuberose looks perfect.

    Have a great day,
    xxx Coty

  4. Millie
    I love, love, love tuberoses...they are all things Australian to me. I used to fill my house with them when they were in season. I can smell them now. Thanks for the memory...I am so so missing the southern hemisphere right now. Your post made me feel better :)

  5. Hi Millie,

    Can't go wrong with roses, whether they are standard, climbing or bush. Mine got off to a good start for the season and are now looking a bit scraggly, I must make an effort to water them more. There was a lot of hand flapping and girly squeals today when I read your post. The kids actually come running thinking something was wrong with me!!! Your lovely comments on your post were such a surprise and so thoughtful. Not having the best day today, so this brightens it considerably. Thanks.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  6. The flowers are gorgeous. Think that Mr FF and MOTH have a lot in common as Mr Ff is a stickler for detail snd sometimes I just want him to get on with it. I am the impatient one, the one with the ideas. He is the parctical one that tells me why a swimming pool on the roof is not a good idea even if it would look fabulous.

    Leeann x

  7. I've missed you Millie! My broadband chucked a wobbly and I've been bereft! So to catch up - Firstly, smug renovators will absolutely get their's biblical...something about "vengence is mine!". Secondly, be honest, I'm finding it hard to get past your funny yet heartfelt prayer. Surely there's a patron saint of renovators that we could all be praying to for intercession on your behalf? I'll ask Dave, he's Catholic, and get back to you. Meredy xo.
    p.s. the tuberoses are heavenly.

  8. Ohh how I love tuberoses alas and alack it is too hot to grow them here and I really miss their scent which seems to fill up the house even if you only have one stem. Hope the computer is fully recovered loved popping in for a minute

  9. tuberoses !!!!
    i love the scent.
    they are unreal.

    you are lucky to grow them on your property.
    i wonder...will they grow in florida?



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