Thursday, February 26, 2009

Frog Cakes All Round.

Image Hill Smith Galleries - Artist Dianne Gall

A post of apologies today! My week hasn't got any better - 2009/10 Budgets have to be signed off at 4p.m. today, so that + a million other urgent tasks have really got me on the hop! So visits to everyone this week have been rushed & brief & I'm not in the least bit creative with today's post - sorry! So in lieu of a decent contribution from moi today, please have a munch on South Australia's iconic sweet treat, the famous (infamous!) Frog Cake. I can thank Miss Kimberlee from Brown Button for the inspiration! Think bland tasting sponge cake, filled with sickly jam preserves & fake pastry cream all covered in artificially coloured thick, gluggy icing - yum!! And I'd love to hear which is your favourite colour - it would give me some welcome light relief at the end of a frantic day! Us South Aussies were always taught you can judge a person by the colour of the Frog Cake they choose - so go on, I dare you!


  1. I just came across your blog and it's very inspiring.

  2. I shall try a pink... and a green!
    Ribbit-Ribbit. It's almost the precious weekend! Think relaxing sips of wine and a warm bath.....

  3. I've been to SA, had the pink frog cake, and I think I'm still on a sugar high!! Congrats on finishing the budgets & I hope your week only gets better. Lee :)

  4. I am going for the chocolate - hope that doesn't say something terrible about me! Will you be giving the results of your analysis?
    Clare x

  5. GREEN!
    A frog cake, Farmers Union Iced Coffee and a Golden North Giant Twin icecream - signs of a true South Aussie!

  6. Yum! I love the colors, especially the green-blue. I've never heard of frog cakes before. I want one now :)

  7. What cute little things these frogs cakes are - I'll try chocolate!

  8. I think I would choose chocolate..they look so yummy!

  9. merci pour tes compliments
    I love your blog


  10. Hi Millie. I remember when I was a kid (I'm 52 now), we used to get GREEN frog cakes when we went into the city, and they had some sort of wonderful sweet tasting filling that definitely wasn't cake. More like a loose creamy marzipan consistancy???? So long ago, so hard to remember! But oh how it brings back memories to think of them! Haven't seen them again since I was young. They were a brighter green and NOT bland! lol. I'm in Qld and they were up here all those years ago!
    I do seem to remember eating a green frog cakey thing some years back and it certainly didn't hold a candle to the ones from my childhood.

  11. oh you are the sweetest (excuse the pun!!!) - for the mention.

    How stunning is that art work? My beautiful friend from school days and fellow blogger Pip (tres dodgeois) posted on this art work a while back and the lucky girl now owns a piece of it as well, permanent frog cakes in your house, what more could a girl want!


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