Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Service & Care

Today's post is dedicated to the medical, nursing & ancillary health professionals of The Alfred Hospital Burns Unit in Melbourne. The Victorian Adult Burns Service (VABS) at The Alfred hospital is the state-wide provider of burns care for all adults with complex major burn injuries in Victoria. They faced enormous challenges over the weekend admitting 20 critically injured patients from the Victorian Bushfire disaster. It would have stretched all their resources to the maximum & I'm in total awe & admiration of their professionalism.

When I was still nursing, I spent 9 months working in a major metropolitan Burns Unit as a Post-Graduate Intensive Care clinician. It was without doubt the most challenging & demanding work I have ever done. The patients are desperately ill, with multi-organ failure & all the ensuing complications that arise from a severe burn trauma.

In the coming months, please give a thought to the Alfred staff as they provide on-going care to these patients & their extended families. These patients have many, many months of recovery ahead of them. And as we are hearing, sadly some have lost loved ones, & in some instances some will need to face the awful reality of life ahead as the sole survivors of their family.


  1. Millie~ As I watch our 7 o'clock news... it is not good. I continue to keep you and the others in harms way- in my prayers.
    You know what to do Millie~ just take care and when you can, let us know how it all is for you~
    Love to you~

  2. Amen to that.
    I hadn't even got to thinking about the enormity of the job the medical staff have in front of them as well.
    Thank you for mentioning them.

  3. Absolutely Millie - it was yesterday and I watched a short interview with a Burns Unit staff member, and it was her comment that the patients aren't just fighting for thier lives, they are confused as to where they are, they don't know that they have lost family members....I imagine the psychological fight is as big as the physical.

  4. The news tonight is just heartbreaking. Your post is a testament to those that have to remain calm in spite of the panic and terror. I feel so terrible for your country. My friend's 2 daughters were just there a few months ago and they were awestruck by the beauty of the outback and the entire country's friendliness.
    Stay safe and be assured that many prayers are being sent your way.
    Hugs, Linda

  5. A very timely and thought provoking post - just because the fires are being quelled does not mean that the suffering has ended. Thank you for caring.

  6. I am so sorry for everything you all are going thru... Many prayers to everyone

  7. Absolutely!! Thank you for posting on this and remembering the wonderful people who will continue to care for those who still suffer. Amanda x

  8. I am completely in awe of the amazing medical staff that work with such skill and love in areas like burns recovery. How they deal with such major injuries and trauma and still manage to stay positive and upbeat for their patients is remarkable. I certainly couldn't do it.

  9. That is a job that only the truly strong could do! I take my hat off to them all...thank goodness there are people so committed to the long sad road ahead.
    Ness xx

  10. it is those wonderful staff that hold the hands of these poor people in need, in the wee hours of the morning when human suffering rears it's ugliest of heads.

  11. il est rassurant de savoir qu'il y a des personnes dévoués pour aider les autres dans les moments difficiles.
    Il est vrai que nous les remercirons jamais assé.


  12. Great post Millie...i am always thankful that these doctors and nurses studied so hard to help others. Sometimes the conditions they work in are long and stressful but whatever would we do without them, what wonderful angels. Mel xxx
    ps also thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that work in our hospitals.


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