Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Operation Rocket Science

Global Financial Crisis (GFC) - 3 words that are striking fear into all of us at the present time. Well my dear friends, worry no more, according to my Company they have the solution to the crisis! As some of you know, I work for an international Company, a respected leader in the specialized field of science I work in - a Company who's annual turnover is many billions of dollars. We are very fortunate that our business is almost recession-proof & business is very good.

We have teams of scientists working in R & D labs at numerous sites around the world. Highly skilled academics working on new, leading edge technology, advancing the cause of science to the benefit of mankind everywhere.

So yesterday, you can imagine my 'surprise' when this little gem arrived from global HQ, announcing a project they had spent many months & unlimited resources on. In an effort to ensure that we remain buoyant in the face of the GFC, they have released an initiative that will maintain or increase profitability during these challenging times. If spending can be realigned through FY09 & therefore maintain our financial health, we will apparently emerge from this economic crisis stronger than our competitors. This innovative programme will be rolled out across all levels of the Organization, including the CEO & Board of Directors.

And drum roll please, the main thrust of this initiative is -


Nothing more to add really, just a feeling of incredible pride in the many teams of Rocket Scientists who worked so diligently day & night to produce this masterpiece of economic reasoning. Happy, happy days!!


  1. Oh my gosh, that's hilarous! I can't believe that was a real memo...makes sense though.

  2. You must sleep soundly at night knowing management are taking care such care of the big picture!

  3. that is funny! i bet they are paid well!

  4. I will do my part! This is priceless- thank you Millie. You put a big smile on my face this evening.

  5. seriously? hilarious. Although, they have a point....but can you imagine the money that went in with coming up with this cost saving idea? Scary. At least it put a smile on your face, and ours!
    Happy Wednesday Miss Millie xx

  6. Oh boy - you're not joking are you?

  7. lol, too funny Millie! Well, it would be if you weren't serious! I expect a recap of your paper-clip re-use skills in a months time!

  8. Yall must use a lot of paper clips. Thanks for the blog tag thingy. I hope you and MOTH are doing ok in Stirling. The first thing I do when I turn on my computer is open yahoo7 to see how my OZ is and if it is still there and hoping it hasn't burned off the face of the earth. So glad to touch base. Heidi

  9. When did we,in the lucky country, start throwing paper clips away. If that was happening then I can imagine it would have taken a scientist to figure out it was not a good idea.

  10. Dear Anon - thank you for your comments, sorry to be so flippant about such a serious subject that's obviously so close to your heart!

    However, I think all of us are guilty of being present at boring meetings where the old paper-clip has served as a great stress-reliever in our time of need. I feel a post coming on with a prize for the most interesting paper clip creation made at such an event. All recyclable of course!!
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. Memo to myself - must ensure all posts are serious from now on -no light - hearted humour allowed!

  11. LOL, this actually makes a lot more sense than a lot of other half-baked GFC recovery theories I've heard!

    Millie - is this the same team that thinks up names for paint colours such as 'hog bristle'?? Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. L :)

  12. Funny!! That makes sense Millie that people with way too many brain cells would come up with something we mere brain challenged people would do normally. I know a lot of those people!!!
    Ness xx


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