Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Gorgeous Boy!

With his lovely girlfriend Missey H. @ MOTH's big birthday last Sept.

Best Man for his best mate from school's Wedding last year.

Son # 3 is 29 today. He 'defected' to the bright lights of Melbourne 8 years ago & I still miss him dreadfully, but that's life I guess. He was home for Christmas, & we had some delightful Mother-Son bonding sessions, so I'm grateful for the times we do manage together. He surprised us all when he entered the world weighing a thumping 10lbs.4ozs., & can I still recall the nurse's surprised gasps in the corner of the Delivery Suite when they took him over to the scales & saw the numbers come up on the screen! At only 162cms. & 60kg., they wondered where on earth I'd been hiding him!!

We are so proud of all he has achieved, although his legendary status throughout the family for his untidiness goes unchallenged. His brothers still talk about the look on my face the day I went to clean out his room after he'd left home & found a bowl of breakfast cereal shoved under his bed with the spoon still in situ. It was positively fossilized & his siblings reckon that it had been there for a least 4 years!!


  1. Happy Birthday #3!
    What a cute bub he was - good to see he still has the same haircut!

  2. Oh my goodness Millie, I have a son just like yours. I am so happy to see that he has reached 29years old, looking so beautiful and happy and with a gorgeous girl. There is hope for my Thomas. I better go and check under his bed, I try not to go into Thomas's room except to pick the towels of the floor so that they don't leave a watermark on the timber floor. It't just too scary going in his room, he is 16 years old and it is his domain. I know he lives under our roof, but, but, but,,,,,,

    No buts, I love him to bits....

    Happy Birthday to your son, and happy b i r t h day to you Millie.

    xxxx Coty

  3. Sounds like my Brother.
    What a beautiful photo of him as a baby. I look forward to looking back on our boys lives when they reach that age.
    Happy Birthday Son #3 and to you!
    Ness xx

  4. I'm so much in awe of you for raising five children. Such a huge achievement, and yet you don't rest of your laurels (hedge), you are a go getter still out there working, renovating, blogging...etc!

  5. Hi Millie, Happy Birthday to your son. That is a precious baby picture! I know what you mean... My son came into the world at 10 lbs 14 oz. The nurses were all surprised, trying to guess his weight on the way to the scale. He looked like a 3 month old next to all the other newborns in the nursery ;)
    Hope you both have a wonderful day!

  6. What a nice tribute to your son. Aren't sons wonderful?
    Mine weighed 9 lbs. 10 oz... he was then and still is the light in my life.


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