Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wisteria Lane

All images Lear Mahoney

I really don't fall into the Desperate Housewives category - not skinny or crazy enough & as a previous post lamented, I don't have Mike the Plumber. However, I do have 2 delightful Wisterias patiently waiting in their pots for me to something with. Son # 5 dropped them off a few weeks ago, after over-ordering for a client, so Mum Millie's inherited them. We had the most glorious one at our old house, wrapping itself the entire length of the wrought iron work on our return verandah. When it was in full bloom in October, it used to stop the traffic on our street, with cars screeching to a halt & folk jumping out with their cameras.

However, since these 2 arrived MOTH & I have been scratching our heads as where to best place them. We know they need a sunny spot & as they can get out of hand in the blink of an eye, somewhere we can easily maintain them. So we did a complete lap of the property on Sunday arvo trying to find the best place, & returned none the wiser. Most of the walls of our house are covered in mature Boston Ivy which we really like, so we are lacking a wall for them. I stumbled across these pics in my file & while we don't have a pool deck area, I really like the way in which they've been pleached. So watch this space, they are starting to look like those desperate girls on Wisteria Lane & I need to find a permanent place for them very soon.


  1. That's seriously your back deck...pool...area?! WOW! It's absolutely beautiful.

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Have a good one,

  2. Hi Millie, Can't wait to see what you do with them. Lovely picture, I'm sure you will find a spot for them soon.

  3. How divine, lucky you. How about creating your own Wisteria Lane(walk) with a pergola to somewhere lovely in your garden?

  4. Ohhhh- swoon! I love Wisteria- but alas... it does not do well in this northern climate. We may get a couple of straggly "flowers"- but nothing like you would have.
    Please let us know what you do with the little beauties.

  5. Your back yard is beautiful! I hope you get "time" to enjoy it. I really enjoy your blog thanks for sharing.

  6. I hope you have more success with these divine plants than I do. We have been trying to grow two at the front of our house for the last 7 years! My green thumb seems to have deserted me when it comes to wisteria but I live in hope.

  7. Oh I love Wisteria! Cannot wait to hear what you do with them and I am sure they will one day look as gorgeous as this image! Amanda xx

  8. Millie you can't go wrong with wisteria unless you let them go wild, then you might end up with it in you house with you. The hopeless romantic post I did is one of my favorites. Love the pics you posted. Heidi

  9. Hey Millie,
    I see I have lots and lots of reading to do to catch up! Luckily life has calmed down enough to let me return to blogland. I have missed it.
    Thanks for your kind words and thoughts.
    Lisa & Alfie

  10. So beautiful!!! I love the look of the wisteria tree. You have selected the most beautiful pics! Love, Love


  11. What a lovely gift from son #5 - I'm sure you will eventually find the perfect spot for the wisteria. The picture you've posted has me green with envy (or should that be purple with envy in this case). It's beautiful.

  12. how amazing is the photo, hope you find a good spot if not send them up to us QLD girls:)shame wrong climate:(

  13. Oh...I will have them if you cant find anywhere Millie...and I do have the right climate =)
    The photos are beautiful.
    Ness xx

  14. They look so beautiful - as does the house they are attached to, with its french doors and charming dormer window. Hope you find a good spot for yours.
    And thank you so much for your lovely message on my blog, you always make me smile!

  15. What a wonderful problem.We have a similar problem for the same reason and I want the ivy to cover all our fences so I look forward to seeing your garden.Fiona


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