Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Secret MOTH Business

All images Darblay Wood

Suffice to say dear MOTH's been in the Dog-House a few times in the course of our relationship - metaphorically & physically! Generally any little marital tiff ends with him loudly declaring "Right, that's it, I'm off to the Men's Shelter!" & a slamming of the front door. 2 minutes later he's arrived at the said Shelter, which interestingly has a sign over the door which says Stirling Hotel!
I asked him if he was able to design his ultimate bolt-hole, what criteria would be important. As he is a simple man (I do jest, he's actually far more complicated than I give him credit for!) here they are. Basic bed, fully stocked beer refrigerator, never-ending food supply, bathroom with lots of reading material, radio to listen to the footy (not a TV man my MOTH!), fishing rod, plenty of comfortable old clothes (not necessarily clean), no way of communicating with me & phone to call his Broker (not sure where that one came from)! Given his love of boats & water, when I showed him this wonderful building his eyes positively glazed over & I could see him thinking, thinking!

Jerome Darblay is a French photographer turned creator of bespoke wooden houses. He built this amazing boathouse for clients on a private lake in the grounds of their 18th-century chateau south-west of Paris. More of Jerome's stunning houses in a follow-up post next week.


  1. That is a great bathouse Millie.
    I think most men are the same, though I don't understand that SA thing about listening to the footy on the radio.
    We lived in Adelaide for a few years, and even when we went to the game, they were all there listening to it on their radios...weird!
    I think your MOTH would be very happy to be sent to this doghouse though.....

  2. beautiful place beautiful photography

  3. I can see why he likes it, what a great find :)

  4. How did you find that Millie!!! It's perfect! I think every hubby's eyes would glaze over. A-M xx

  5. My eyes are glazed over- I could spend a good bit of time in that 'dog house'.

  6. I would love that boathouse on dry land. Overlooking the lake. This wonderful building is worthy of being a full-time residence! I look forward to more articles about this bespoke (great word) builder. ♥Rosemary

  7. Hilarious - the Stirling Pub is definitely a stylish "dog house"!

    That boat house is to die for, the most fabulous dog house ever!

  8. Oh Rachael what a hoot - I'd forgotten about that & you are quite correct! MOTH always bemoans the fact that even though he's lived here 15 years, as a Victorian we'll never accept him as one of us. Well, maybe he's finally breaking into the inner sanctum with this habit. He'll be delighted!
    Millie ^_^

  9. Now that is a wonderful dog house. Any Man would be in there element in here with all the MOTH trimmings.
    Ness xx
    PS- Sorry I havent commented much lately Millie...still luv ya though

  10. Every man needs a place to go don't they? My dad had a great set up in his shed - it had airconditioning, its own phone, a cellar that he dug himself, besides all the usual tools, fridge etc. All he needed was a bed and he would have been set!
    Millie I hope you don't mind but I've tagged you to post about the place where you blog.

  11. That boat house is wonderful.
    If MOTH gets one of those he may never come out.
    I know Steve wouldn't!

    Can't wait to see more next week.


  12. Just beautiful! I can definitely see why any man would admire it.

  13. Haha Millie, if that were my husband's "dog house", he would be picking fights with me left and right! I might even send myself to the dog house!
    Shanyn xo

  14. My MOTH has just put in a request for an internet connection and laptop. Then he is happy!


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