Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spot the Mistake

Lovely house in Toorak, but pleeease lose that car! Much to all our boys delight, their Mum Millie has been car crazy forever & there has been many an animated conversation around the dinner table over the years about the subject - what's in, what's out, what's hot, what's not etc. Interestingly MOTH couldn't give a hoot about it all & generally retires to the sofa to have a snooze as we all continue on for hours. I think my new favourite (pictured above) would look just perfect in place of that boring little white car of absolutely no consequence!! There is the small matter of the Merc's. price tag of AU$550,000, but that's only a minor point!

The Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG is powered by a twin turbocharged 6.0-litre V12 engine pumping out 493kW at 5,400 rpm & 1000Nm of torque with a sprint time of 0-100kmh in less than 3.9 seconds. Now you're talking my language! How I would love to take this baby for a spin down the Hills freeway & then park it in the driveway back at The Hedge - wouldn't that get the neighbours talking!


  1. Millie - I bet that little white car belongs to their house cleaner! I have two car crazy boys in my family too, but I'm personally a bit like MOTH, i.e. I'm not very car savvy.

  2. LOl, i agree it must be the helps car!! If I had that sweet ride I might forget to come home!!!!

    Love it,

  3. You would be fabulous in that little jitney... And I don't mean the one in the driveway!
    I am guilty of a bit of car love from time to time...

  4. I disagree, I'll take the house and you all can have the car!!!

  5. LOL spot the mistake - i am not living there he he he. Mel xxx

  6. I think that would get the neighbors talking! BEAUTIFUL!

  7. No hope of such a groovy car for me for a few years - I would have to strap the kids plus pushchair to the roof! I have to say, Millie, I hadn't picked you for such a rev-head. Lovely to learn something new about you as always!
    I wouldn't mind parking my ugly people mover outside that house...

  8. I think it's lovely that someone likes to drive a small car. Smaller footprint ... better planet ... happy us! But how do they feel about driving it around Burnside Village?

  9. Sorry Lexy but I'm married to a self-proclaimed environmental vandal, so need to maintain the total political incorrectness of the household!! One of MOTH's most endearing features is his ability to buck the system at any opportunity & his conspiracy theories on climate change make for 'interesting' dinner party conversation.

    I don't own a pair of gold shoes, so don't/can't shop @ Burnside Village, just have to mooch around looking daggy @ the Stirling shops.
    Millie ^_^

  10. It's great to think big Millie - there is no point wishing for things within our reach! As for the white car in front of the mansion - pet hate of mine - what are these real estate photographers thinking when they miss these important details. Tracey xx

  11. OOO! I ADORE that car and have imagined that in our driveway once the boys are older!!! My Husband (being a Mechanic) is a huge rev head so I have learnt about the values of a good car...and the fact we have all of the UK Top Gears on DVD. Our 4.5yr old loves it too.
    Ness xx

  12. This car is damn fine! I'm getting in to cars a bit now that I've stepped up in the world and bought my first new car! Old bomb begone! And mine looks so similar to this one...ok, maybe not, but they are the same colour!

  13. Hilarious Millie! I
    thought the mistake was that we weren't all swanning out the front of that modest little abode! x

    PS few more shots from Alice's wedding on my blog today xx


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