Thursday, February 12, 2009

What do you Think?

Theadora Van Runkle is a Hollywood costume designer (Bonnie & Clyde, The Godfather, The Thomas Crown Affair & many others). She lives in a Californian bungalow in Los Angeles which is constantly evolving. She has gone down the predominantly white decorating route because she says ' My house is now simple & life seems easier & somehow more fulfilling.' If that's the case dear Miss VR, then show me the white paint tin immediately & I'm off painting everything in sight! Interestingly, she's used more than 30 shades of white in her house, mixing a new tint each time something else is painted so her house doesn't look like an all-white wedding cake.

She also painted a set of antique Regency mahogany chairs (as pictured) because she was 'tired of them', although she did admit that some of her friends were staggered - & I'm really not surprised! So cutting to the chase - what do you think of Ms. Van Runkle's decision to give the chairs the white treatment? Is it sacrilege or is it fine - do tell!!


  1. Hi Millie, Beautiful...I love it! I wish I could live in an all white house. I'm afraid It would get to me after awhile. But I do love looking at them. As far as painting the chairs... I can see how some people would cringe, but I love them white.

  2. Oh I like them. I'm not one for darkish wood anything. I love that she equates white with simplicity, ease and fulfillment... 'I'll have what she's having' as they say! A-M xx

  3. I think that is a beautiful setting!

  4. I love the white but I'm staggered too that she painted Regency chairs. I'd be selling them and buying copies rather than paint something that old, a bit sacriligious!

  5. I like them white, and if the alternative is not using these lovely chairs at all if they were left dark, then paint away I say.
    I think too many things get tossed away cause people aren't willing to recreate.

  6. They do look very beautiful in white and it looks like she had an expert paint them.

    I do love white painted furniture, but Millie, all I can say is if I had a coin for every person that has come into our workshop with badly painted furniture wanting it removed and stripped back to the timber I would be a very wealthy woman.

    That said, I love both painted and polished furniture. It really depends on the chair and the value.
    Reproduction chairs could be painted, but if anyone came near an original hand made chair with a paint brush, well, I wouldn't be very happy at all.

    I hope you get your hydrangeas again from MOTH this Valentines Day, they last a lot longer that red roses.

    XXXX Coty

  7. The all white is beautiful. Well done Ms VR for being brave enough to paint antique chairs - the result is unique and fabulous!

  8. Millie, I so love the quote written below. It's so true. I also love the differnt shades of white. It prevents the sterile look and makes it interesting. I have always loved white homes even as a child. I think good on her for painting them. We should never hang on to things so tightly. besides, old things can become new and exciting. I love to recycle old things.
    By the way I have left a little acknowledgement for you over at our place because you always make us happy dear girl!
    Hayley and Tracey

  9. Dear Millie, I think it takes great courage to paint a valuable piece - especially those chairs. I am not sure I would do it but I admire her for living how she wants and with what she wants. Maybe we should all be a little more like that.
    Just a little aside... I think this weekend is the weekend for you to find a new spagetti strapped red mini and go out on the town with Moth! xv

  10. I really do love the look of these chairs, but I don't think I'd be brave enough to do that to a set of Regency chairs. Oh well, they're her chairs and she's entitled to do whatever she wants with them.

  11. Could you ever tire of a white piece of furniture? Hmm, I really doubt it! Shanyn xo


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