Monday, March 7, 2011

Attention: Heidi

Yes, that's you Miss Heidi Claire of Burton Texas, friend to many & famous blogging personality. This house is gorgeous, really gorgeous & well, you try & guess where it is.

Nope, it's not in the South of France or deep in the countryside of Provence. It's in the place you want to run away to & be more than anywhere - the beautiful Clare Valley right here in South Australia. Sam & Tom Barry, sons of Peter & grandsons of Jim & the young scions of the famous Barry wine making dynasty have recently purchased the winery Clos Clare in the heart of the Valley. With the purchase came the fabulous homestead Warilto....pretty nice hey.

While Warilto may be out of your reach for the time being, look what I found for you this week that is not !
Right in the heart of the town of Clare is this stunning c1867 old stone villa sitting on 1.5 acres of garden. Now while the Realtor has taken some pretty inventive 'creative licence', describing it as a 'Gracious country home with stylish renovations', you need to prepare yourself, as it's a bit of a shocker inside, but oh girl, what potential it has! So stay with me on this, 'cos I've taken the liberty to show you some ideas on how you & the J. boy could tart it up & live happily ever after.

Here's the current entrance.

I reckon it would fab looking like this!

The Hall is a bit sad.

But could be a beauty, when transformed into this.

What looks to be the original fireplace & French doors should be the only things to stay here in the Living Room I reckon.

And with a bit of tweaking, it could look like this.

Here's a little study for you to sit & do whatever, those original doors are fabbo.....but the rest of it's really not you Heides.

But this is. That poor little room is just waiting for this mirror & that desk & that chair & those lamps.

The Dining Room is another room suffering from an overdose of wallpaper frieze-itis. Must have been a job lot.

This is much nicer & very do-able with the right paint finish.

What is it with those hideous friezes! Even the kitchen didn't escape. Methinks there may some pretty awesome floorboards happening under all that yukky brown linoleum.

This kitchen is you girl, really you. Nothing more to be said really.

Except I've not seen this much kitchen gorgeousness in a long, long time.

There are 3 bedrooms, this needs to be transformed from this...... this.

And this........ this.

And this pink shamozzle from this....... this.

The bathroom is a total gut job. But I know a good bathroom renovator who may be willing to work for beer & food.

Something simple like this could work.

We'd have to go on the hunt for a fireplace. I know just the place to find one - a wonderful little antiques shop in the pretty village of Auburn, further down the Valley.

The laundry is well, to put it mildly - terrible.

This is more you.

Now I reckon this room is an under-rated treasure. A bit of covered rear verandah is happening here, but doesn't appear to be used for anything.

With a few simple pieces, it could easily turn into this.

This is how the rear aspect currently looks. There's the entrance to a stone cellar hiding in that foliage somewhere. Just perfect for stashing all that divine Clare Valley shiraz. It lacks anywhere to sit & lounge about.

So get the J. boy to whip this up for you. You can sit there for hours & congratulate each other on making the move & the fabulous job you've done on the renovations.

With just a little help from your mate Millie. Have I got your attention now?
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  1. what a fabulous home Millie... and all the more so for your 'tweaking' hehe
    Hope you have a wonderful week.. looks like we have a little bit of summer left.. ciao xxxx Julie

  2. This charming place is just begging for some Millie-izing! We have a smaller version of the stone veranda. My son moved all his ceramics stuff in after college, but he hasn't touched it since. I informed everyone that I'm reclaiming it for my studio this spring.

  3. Heidi...take it, dear! It's wonderful!

  4. First off, I am so flattered. Second, you nailed it. Third, we will need jobs that come with job visas, do you know of anyone who needs a florist and a mortitian? We also do yard work, wait tables, build computers and style houses. I am going to lay it on the line, my dear Mother-Sista-Friend. If my Great Aunt passes away, who owns a few oil wells, the ball is in my court and we are moving. But, if J-boy gets his new job, he has been promised, where he will be pulling a 6 figure salary, then we are staying and you and MOTH can come visit us in Texas and stay as long as you like. So which will happen first? This subject is off limits in our house, it is called the Giant Wedge. Now you know the story. I love you for this. I love all of your Cyber Renovating selections. I will end up there one day, I just don't know which day that will be. Love, Heidi

  5. Wouldnt mind your reno plans!So niice!Fiona


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