Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Media Darhlings!

A special shout-out to 2 lovely long-time Hedgies & Aussie bloggers who have recently been featured in the press. Kerri from Driftwood Interiors has 2 of her exquisite paintings featured in this month's Martha Stewart Living magazine. Of course MOTH has taken the credit here, saying that it is his very up-close & personal relationship with Ms. Stewart through their mutual love of crafting that got Kerri the gig. If you missed his tutorial on gift wrapping go here. You can have one of Kerri's gorgeous paintings at your place by going to her blog & following the links to her etsy store. Kerri, may this be the start of something so big, you need to employ MOTH as your Agent. The thought of him spending most of his time away overseas negotiating media deals for my blogging mates is almost too delicious to bear!
Mabel the cute beagle pictured on the cover of this month's Australian Country Style magazine belongs to Michelle from Hugo and Elsa. CS have run a fabulous feature on Michelle's leap of faith by moving to country Tasmania a few years ago. She & her husband Leo did what so many of us want to do but lack the guts to & they have never looked back. Big hugs to you Michelle, you are a star girl! Do visit Michelle's truly lovely blog, her photography is quite something & her posts on life with Hugo & Elsa, her burgeoning food business & their menagerie is an absolute delight!


  1. MOTH's going to have to fit me for the agent gig with Kerri...after all we have the same name...tis only fitting :)

  2. Oh Kerry poor MOTH's not sure he can handle another Kezza, as the first Mrs. MOTH is also a Kerry, so 3 in his life may be taking the Kerry thing just a little too far!
    M x

  3. Hi Millie
    How fabulous!!! Both Kerri and Michelle must be pleased and proud as punch!!... Good for them... and MOTH too... for having the gumption to take credit!!

    Have a lovely week.. ciao xxxx Julie

  4. Right ho, when I need an agent Moth is the go!

  5. Moth, you are by far the most hard-working agent around - to do all that you have, working your magic behind the scenes without a word to anyone - so selfless. But i've come to learn that's the kind of guy you are :) Thanks so much Millie for the shout-out, no wonder you two are such a dynamic duo. I've just picked up the latest Country Style, so I'll look forward to reading all about Miichelle's big move too. K xx

  6. Hi Millie,

    We will all be Iining up to have Moth as our agent.
    Congratulations to Kerri and Michelle.

    Hope that you had a nice time with your sons and that you are having a lovely week.

  7. millie

    i know how thrilling it is to have a pet in a magazine.
    but a cover?!?! how nice for her.
    i went to her blog and a few posts down she was making

    btw - still looking for my rubber shark head xxx

  8. Millie...
    How nice of you to tell us about the success of your friends and long-time Hedgies. You're still my favorite Aussie.
    xo, Rosemary


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