Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Strong & Steadfast

I was outside tonight watering & our small patch of pale pink Japanese Windflower (Anemone x hybrida) have suddenly appeared in the garden under the Hawthorn tree. I've had a difficult couple of days at work, with the news from my Japanese colleagues almost too much to bear. So much loss & sadness, combined with the logistical challenges of keeping our global manufacturing business running out of Japan at this time.

The flowers were waving softly in the evening breeze & I remembered how we never tend this little patch, yet each year they pop their strong heads up amongst all the other hardier, taller & well cared for plants, claiming their rightful front row spot. I was feeling worried & anxious.....about decisions that need to be made, formulating communication releases to our clients in my head & many other things. Watching these fragile flowers bend precariously in the breeze, only to bob up again on their strong & upright stems, made me think how my dear colleagues will endure the days & weeks ahead. With strength & a steadfast resolve to see this greatest of tests through.....just as the anenomes in my quiet country garden in the Adelaide Hills do each Autumn. These resilient little plants couldn't have picked a more opportune moment to appear today, & maybe, just maybe it wasn't a coincidence.



  1. beautifully said. its just too much to comprehend. xx

  2. Dear Millie, I think it is the waiting that is the hardest.You do so with grace and thoughtfulness (is that a word?)...

  3. Yes, I agree with you Millie. They -Japan and your friends and collegues -will endure all this as awful (what words can you use to descibe it all?) as this is.
    Life will bloom again for them all in time.
    I am thinking of them, and you. It must be hard to go to work and keep it all going.
    A little good, strong energy from over here in sunny Melb to you -to help :)
    Irene xx

  4. Well said, Millie; the smallest detail is bound to the largest tragedy. I hope you and your colleagues there are bearing up well and that your Japanese friends will pull through.

  5. It must be very hard at work knowing the pain your colleagues are going through. I've stopped reading the news and watching the TV - it is too upsetting. Natural disasters are so random and so cruel...

  6. millie

    i have been told over and over again;
    'there is no such thing as a coincidence'

    hugs xxx

  7. That's true, no such thing as coincidence. They were a sign you were looking for Millie. I hope they give you some respite in such a difficult week. We have those flowers too that do exactly the same thing. When the roses finish flowering they raise their heads and say hello. They will make me think of you from now on. Be strong.

    Jennifer xx

  8. Millie, like everyone reading your post, your words resonate with us all...thank you for showing and sharing the joy & beauty in the simple things...may they bring a smile in the face of such tragedy...thank you. Claire :-)

  9. With life feeling so fragile right now it is so wonderful a sign, and no mere co-incidence, of the resilience that can be found somewhere deep down even amongst the strength of the things that surround. Thank you for sharing such a wonderfully inspiring photo!

  10. God had those beauties appear just for you darling millie... xoxo

  11. oh Millie, you are absolutely amazing! thanks for making me smile, I have visions of what is going on a the hedge & chuckling away.

    get those margharitas happening dahling, I'm on my way.

    enormous hugs & love to you ♥

  12. Hi Millie
    I hope you are well.It doesn't matter how many times I see the images on television I still can't comprend. Those people will have to wait months maybe years to get there lives back. Even in Queensland that's the case some people are up there living with out a roof and power as the rain continue's to fall. But the human spirit always prevails.
    Kind Regards

  13. I sincerely believe this is no coincidence Millie. Not that the flowers haven't appeared every year, just like this, but that this year your heart and spirit noticed them. That's the important part.
    Your role, like so many with direct links to the Japanese people now, is vital. Your support, care, love and positive thinking all pour into the Universe. Don't underestimate your power.

  14. {{{hugs}}} Millie.

    The flowers are beautiful.


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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