Monday, March 14, 2011

Disappearing Act

I've always had a soft spot for my eyebrows, they're one of the few things on my face that I actually like. They've been fairly low maintenance over the years & despite a few 'incidents' when I lost control with the tweezers, I've always managed to keep them looking fairly symetrical & OK via a very powerful mirror for my shocking eyesight! However something's been happening to my eyebrows of late, they are slowly but surely disappearing/fading from my face.

Over the years, the shade of my natural hair has been described by various Hairdresser's as Ash Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, Mousey Blonde & my all-time favourite, Dirty Blonde! For someone as conservative & boring as me, that was a HUGE compliment! And my eyebrows have always complied & matched whatever was happening to the colour of my hair as if by magic.

However as the grey in my hair has started to overtake the blonde, my eyebrows have gone paler & paler.

In fact as of yesterday, 2/3rd's of them are actually white!

That's making it almost impossible to see them, so I'm struggling to do what should be a normally easy task. So dear Hedgies, advice please. I've never been confident enough to use a little light pencil, as I loathe that 'drawn on' look you see some women sporting. I've thought about doing the waxing trick again, but I've just read what Meisha Wright, the Eyebrow Guru says about that. In her opinion she reckons that waxing stretches the skin too much & may create premature ageing - crickey! So any advice would be gratefully received. Maybe it's time I finally bit the bullet & enrolled myself in one of those Make-Up Workshops. I really enjoy playing around with it & wearing it, but I'd love to see if some professional wisdom would help me.



  1. Choose an eye shadow in a colour that resembles the colour of your eyebrows. Using a brush and not the little padded-thingy you get with eyeshadow, brush the eyeshadow onto the eyebrow in long, straight strokes, as you would if you were drawing them on with a pencil. It 'fills in' the colour without drawing an eyebrow, therefore giving a much more natural effect. A tip straight from the Bobbi Brown counter at DJs. Good luck!

  2. Ultimately Millie tinting is the easiest solution......on a regular basis...just like the hair I am afraid...xv

  3. I agree with Mira. I use a powder eye shadow (Bobbi Brown funnily enough) and a slant eyebrow brush like this one

    I moisten it lightly and tap it on the eyeshadow to get colour on it. I shake the excess off. I don't use long straight strokes, but light short feathery strokes to fill in. Then eye get an eyebrow brush like this (I actually use the manicare one)
    and brush the eyebrows into place. This allows the powder to be blended more naturally in case I've been a bit heavy handed. Then as a final measure, I use Bloom's clear eyebrow gel and go over again with the eyebrow brush as I have droopy eyebrow tendencies.

    I think I learnt this either from the Bobbi Brown makeup girls over the years or by reading Kevyn Aucoin's makeup books.

    Sandy K

  4. I don't like the drawn on look either so I use no smudge mascara to darken my eyebrows

  5. Thank you! I needed this advice too! I am not the makeup counciler by any means, at 23 years old, people still correct my fashion habits!

  6. Eyebrow pencil and or eyebrow power is what this ex-beauty advisor suggests. Once you get the hang of it, you will be fine. Eyebrows are an art, they frame the face. Some mornings I wake up to find my eyebrows bent all to hell in every direction except the right one, so I go to plucking and then drawing them back in. I fill in gaps or missing tails everyday. Another option is tatooing. I have a friend that does permanent make-up, that's right, she tatoos eyebrows and eyeliner right on your face, FOREVER. Treat yourself to a make-over at your favorite cosmetic counter and let them show you. If I could figure out Skype, I would do it. Love ya, Heidi

  7. Eyeliner, lipstick & mascare (period)...*wink

    Jst dropping by to say "hi" to the gorgeous lady Downunder.


  8. O.K., they sure are a problem, aren't they? I've tried powder but it comes off. So I picked up a eyebrow pencil that had a brush at one end. You pencil in very short strokes (in the sun) and then with the brush you brush against the grain of the pencil strokes until it looks natural. Works for me. Good luck and then I say to hell with it!

  9. Millie darling, you could tint your eyebrows for colour, very authentic especially when you to a fab brow place. also i have migrated to the threading which the indians do so well as waxing makes them also disappear over time, and with eyebrow shapes changing back to more fuller its even harder to grow bits out if you have been waxing for years. the threading technique is painless and very effective getting rid of all the tiny hairs as well. i do recommend getting a good consultation from a reputable brow salon and go from there. tinting is great, although sadly i am allergic to the dye so have to rely on brow shadow instead of pencil for a more natural look. hope this helps, Cathyxxx

  10. Hi Millie,

    I used to go and have the threading process done, which was great. I have had them waxed also.
    I bought a little Chanel kit and that is wonderful.
    It is called, Perfect brows, has tweezers, a brush to apply the three shades of colour, and has a great shade for light coloured hair and comes with a magnifying mirror. It is one of the best beauty products I have bought.

    Happy week

  11. No use taking advice from me as I am not practicing the information (gleaned from beauty experts) that I should be preaching! I blame my current overgrown eyebrows on the fact that my dated 80's bathroom, with it's floor to ceiling black tiles, is so dark that I can't even make out that I have eyebrows when I look in the mirror, let alone that they might need plucking. It is only when I find myself in a shop dressing room that I practically pass out at the sight of my eyebrows in the mirror. I love all the advice above though. You will have to let us know what worked for you.
    Clare x

  12. Threading is awesome! Being of Indian descent, I've had this done many a time and it is seriously the best way for shaping. Unfortunately all experiences have occurred in India as I don't know of anyone who does it in Newcastle. If you can find someone reputable in Adelaide, give it a go Millie.

    Sandy K

  13. I too have such bad eyesight, I wouldn't know if my eyebrows are shocking or not. Great advice here. Would you go anywhere else for advice?.... interior decorating, beauty secrets....all hail blogdom. Just had to stop by to say that your comment on my bloggy has inspired my 'tomorrow's post'. Must sleep on it and see where it takes me Mills. Thanks! A-M xx PS. So glad all your work colleagues are ok... devastating as it pans out... just devastating.

  14. I inherited my father's unruly eyebrows, so they are a constant source of irritation and maintenance!
    Get thee to a Sephora (do they have these makeup stores in Adelaide?) and get some professional help with the makeup brush. My daughters tell me eyebrows are everything!

  15. I too get my eyebrows "threaded". I was introduced to it by my Indian friend. Great stuff!


  16. I have no advice, but I know what you mean about the disappearing eyebrows - I have dark brown hair, and in the 80's, I had brows that would give Brooke Shields a run for her money. Now, I find that I don't even need to pluck them anymore; I still have decent enough eyebrows, but they aren't as thick and bushy as they used to be (which is a good thing, I guess...)


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