Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Border Crossing

I'm off to wander the quirky laneways of Melbourne for the rest of the week. Ostensibly for work, which I will actually be doing some of.

But also to pay a visit to these 3 characters. Melbourne sons #1, #2 & #3 would have been sprung with a 'surprise' interstate visit from their Mother. I've always found a quick unannounced sortie catches them unprepared, so I can get a more 'honest' appraisal of their current respective situations. But their younger brother Son #4 here in Adelaide used the BBT (Brothers Bush Telegraph) & blabbed to let them know I'm on my way. According to him it appears I have my work cut out for me. I have a couple of relationship issues to sort out, a somewhat impecunious state or 3 to deal with & a 'That's it I'm chucking it all in & moving to Queensland!' drama to diffuse. I'll be back here next week, wish me luck!



  1. 4 sons.
    It's amazing.
    I have 2.
    I cannot imagine when they are big enough to:
    a) call each other on the phone (the only number they know now is their own)
    b) live somewhere other than with us
    c) have moved somewhere and then are 'going to chuck it in and move to Qld'
    d) are THAT big that they would cuddle me rather than me cuddle them

    I am loving my journey with them now as they are growing older by the day - but it still amazes me to see photos of 'son's' who look so .. well, look so BIG.

    Have fun in Melbourne (-:

  2. as the little kid of Jerry Maguire said..... "LUCCCCCCCK"! xxx

  3. That'll be me waving from the Dandenongs ;)
    Beat 'em in to shape Millie! You're the MUM!

  4. millie
    there is no doubt in my mind
    that you will handle all of it famously!!!

    ...and come out smelling like a rose -
    or a tuberose.
    which ever you choose.

  5. Bless you!
    I have 3 sons...not quite that age and
    I am intrigued...report back in full detail!

  6. Oh dear, sounds like they need a visit from mum! Let me know if you have time for a quick coffee while you're here.. Rachaelxx

  7. I'd love to see you in action Millie, handling these big boys of yours.

  8. Have a great time in Melbourne Millie, good luck sorting the boys out and make sure you still have plenty of time for shopping. xx

  9. Millie - I'm sure you'll have the boys in shape in no time. You are only the second person I've known with four boys. One of my colleagues and his wife have four boys and oh, the stories he can tell.

  10. Well that's what you get when you have so many. Big families, big problems, don't they say? Good luck, Millie, I know you'll come out the winner.

    Jennifer xx

  11. With your wicked sense of "umour" I am sure it will all be settled quickly. I hope they are not too big and grown up for a mummy cuddle. That seems to fix everything!

  12. Hi Millie,

    Have a wonderful time in Melbourne with your Sons, work and hopefully a little shopping.
    Good luck, dear friend


  13. Well I reckon you will have them sorted in next to no time ~ being the no nonsense "I can take on anything" kinda girl that you are.

    Which should leave you with a little time to go exploring the lovely laneways, galleries and boutiques of the city. Especially pretty now in the magically golden autumn light.

  14. Good luck with that! Good to know even big boys need their mum's help occasionally :)

  15. have a wonderful timie, Millie
    Good luck:)

  16. Let us know if you got those guys whipped into shape! Five sons would be just .........

  17. Enjoy your trip to Melbourne, Millie - I used to love exploring the old arcades, and going for afternoon tea at the Block Arcade on Collins Street.

    I hope you can get any drama with your sons sorted out!


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Without a quickening of the heart.
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