Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sinking Fast

'OK MOTH, you're in trouble. I've just noticed these in the behind the hedge. You'd better explain & be quick about it.'

'Yeah, aren't they just the best Mills! They were just waiting for me at the Stirling Tip when I was down there yesterday. The Tip boys put them aside especially for me.'

'Keep going MOTH, I can hardly wait to hear more.'

'Well you know how I've always wanted a fish cleaning sink like my old mate Bucky built for himself at his McShack? Do you reckon these 2 beauties would be just perfect for that or what!'

'MOTH, when was the last time you went on a fishing trip?'

'Umm well Mills, that would be a couple of weeks ago.'

'And MOTH how was the weather on that trip?'

'You know perfectly well that it was RS Mills - it rained the whole bloody time.'

'So just remind me, how many fish did you exactly catch MOTH?'

'Geez Mills, that would have been none - no need to rub it in.'

'And would that have been the same weekend that you stormed home early with not a fish to be seen & the worst Man Cold you've ever had?'

'Ummm yep, that would have been the one.'

'So MOTH, before that weekend, when was the last time you had a fishing weekend away where you actually caught anything?'

'You know exactly when that was Mills. You were away in Greece for that Conference & you gave me a Leave Pass to go fishing with my mates up at Broome. Fish Mills, you should have see 'em!! We didn't even have to put a line over, they were just jumping straight into the boat of their own free will!! We took 'em back to the kitchen at the Cable Beach Resort & those chefs cleaned 'em for us & cooked 'em up for our dinner!'

'So if my memory serves me correctly that would have been in the Winter of 1994. And even then someone else gutted & cleaned your fish. '

'Nothing gets by you my little Pirhana Fish does it.'

'No MOTH it doesn't.'

'All right Mills, point taken. I'll load 'em on the truck & take 'em back, but let me tell you I'm not happy about it.'

In your dreams mate!

Images: Not On The High Street & iFish



  1. I love it. A fish cleaning sink. Mind you, they might make quite good laundry sinks? You can never have enough. Or perhaps for your flower arranging room, a la Martha Stewart. Have always wanted one of those.


  2. i remember fishing as a little girl,
    and i would clean the fish too.
    then suddenly one day i said to myself....
    isn't this what child serial killer should be doing as practice?
    i was not curious about what was INSIDE the fish.
    i just wanted to cook up the 2 inch fillet in a pan and eat it.

    that was my last fish i ever
    'scaled,gutted and cleaned'

    no fish sinks at millies!!!!

  3. Lucky you'd already finished the bathroom Millie!!! Like the photo - for my studio ;-)

  4. Thanks for the laugh!

    My husband and son have just come back from a mini vacation in Florida. My husband said that either my son (who is 10) is the luckiest fisherman around, or he is really talented at fishing - he caught more fish than anyone in their party. He was thrilled when he got the autograph of the world champion bass fisherman while he was there.

  5. A great story teller you are Mille! This really had me chuckling. They are rather nice sinks though...seems a bit tragic to send them back to the dump.... just maybe...


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