Monday, March 21, 2011

Blog Love - Pass It On

Many of you know Jeanne over @ Collage of Life. She's a gorgeous gal, part-American, part-Aussie, part-Kiwi & now, part-Pom. I'm not sure what line of work her husband is in to cause all these inter-country moves, but I have a theory that he's an international counter espionage agent, however I'll leave that to Jeanne to confirm or deny!! Jeanne became a much-loved Hedgie a couple of years ago & I'm so glad she did. I have so enjoyed watching her wonderful blog grow & evolve since her first post. She has the knack of mixing things up perfectly. You can be sure of something different each time you visit her - humorous posts, visually breathtaking posts (from Miss Very Talented Photographer!), empathetic posts, thought-provoking posts, intellectually stimulating posts...... each one a treat.

Jeanne was kind & generous recently in acknowledging those of us who have been with her since the very beginning & are still with her today. She has done this via a Blog Love button - it's a way of saying...I love your blog & thank you for inspiring me.

To be a recipient of Jeanne's Blog Love we need to:

1. Provide the photo and link to our very first post.

2. Share the love and pass it on to whomever we like.

Why the first post?
It is when you took your first step and if you hadn't we would not be reading your words now. Passing on Blog Love is to let others know that we appreciate their friendship & that we love their blog.

This is my first post from Sunday May 18th 2008. It's title was It's Raining!.
And nearly 3 years later, nothing much has changed up here in the misty Adelaide Hills!

Here's what greeted me this morning in our quiet country lane.

The tall trees in our garden looking very grey & mysterious in the early morning mist.

So 665 posts & 9903 comments later, The Hedge is still here. I'm finding it very difficult to pick out a small group of favourites, so to pass this on I'm going to do a Millie-shortcut! Just go to The Hedge's Home Page & look under Fabulous Friends! If you find yourself there its because I appreciate your friendship & love your blog! If you'd like to pick up the Blog Love button & muse about your first post, please do so, I'd be honoured.



  1. Two of my favourites in the one space Millie & Jeanne - it doesn't get much better than that to start a week.

    Loving your images today Millie and it's a great concept of Jeanne's [she truly is full of them] to go back to our first posts.

    Congratulations and thank you for all that you've shared at 'The Hedge', it has been a delight getting to know you.

    Felicity x

  2. that's alot of Millie loving there!! all those comments.

    love visiting the hedge & love it when you pop by Millie.

    keep on being fabulous ♥

  3. Hello Dear Millie
    Well Jeanne is certainly a favourite.. and of course you too..

    Your's was one of the first blogs I followed.. even before I started to blog myself.. and when I did start you were one of the first to make me feel welcome.. You have that way about you!! I've always enjoyed what you have to share with us and your wicked sense of humour... Love that first photo.. you came out strong!! and kept going that way...

    Have a wonderful week.. [raining here too].. ciao xxxx Julie

  4. What a lovely idea! Congrats to Jeanne and to you, too, Millie. Love that misty photo..what a wonderful first post!

  5. Beautiful pictures, Millie.
    Early misty mornings have such a charm

  6. Millie...I'm a big teary mess at the moment ;) You are so kind and I thank you for your comments. I never really know what I am doing...heaven knows I surely don't with five blogs rolling off this keyboard but you managed to crystalize it and I think Julie's comment says a lot too. Just taking the time to think back and remember those first few comments that appeared in your very first post brings back sweet memories. I remember when I first saw yours and just the name 'Millie' and I knew I made the right choice to step into the blogging world. So thank you Millie, for being there for me and for Julie and the many others.

    Now...for your first post...breathtaking, I just love it. My time in Adelaide was in the dead of summer (1986) for a month with no rain in sight. My only comfort was the wine country and we spent a lot of time in it. Mr. H does not drink, so let's just say, I was one happy camper! I missed the rain and the trees so I am really enjoying seeing them here. I hope you enjoyed going back and looking at your first post too.

    665 posts later and nearly 10,000 comments...magic!

    Best wishes Mille and thanks again, sending big hugs xx

    Jeanne xxx

  7. Ah, Felicity nailed it. Jeanne and Millie. What a treat. J x

  8. Yes, lovely Jeanne really is the modern Renaissance woman. And 665 posts Millie! What energy and typing ability you have. Please let us know EXACTLY what vitamins you take.

  9. I Blog-Love you Miss Millie & MOTH!!

  10. Millie - I'm just a fairly new reader of your blog; I've been blogging for over 7 years now at various blogs, but up until the few months, most of my blogging (and the blogs I read) have been confined to my hobby (I cross stitch). I discovered ther the world of shelter blogs when I started looking for decorating inspiration, and it was through these blogs that I have discovered yours.

    I’m not currently on your blog list, but I wouldn’t expect to be, as my own home decorating blog is still in its infancy, and I don’t add much content, but yours is one of my favorite blogs to read! I will have to go and visit Jeanne’s blog now :)


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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