Monday, November 2, 2009

The Bedroom Blues

Honestly just how hard can tweeking a bedroom be? Well, let me tell you - BLOODY HARD! The time line goes like this.
  1. Early 2009 MOTH surprises me by giving me the OK to retire our lovely old brass & iron bed for a whole new look.

  2. A couple of months spent looking, looking everywhere, the only bed I see I like is $4,500, MOTH goes grey when told, back to the drawing board.

  3. Decide I'll do the padded headboard look. Take whole lot of fabric samples home, spend a couple of weeks mulling over them & trying to get MOTH into the bedroom for 2 mins. to discuss options & gain approval of my choice.

  4. Decide on fabric, take samples back, ask my mate dear Char from Richfields Decor to come & measure up.

  5. My work heats up, some travel, many conferences, too busy for a few weeks to co-ordinate a time with Char.

  6. Then Char is snowed under at work, so can't meet up for a couple more weeks.

  7. Char returns 4 weeks ago, measures up, but as the current ensemble sits inside a frame, I need to dig out the original castors, take the ensemble out & put the old castors back on. Then she'll have to come back up for a final measure when the bed height from the floor is all correct. She's also doing a pleated valance in the same fabric as the headboard, so accurate measurement is crucial.

  8. Search high & low for a week for the castors. Can't find them anywhere, think I chucked them out. MOTH yells at me for being so silly as to not hold onto them unused for the past 14 years!.

  9. Stop in at Forty Winks to buy 12 new castors. They ask do I want a thin thread or a thick thread. Blank look from me. They tell me I need to go home & look on the ensemble to find the manufacturer's brand.

  10. Come home, next day struggle to lift huge King size mattress up & try & lever myself underneath it searching for the brand - can't. Remake entire bed as it's now a total shambolic wreck.

  11. Last Sunday ask MOTH to help me. He lifts up mattress, finds brand details, I hurriedly write them down.

  12. MOTH immediately whinges he doesn't want castors to go back on bed, reckons the bed will slide around everywhere. I try to explain that this won't happen on the carpet, but he's most unhappy.

  13. Last Thursday race back to Forty Winks, tell them the bed's manufacturer's details. They match up the castors, but I mentioned the issues with MOTH, so they suggest glides. Not castors but better. Take these home - I'm happy.

  14. Yesterday MOTH grumpy, but he eventually takes the whole bed apart. Turns ensemble base upside down, I race in all excited with the 12 glides. MOTH tries to screw the first one in, he yells at me that they are too thin & they are because I've been given the wrong ones!!!!

  15. Throw bag of glides back in my handbag for an exchange. Race up to computer, place an online ad. for old bed.

  16. Help MOTH carry old bed out into hallway & spend next hour cleaning it.

  17. Totally remake bed with MOTH, who grumbles that the bedroom looks bare with just the ensemble. Give him the Millie death stare.

  18. Collapse in a heap at 7p.m. quite teary & fed up with the whole thing. And to think the order hasn't even been started yet - grrrrrr!

  19. Race down the Freeway today & visit Forty Winks for the third time to exchange the wrong product for what will hopefully be the right one. Ring Char & try to rebook at time that's suitable for the both of us for a final measure. Lord give me strength to face the day.
    Image: Chic Shack


  1. It is no wonder people live with the same thing forever or buy the first bed the see, it's all too hard.

  2. YIKES... I must say that I absolutely adore this bed you're showing us. I may start to work on things here on my end... It's where we spend a good amount of time- we should have what we want...correct? Correct!

  3. sounds like a typical day as a decorator- hehe! I am sure it will be beautiful.
    Come on by ,havent seen you in a while!


  4. Oh Millie, I have had a year of just that... and just recently had the same 'too skinny thread' problems with my sofa castors... so my sofa has been sitting on a lean until the right sized ones arrive. Deep breaths... delayed gratification (with a bit of major stress thrown in) is ever so sweet. Leads to many marital maladjustments though. MOTH be nice now.... Millie's trying very hard! A-M xx

  5. Jesus!!!! I'm tired already!!! HI!HI!HI! Don't worry it will end well!!! have faith!!

  6. Hilarious. I love MOTH's petty \ justified concerns. And those people at those supply \ hardware shops can be so unhelpful. They only give out just so much information, like spies. You always need to go back. I think bedrooms are nightmare anyway. I want a really pretty flowery one and my husband will never put up with that so insteads its navy and white. V zen but not my preference. xoxo

  7. So much running around has to be soul destroying!

  8. Hi Millie,
    Well, we don't need to ask what you have been up to this weekend!!! My eldest daughter is sitting here with me and we read about your saga twice (!!!), laughing 'cause it just sounds like my husband and I (and my daughter agrees). It's amazing isn't it when they give their okay to change something, you get so excited, then at the last minute BAM!!! All of a sudden they change their minds and you look at them with sagging shoulders and go WHAT ... but you were okay with this a day ago, a week ago, a month ago etc., it's as if they have been abducted by aliens and all memory is lost!!! What is that?? It's enough to make you want to go lie in the corner of the room in a fetal position going between hysterical laughing and outright sobbing!!! Don't feel too bad Millie, all of us females are hearin' ya.... Anyway, before this turns into a 5 page letter, I'd better go and make good use of the day, 'cause the sun is shining here today. Hope you have a good one and can't wait to see what happens next!!
    Take Care

    Janine (and eldest daughter!)
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  9. It will happen - you are more than half way there already are you not???
    I don't have much left but I send you a little of my patience >>>>>>
    Irene x

  10. Oh no dear Millie.
    Sending hugs to you and I hope that you get the bed sorted and the one you want.


  11. Bloody hell! I thought some of my days get hectic

    Glad it's not just me...and glad it's not just me and my bloke who go through these negotiations re: castors vs glides. We got the glides by the way, tell MOTH they work a treat and the bed aint going nowhere

  12. OMG, too hard! 10 out of 10 for persistence, I'm sure you'll be rewarded when the bedroom is all finished and looking fab.

  13. Oh Millie, stiff drink honey.

    I know it's a nightmare getting the simplest thing without giving a kidney or something these days.

    Hang in there,

  14. What a palaver! I think I need to lie down for half an hour or so just reading about it. Hope things get easier from here.
    Clare x

  15. I won't suggest you just bury yourself under the doona and forget the world is even there. COURAGE (pronounced COOOOOOORAAAAje)! Suggest a holiday to France next time as a cheaper and less nerve wracking way of finding a new bed ;-) At least you get different scenery and you won't expect any decent advice from the shop assistants as they don't offer much help here anyway and it will all be garbled in translation! ;-) Ange Ps - Think how rewarding your nights' sleeps are going to be after this saga!

  16. I am exhausted just reading about this. Can I have a drink for you? Is it a bad time to mention that you could put the headboard on the wall, and not the bed? (Although I'm sure you will have considered this option)

  17. All my projects go just like that.

    Stressful, aggravating, irritating, LOL - but in the end you will love what you have.

  18. Well Mills...I think that you have just described the scenario that goes on in our house, everytime we decorate any NEVER goes smoothly, does it.
    Well, all I can say will look lovely when it's finished !Good luck with the rest of it ! XXXX

  19. Good lord, this exchange is virtually identical to one that would happen in my home! I am a devoted thrower-outter of unused items, my MOTH is loathe to toss a thing! How sweet it will be when your project is completed...

  20. My husband is just like MOTH - so resistant to change! Likes everything just the way it is.
    You make me laugh Millie!

  21. You are going to need that new bed to pass out on after all of this!
    My feeling about beds? Wives get to pick out the bed. Husbands are allowed to visit!


  22. ahh the wonderful world of interior design..... sorry to hear you're having such a hard time of it sweetie - hang in there xx

  23. P.S - in our projects we always attach the headboard to the wall - but this still doesn't solve your caster dilemma. Good luck!


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