Sunday, November 15, 2009

Channelling Elsie

I will be donning a stylish hat, the pearls, a dog or three & channelling the Grande Dame of Interior Design the legendary Miss Elsie De Wolfe today. The new padded headboard is being installed in the MPP (Marital Passion Pit - MOTH's description of the Master Bedroom, NOT MINE!) & the Guest Room's also getting its new headboard & very scrumptious new blind. Won't be doing the reveal just yet, as I haven't been able to find new bedlinen for the MPP bed that's gorgeous enough, but Miss Richfields & I have had an idea, so stay tuned, as I think it will look fab.

Thank you all for your lovely messages of support for my challenging product trial. It was a big week & I'm just so glad its over. In saying that though, my clients were just awesome, so warm & welcoming & it was a privilege to spend the week with them. However, the cases suitable for the new product weren't that hot. Lots of patients being referred on to the Cardiothoracic Surgeons as their disease process was too advanced to be treated in the Cath. Lab. But the 8 we were able to use performed beautifully & its an impressive product that's for sure.

I'm so looking forward to catching up with all your news - I'll try & do a good lap of Blogland over the next few days. After 8 days of sweltering 38-40C. (100-104F.) Spring days, we're expecting a cool 28C. (82F.) today. It's been a blinder & everyone is so tired & weary, so bring on that cool breeze Hughie & make it quick. However, it looks to only be a temporary reprieve, as it will be 41C. (108F.) on Wednesday & Thursday & it's not even Summer yet!!


  1. Welcome back Millei!
    I can't wait to see the finished MPP ( MOTH sure is one passionate man!) and guest room ... I'm sure they will be stunning!

    I've heard about the very hot, early summer Oz has been experiencing... hope it cools a little at xmas (we come home for 2 weeks).

  2. Millie,

    You must be so excited that you are getting two new headboards. Pictures please...we can't wait to see them. Especially the one in the MPP.


  3. MPP - where does MOTH dream up these expressions? Funny though.

  4. well..."LA DEE DA"

    i can hardly wait miss millie!

  5. Welcome back Millie!
    Can't wait to see the big reveal of your new bedrooms.
    I hope the weather cools down a little and have a great week.


  6. Can't wait to see the MPP and the Guest bedroom. Don't worry Millie, I am planning a 2 week vacation down under, date still pending. Hubby is waiting for new job which has been pending since current position is filled by 71 year old that is having a hard time deciding when to retire. We think now would be a great time. I will keep you informed. Heidi

  7. Well my vision of the lovely new headboard has undergone a complete turnabout now that I know it is in the MPP. I have a totally different look in my minds eye now! You never fail to make me laugh! Welcome back. Sorry about the heat. You could cool off in Wellington. I think we made it to the searing spring height of 17 today! xx

  8. Sounds very exciting and no doubt you will find divine linen, pity you were not close by to Lily-G as Judy has divine linen - I can vouch for that! cool & breezy at Manly tonight! (sorry)

  9. I think that it's great that you and MOTH can still call it an MPP !!!!!!!!!! hehe.
    Can't wait to see it all done and beautiful and ready for all the passion !!
    It seems so strange to think of how hot it is where you are (oops..back to the MPP again) when it's starting to get cold here in the U.K.
    Have fun, finishing your MPP, Mills. XXXX

  10. Glad to have you back in Blogworld!

  11. Hi Millie,
    Can't wait to see what you have done with the MPP and guest bedroom!
    Don't envy you with the heat down there, we lived there a few years ago and I remember the day we drove into town it was 40 degrees, I just want to turn the car around a drive back to QLD. Was ok though cause, because before I new it we had a full week under 25 degrees.

  12. millie, can't wait to see the new look for the mpp (love the name, MOTH). i'll send you some of our grey skies, cold temps, and drizzle. send me back some sunshine! pam

  13. Oh he's just incorrigible, MPP!

    Sounds gorgeous will be waiting for pic's!


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