Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ssssssizzling Hot

We are expecting a temperature of 43C. (109F.) today - a record November day. Some parts in the north of South Australia are predicted to reach 48C. (118F.) - quite bizarre Spring weather. To my friends in the Northern Hemisphere, enjoy your cool day & warm fires & spare a thought for us here in the blazing sun. Icecreams all round please.

Image: Lisa Cohen


  1. Goodness Millie - sounds like a real scorcher.

    And for me, ice cream any season!

  2. WOW! That must be something!!! Can't imagine having that temperature in november! I know you're used to it but what do you do for christmas having such hot weather?!
    Hope you're feeling much better! Enjoy your ice-cream!

  3. Wow Mills, that's hot, hot, hot. Have you been plastered yet and, if so, it must be very uncomfortable in that scorching weather that you're having.
    Keep cool and rest that leg. XXXX

  4. Darling Mills~ I will share my warm toddy if you will share your delicious ice cream cone. I would love to have you here- sitting by our fire, your foot resting on my ottoman, warm wine in hand~ rest easy darlin'.

  5. It is becoming more difficult to convince people that Australia is the the most fabulous place to live, while y'all are bursting into flames down there. Maybe God is giving the Goverment a little preview of future events to come, for all the horrible things they did in the past. They better keep apologizing so you can get some relief. On a lighter note, I noticed that you have toes like mine, the second one is not shoter than the first, I believe that means dominate female? Love ya, Heidi

  6. I feel for you. And of course Adelaide's weather today is Melbourne's weather tomorrow. Oh oh. How is foot going?

  7. Actually it's fairly balmy here in Central Ohio. Mmm...I'll take one of those cones, please!

  8. Hot weather to go with One-Hot-Mama. By the sounds of your last post, you are going to be just that with your high heels and great party attitude. Enjoy!

  9. Hi Millie-

    118def...sounds like New Delhi in July.
    I can't imagine.
    Here in San Francisco it's about 72deg F (year-round...or a bit cooler)...and 90 deg would have the town in a tizzy.
    Thanks for your great message on my blog.
    A laugh is a wonderful thing.
    Enjoy the icecream!

  10. Wow! Now THAT is hot (or is that George Clooney!? ha ha)

    It's like....43 degrees here! hee

  11. Millie, here in my part of Holland
    its a coooool...... 11 degrees. I must say I look at all the Aussie blogs having Christmas in warm weather , seems so differnt. I'm from Michigan back in the states so the weather is quite similar to here in Holland.
    Stay cool, ice tea, lemonaide, Happy Holidays! Julie .. Holland ;)

  12. Ick! I so don't envy you, the worst I have experienced is one day of 44 here in Perth a couple of years ago and it is not at all pleasant. Hoping those nasty fires don't get too bad and that you can rest up in the air con with an icy cool drink :)

  13. I wish you many ice creams MIllie and many cold icy drinks...maybe it is the weather for a long G&T. I hope that foot is not causing too much bother...xv

  14. Those cones look good in any weather!
    I live in Florida so while we are headed into winter, it usually means 70's instead of
    90's. Not yet though. Still in the 80's. So the ice cream looks good to me.
    Isn't it fun to have blogging buddies all over the world?

  15. Stay cool and take care of that foot of yours!!

  16. My Todd is so jealous!! He hates the cold and it has gotten a lot cooler here, and we have had so much rain and wind. blah . . . I still don't think he would like 43*C though. I wish we could send you some of our coolness!!

  17. millie, we had a little bit of sunshine yesterday. other than that, grey skies and rain. quite dreary. i'm bottling some up now to send your way.

    if anyone can pull off the one-high-heel, one-plastered-foot, one-pair-of-crutches look, i'm sure it's you! me, no. i trip in flats on a flat floor.

    thank you for your kind words about my work. always lifts me up!


  18. Enjoy your icecream! I'm trying to get the fire up to your heat levels so I can eat one too ;-)

  19. And we've got 5C ... brrr ... it's cold ... winter is come back ... soon ...

  20. Yes yes yes, I am still happy that I have found your superb blog. Your photos are extraordinary and I love them!

    Peace & Love

    Agneta & Sweden


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