Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm Done!

I'm swapping 5 gruelling days of this.....

for 1 blissful day tomorrow here!!

The Hedge resumes transmission on Monday & I promise to be rested & relaxed despite the record-breaking November heatwave here in South Australia that's currently sucking the life out of everyone!

Image 1:Blueridge Image 2: PSU Images 4 & 5: The Divine


  1. Enjoy the rest until Monday. I personally shall be trading Mother in Law and kiddes for time painting chandeliers and drinking champagne in the Dordogne. I sometimes wonder if the DIVINE experience wouldn't be a little more ZEN!

  2. Lovely!!!! Enjoy Millie! As I'm sure you will. :^)

  3. Oooo Mills, I love all of those medical pictures. It's got me quite excited !
    .... and the best cure for the gruelling week that you've had ? Exactly what you'll be doing.
    Have a relaxing and pampered weekend and I look forward to hearing from a relaxed Millie on Monday. XXXX

  4. Looking forward to hearing more from you next Millie, I have missed you!

    Have a lovely week-end :)

  5. You just pamper yourself senseless. Have a relaxing weekend. Love, Heidi

  6. Rest, relax and enjoy the DIVINE-you deserve it after this past week. Don't forget a glass or two of good wine.

  7. Hi Millie, Enjoy your day of bliss...and have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! And your heat wave sounds a little bit delicious as I sit here with the snow falling outside my window, bundled up in my wool turtleneck sweater. xoTrina

  8. Wow! Super! Hope you have a SPLENDID and relaxing time!! You deserve it. :)

  9. Hi Millie,

    Lovely to see you back and what better way to relax after your busy week.
    Enjoy being pampered and have a fabulous weekend.


  10. You deserve some pampering, you busy little bee. Enjoy! xx

  11. Do you get to wear scrubs and bat your eyelashes dramatically at surgeons over your surgical mask? Glad you're getting some pampering time this weekend. You've been very much on my mind this week during the heatwave....although I was hoping you were confined to air-conditioned premises. Hope you enjoy your R&R. Meredy xo.

  12. Dearest Millie, I hope you thoroughly enjoy the well-earned spa retreat. Lee :)

  13. i am so glad you are back.
    and i am sooooooo happy you showed us your 'work' world.

    your loyal friend

  14. Hello Miss Millie- doing a bit of catching up today... hope your day of beauty was fabulous and that you and moth have a wonderful relaxing weekend!

  15. Cool we all need days like that ;) Enjoy

  16. Your blog = love love love & love!!

    Footprints from the very very south part of Sweden, through....


  17. Thank you thank you for nice comment on my blog!

    40 degrees, are you kidding with me? In Sweden we have + - 0 at the moment, and everything is gray gray gray.

    Naturally I go to India over Christmas and New Year, and then I get my vitamin C, both emetionellt and physically!

    Send a little sunshine to the south part of Sweden!

    Peace & Love


  18. HI Millie
    Hope your week was successful. Looks fascinating from this side of the screen.

    I'm a bit out of blogging action as our project goes live this week and I just heard we are up for the heatwave here this week also...

    Should've come to the spa with you..!!! Hope it was great! xx Julie

  19. Hope you have a great week off, I'm escaping the world of radiography this week as well. I recognised the cath lab, I worked in one of those for 3 days as a student, and from a radiographers perspective, yawn. Hope you enjoy your work tho, have fun relaxing!


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