Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So Not Happy!

Yep, that's my foot & little pinkies in the pic. I had a 'slight' altercation with a metal balustrade in a stairwell at the Hospital in the midst of my product trial week last Thursday. My foot discoloured to a delightful shade of blue/black & has been extremely painful, but I was hoping that it was just a soft tissue injury. After a sleepless night, I decided to bite the bullet & get an XR this morning. Unfortunately there's a nasty spiral fracture in my toe extending down into my foot. I'd stamp my foot with sheer frustration, except that I'd probably pass out with the pain! The Orthopaedic Surgeon has delayed putting the plaster on until Friday as it's going to be 41C. (108F.) here tomorrow & Thurs. He said I'd come after him with a big stick & beat him to a pulp if he plastered me prior to the heatwave! I'm sitting here sobbing about all the Christmas Parties & a flash wedding we have in the diary for December - & how I can disguise a big ugly plaster cast!!

The sign on the stairwell said 'Be Active, Take the Stairs!' so I did - I'm yet to see the benefit of that decision!

P.S. The padded headboards & schmick new blind look absolutely fabulous, we're thrilled! In fact I shed a little tear yesterday at their gorgeousness, but in light of what's transpired today, I think the tears may have had more to do with the pain in my broken foot rather than my new lovelies from the very talented Miss Richfields!


  1. So sorry Millie..... everyone must look after you for a bit. Try and take it easy in the coming heat wave, xv.

  2. You poor poor thing I feel for you. I broke my big toe about 9 years ago, it was the worst pain I have ever felt (worse than drug free childbirth - its true). It is actually good you have parties and weddings coming up, the champagne etc will anaesthetise you fully. xoxo

  3. Oh no Millie, no! I agree with Jane, drink your way through it. One positive...your toenail polish looks fabulous! A-M xx PS so pleased about the bedrooms.

  4. awww Millie, How tragic! I hope the pain lessens soon and that it doesn't put too much of a damper on your Christmas festivities! ((((hugs))))

  5. oh Miss Millie you poor thing, that just sucks!

    Maybe in some sadistic way life is asking you to slow down?

    You take very good care and stay close to the air con


  6. Oh dear Millie. This is quite literally a big pain! But I agree with A-M - the toenails look very summery! And maybe you have an excuse to laze around resting in the MPP. xx

  7. I can see sweet Millie that although hurt you haven't lost your humour!!! That's the way!...
    Hope you'll get better soon and that it doesn't hurt too much!
    Take good care of you!

  8. Oh Millie,
    you poor thing, take it easy and let everybody to take care about you.

  9. So sorry for you, must be very painful...Take care!

  10. I guess MOTH was prudent with his remarks on this occasion. Wise. I hope it heals quickly.xx

  11. Oh, Mills, what rotten luck.. Never mind, I'm sure you have put a brave face on it and it will make for a great 'after dinner' story. I guess that this means there won't be a lot of P in the MPP for a while !! At least your toenails look beautiful. XXXX

  12. Oh Millie, I'm so, so sorry! What a nuisance. I know nothing will stop you though - and I'm glad you have your humor too.

    Love those colorful toenails!

  13. Oh Millie how frustrating.. the nail polish does look lovely though. Hoping for a speedy recovery. Leanne

  14. Oh Millie,

    You have such pretty toes,
    ONLY JOKING!! (I mean, you have nice feet, oh gosh, I getting myself in deep water here)

    I'll start again, poor Millie, I'm so sad that you hurt yourself and that your in pain. My Bec broke her foot one year when she was little and she was in so much pain.

    Don't worry about the Christmas parties and wedding, I'm sure you will do something very stylish with your cast. Maybe have it spray painted when you get your summer tan or do a wonderful decoupage with christmas cards and have red glittered nail polish.

    Sorry, Millie.... again, (I can't control myself) I am one of those sick people that is hopeless around pain.

    If there is anything I can do please let me know, I have some lovely vintage xmas papers if you need them.

    Over and out, time to go....
    you don't have to post this,

    xxxxx and a huge huge hug,

  15. Me again,

    I forgot to say, what I would do if I was still at Vogue is get two casts so I had a pair, one of each leg then I would have them painted to look like black leather boots. Pity it's summer though, it would be so much better if you did it in winter.

    I really am leaving now.

    Goodnight dear Millie xx

  16. Oh Millie - what awful news. I broke my ankle last year and I think it was the worst two months of my life! I was grounded and totally reliant on Mr Brabourne for everything - certainly not an experience I would like to try again in a hurry. I'm sure Nurse MOTH will be an attentive carer! Leigh

  17. painkillers, air conditioning and a bell to ring!

  18. Oh no Millie Don't let it slow you down Girl. Make sure you play on the pain side when you need to getMoth jumping
    Kind Regards

  19. Oh Millie, I do feel for you having spent a good three weeks on crutches earlier this year after a foot operation. Not much fun in the heat I daresay! Make sure you take it easy on yourself - and you will look gorgeous for your Christmas parties even with your leg in plaster :)

  20. Right! I guess the term 'break a leg' is as welcome as the 'take the stairs' one now! I say go for the extremelly long and extravagant swishy linen and taffeta dress look for the upcoming events (suggest not trying the ABBA shoe look however much those round clumpy, boots might appear big enough to house a cast - for they are a 'pain' to get off!) With THOSE toenails you could just go bare foot anyway and no one will notice your cast!

  21. Oh Millie so sorry to hear this...and in all that heat too!!! At least your toenails and feet look great...take it easy now...sit down and have a champers♥x

  22. Oh, Millie, I'm so sorry! Here's to fast healing.

    p.s. I always tell the boys, "Healthy people take the stairs." I can see this may come back to haunt me.

  23. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry about your accident! I am sending you healing thoughts and much love, and apologies from the MR. regarding his funny business & comment while you were away.
    You know Mills, as long as you are healthy and on the go and able to take the stairs, there is always a chance to trip or fall or feel achy in the mornings. I say celebrate with champagne, be glad that you are so strong in body & mind! xoxo Lisa

  24. Boo Hoo Millie. I'm so sorry to hear about your tootsie mishap. And the heatwave too. I hope you can sit with it propped up so MOTH can wait on you. You might as well take full advantage of the situation. He can do all the Christmas shopping too. Stay cool and feel better soon.

  25. Ouch. May I say the nail polish color is very nice. Hope your foot is better soon.

  26. Sorry to hear of your plight Millie .... Godspeed on a fast recovery so you can get those stilettos out of the closet soon!

  27. Oh Millie, I knew something was wrong. A long skirt maybe will do, I know just go ahead and cover the whole thing with rhinestones and make it your bling bling accessory. Hope the pain goes away soon. Love ya, Heidi

  28. Rotton luck Millie, but those little toesies are going to enjoy the limelight as colourful features this party season. xx

  29. Millie get well soon, and by the way your toes look great!!

  30. So sorry to hear about your accident. :(

    On the bright side - orange is a great accent to black and blue. :)

  31. Oh, Millie, I'm so sorry!!! Your toes look really cute, though! :^)

  32. OMG, Poor girl.... It was painful just looking at your foot, a least your toes look fabulous!
    Wishing you a speedy recover!!!

    xoxo, Cathleen


    Adelaide--and I am in San Francisco.
    Blogging is so great.
    I love your blog--and the view of your country road in all the seasons.

    I've put your blog on my roll of favorites--a very discriminating list, I might add.
    cheers, www.thestylesaloniste.com

  34. Oh no. Feel better! Stay cool.

  35. Your poor darling, and the timing, did you walk under a ladder? I am feeling very sorry for you.

  36. Hi Millie,

    So sorry! I feel so sad that this has happened to you.
    Love the summery polish and your sense of humour.
    Now it is your turn to let everyone look after you.


  37. Oh I'm so sorry about your poor foot Millie. Ouch! On the up side, your pretty painted toes are gorgeous and now you have a good excuse to flaunt them. ; ) xoxoTrina

  38. Oh Millie that is really bad luck. So sorry for you honey.

  39. That's terrible to hear. I hope they don't have to K-Wire it. You look after yourself. David.:-)

  40. you have the toes of a royal!
    did you you know that?

    look on the bright side.
    now everyone will know that you are "the queen!"

    feel better your royal highness.
    xxx love to you

  41. Oh Millie, soooo sorry about your poor foot. Hope you are doing better. Take good care. Can not believe the heat you are having... ouch! Thinking of you.

    (just catching up.. still computer 'issues' here!)


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