Friday, November 20, 2009

A Little Blue

Just like last year's delphinium's I've got a mild case of the 'I'm so over this' blues. I'm really struggling with all the stairs in the house & through the garden to the garage, & after today's visit to the Orthopaedic Surgeon, I reckon things won't really change.

Everyone's been great - work, MOTH & a big bunch of my favourite white lilies arrived from all of the kids yesterday, bless them. But I just hate having lost the spontaneity in my life, I've got to think & plan everything before I take a step. The pain's not under control well either, which I think's probably causing my dose of the Miserable Millie's. I stupidly played the martyr & refused stronger analgesia when it was offered earlier in the week, but I think I'll capitulate & revisit that today with the Orthopod.

Anyways, onward & upward, I'm sure the cast & I will become good chums & at least if I can get a walking heel put on next week, I can ditch the crutches at bit, which would be great. Hope your weekend's a mighty fine one, oh & one last tip - 'Don't take the stairs!'


  1. Now Millie...I can understand how it is all a struggle for you, you will get better especially with your cheery attitude. The stairs will wait...As for your spontaneity in your life...that will come back. I lost mine years ago due to caring for JoJo...everything revolves around her...we can't even go out for dinner spontaneously. You will be back to your old self in no time!!! Meantime...take the opportunity to rest up, and please take the recommended medication for that pain (ouch)...Big hug to you through cyberspace, Dzintra♥x

  2. Hi Millie,
    Sorry you are still not feeling the best. I can't say I understand how you feel as I've never broken anything or had a plaster cast, much to my dissapointment as a child. I thought it was so cool to come to school with a plast on (preferably the arm) and have all the kids line up and sign it. I would wish I could break my arm just so I could have it in a cast (remember this was in infant school and primary school, hopefully wiser as you get older) If you and your cast are spending some time together, you will have to think of a name for it. Boy or girl, let us know!!! Try and have a good day and I'm sure if you have some pain medication you will feel better. Another cyber hug for you from me!!!
    Be good!!
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  3. Millie,

    So sorry to hear you are sporting a cast. I only wish George could sign it and make it all better.
    A niece once saw George in a bar. She said he was surrounded by bodyguards, taller and slender than she had imagined and better looking. Wow!

    The Adelaide family is eating lots of ice cream and staying in doors when the spring weather becomes a heat wave.

    We have had some nice fall days but it has been a rainy, cloudy fall here in Iowa.

    Spoil yourself a bit. Good Wishes!!

  4. Millie, I saw a man in the grocery store this week with a cast on his leg and an unusual contraption for getting around. His leg was bent at the knee and something like a peg leg with a wheel at the end was attached. He was getting around quite fast. I talked to him and he said it was a new design. Maybe this would be good for you. Look into it.
    My heart goes out to you but I know you will be better very soon. xxoo Rosemary

  5. Oh, My darling darling Mills,
    I am so sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident. At least your tootsies look positively marvelous, that perfect little pedicure. Im sure all that hot sun dosent do much for the lovely cast..
    Im sorry your feeling so blue, I wish I could come over and help, but alas, I would completely flop over from all that heat. Maybe you should come here. We have 20 foot swells at the beach and gusts of wind at about 70 mph..shivvvvvver..
    xoxo smooches from the beach!

  6. Oh Mills....poor old you. It must be really difficult for you and even worse as it's painful. I was going to say 'put your best foot forward' but maybe that's not appropriate !!
    I have a feeling that you are not the sort of person to sit down and do nothing under normal circumstances, which makes your predicament even more difficult. Hang in there, dear Millie, and rest up. XXXX

  7. "As blue as last year's delphiniums"....oh, are feeling blue indeed! Having just nursed my mum for the last six weeks post-foot reconstruction, I can totally sympathise. Very frustrating, especially for a whirlwind of activity such as yourself. As for pain relief, it's probably better to surrender to it initially to make it all bearable. Or perhaps MOTH can make you an ENORMOUS jug of Cosmopolitan mix? No doubt you'll handle this with your usual sense of style and panache, despite the limitations. Thinking of you. Meredith xo.

  8. Darling, go for the stronger drugs!!! Hope you will feel a bit better soon.
    xo Lidy

  9. Millie...hang in there. I wish you a speedy recovery! May you have a delightful weekend! :)

  10. Oh Miss Millie,
    Hang in there chook and get the stonger stuff to help you out. While you are at it get MOTH to whip you up some ramps...or a carriage that you can be transported around in style.

    Have a good weekend and take care of yourself.
    Ness xx

  11. Oh Millie, so sorry that you are feeling a big down. I think anyone would. Here's hoping that things start to look up soon and that your pain is soon relieved. Tell Moth that you need some extra duty pampering this weekend! xxoo

  12. So sorry... Wish we could all be there to cheer you up and administer strong pain relief. Just one nasty kicking with that mighty plaster boot Miss Millie...the miseries will pass, promise... ;) xv

  13. Millie: I'm so sorry about your foot. I've been there too, my leg not my foot....not fun, I know. But the time passes quickly, I promise. Take the pain pills when you need them, rest, pick up a good book, visit with friends (that includes us!) and you'll feel better.
    I had hip replacement surgery this past July and wondered if I'd ever get back to normal. I'm very independent and it was so hard to give up control over my life. But you have to do it. And within a month or so all was well.
    Patience! And I send you a big hug.

  14. Millie I'm so sorry you're strugling with this inconvenience. I spent 3months on crutches after fracturing my pelvis in a car accident about 14 years ago. I underwent a bit of a personality change, because of the huge frustrations at the loss of independence. However my DR warned me to deal with it. "Old age brings losses of these sorts, and you'll be a cranky old bag then, unless you learn to adapt" he said. I was less than impressed at the time, but I guess there is some truth in it. Best wishes xx

  15. So sorry dear Millie.
    I say go for the stronger medication so the pain alleviates, rest up and read some good books.
    All your blogging buddies are here for you dear one.

    Sending you a big hug and a speedy recovery.

    Carolyn xo

  16. OverthehillbutgreatviewNovember 21, 2009 at 12:56 PM

    Speedy recovery Millie am sure the blues will be soon behind yous. xD


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Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
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