Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oh Sweet Pea!

One freezing Winter's day in early August:
MOTH: 'Geez Mills what are you up to?'
Millie: I'm planting Sweet Peas seeds in this big pot in the Courtyard. See I've even bought a really flash glossy black frame for them to climb up on.'
MOTH: 'Don't be stupid, you've wasted your money, it's too late now, they'll never grow. You should have planted 'em weeks ago. Just leave the gardening to me will ya.'
Millie: 'Give me a break Mr. Know-It-All, I've never grown them & I really, really want too.'
MOTH: 'Oh well, don't blame me when nothing happens & you're whingeing & crying about it.'

One cool overcast Spring Saturday in late November following a record heatwave here @ The Hedge & my gorgeous girl is nearly 9ft. high!:

Oh, Sweet Pea
I love you can't you see
Love you, love you, love you can't you see
Oh, Sweet Pea
Won't you be my girl
Won't you, won't you, won't you be my girl


  1. MOTH's all over the world are similar :)
    your sweet peas looks georgous!

  2. I hope you're beaming from ear to ear about your sweet peas Millie and that MOTH is hiding out in the 'bathroom from hell' renovation so that you can't say 'told you so'. They're gorgeous! Lee :)

  3. Hi Millie - hope you are enjoying your gorgeous delicate blooms - they are one of my favourites and I'm always amazed that the more you cut and fill up the house with their beautiful scent, the faster they grow! Truly the scent of summer...hope they (and you) are surviving the heat this wishes, Susie

  4. See sometimes Miss Millie does know best....xv

  5. Your plants are living proof that flowers respond to a positive outlook and love! Your sweet peas are climbing for the stars. Hooray for Millie!

  6. There is always something new to be learned in gardening.

    Come on, come on and dance with me.

  7. Just goes to show innate talent can trump experience any day! I love sweet peas, and am so happy that yours have come to fruition so you can enjoy them!

  8. Nah na na na you, MOTH. I think you sweet peas's (one of my absolute favourites) are looking so prolific and beautiful and I think that you should pick a great big bunch and place them, lovingly, in the MPP Mill's. Nothing more need be said !! XXXX

  9. came over to say hello... missing you lately... have a wonderful day.... x pam

  10. Way to go! Sweet peas have the best fragrance.

  11. Well done you, Millie!! Sooo pretty.
    You showed him, huh? lol. ;^)

  12. Oh sooo pretty! Everything is brown and dead here so it's nice to see something so pretty.

  13. Hooray for your sweetpeas Millie, I love sweetpeas, they are so pretty.

    Hope the plaster is not too thinking of you :)

  14. you had me at
    "one freezing day in august...."

    i would kill for a freezing day in august!

    ...when will these guys ever just realize that we are RIGHT 98% of the time!?


  15. Your sweet peas are Fabulous!! And proves that silly men DON'T know everything like they tell us they do;);)!
    Curious, what has MOTH said about the dear sweet peas now?!!

  16. Fabulous Millie! I had a good laugh at MOTH's expense!



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