Monday, November 23, 2009

Love is in the Air

Yes, it's that time again here behind The Hedge. And before you jump to any fast conclusions, it's love in our garden not in the MPP! Almost to the day every year, MOTH & I are awakened by the amorous goings-on of our resident koalas. Last night the boy koala took my advice from last year, put Barry White on the koala stereo & spent a couple of very noisy hours actively pursuing his lady-love right outside our bedroom window.

When I took my breakfast coffee out for a hobble around the garden this morning, he was still sitting in the undergrowth by our hedge. Tired & emotional from his night of 'romance', he let me come right up to him. Hopping through this part of our jungle garden with crutches & camera was a challenge, but what a treat it was to be able to have a little chat with our resident Lover Boy! I was thrilled to see him looking so healthy & fat, last year they were all scrawny & in poor condition due to the relentless drought we were experiencing. So for him, I guess you could say the drought's broken in more ways than one!
Image: Millie


  1. Koalas in your garden?! Oh wow, how amazing Millie! I must show my children the photo....although I will spare them the noisy details!!

    Happy Monday :)

  2. What a treat Millie! (Capturing the photo - not necessarily the sound of randy Koalas!)

    Happy spring time to you and all the neighboring critters (and I hope your hobbling is very short lived, and a happy recovery is made soon!)


  3. How cute Mr Koala looks. Although, randy nocturnal rampages and cutesie Koala bears dont go together that well for me.

  4. That looks like one very healthy and satisfied koala. I'm very glad I don't have to explain to my kids just why the koalas are making that much noise late at night - it is getting harder by the day to invent excuses for the amorous bush turkeys on my roof! Sorry I haven't visited for so long. I had forgotten quite how long feeding takes in the early days and the bigger kids have had so many assignments lately that I have been kicked off the computer! Hope your foot is healing nicely. I'm sure if anyone can look chic and classy in a cast it would be you.
    Clare x

  5. I guess now I know what those noisy fruit bats were up to last night?!?!?!Just as well it's only for a season eh!

  6. How absolutely adorable! What an amazing experience, I can't even imagine something so darn cute rustling about in the yard. We had some large elk crying out one year and because I wasn't familiar with their heat behaviors, I called the local Department of Fish & Game to notify them that there was an animal in distress - "come quick!" xoxoxo Trina

  7. At least you knew what the noise was! I had a very funny incident in my youth with a heavy breathing Possum outside my bedroom window I thought was an intruder one night!!
    He's a cute Koala!
    Irene x

  8. I can't believe you have these gorgeous creatures in your garden. I've never seen one in the wild - the only wildlife we have here are nasty little critters like rats, hares and foxes! Hope your foot is starting to feel better and MOTH is spoiling you rotten. Leigh

  9. Hi Miss Millie
    Sorry I haven't been over lately.. still in the midst of my migration and needed to sneak away for a bit.

    Well first sorry about your foot!! What is it about stressful work weeks that result in mishap? Hope it's feeling better soon. We had 43c here yesterday and I never left my apartment. Working away merrily in aircon.

    And this .. your little Koala lothario!! how cute. So 'some' Aussies really do have Koalas in their back yard. Who knew? hhahaa.. I've got to get out of the city!!

    And lastly... what a clever Millie you are! I spotted your comment in French over at Ange's. Spotted I say.. not read!

    Have a great week and take care of that foot!! xxx Julie

  10. I'm as amazed as Simone! Koala's in the garden - the idea obviously sounds more romantic than the reality - unless you are a koala of course! How is the foot today?

  11. I really like this blog layout -- it just screams renewal as in springtime. I liked this post as well and the story of the resident lover boy. lol

  12. You lucky lady to have not one but two amorous males in your neck of the woods!
    He is soooo cute!!

    Hope the foot is coming along nicely!
    Have a great week!

  13. I am glad to see you are venturing outside in spite of your injury and getting a great photo of Mr. Koala too. Be careful since you can't run. Are they dangerous in any way? I would be thrilled to see one in person.

  14. I'm glad there is no video to go with this post!

  15. Oh Mills, how lucky are you. One of my favourite animals in your back garden.....even though they are all loved up, I could put up with it, to have those cute little bears in my garden.
    Hope that the foot is improving and not as painful as it was.
    Hope that the Koalas don't keep you awake tonight. XXXX

  16. Wow Millie,

    I wish I had a couple of koalas in our garden. They are so cute aren't they, no wonder they are one of our national emblems! All we have in our garden is a possum that comes from up the road (my husband has watched him walking along fences and the like just to visit our trees late at night) Actually, I think my husband and the possum are on first name basis!! They see each other regularly when husband is working late at night. Better go, you sound like you are in better spirits, so that's great. Have a wonderful day.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  17. LOL... LOVE your photo of Lover Boy!!! We only get cats nothing as fantastic as a koala bear... ADORABLE!!!

  18. You are comparing my lovely husband and I to your Koalas??!!

    I LOVE IT!! you are a regular kick in the pants, Miss Mills. This is why I keep coming back here.
    You totally crack me up!!......and yes, I had to have a cigarette..if you get MY DRIFT..
    cheeky little thing:)

  19. Hi Millie,

    What a sweet guest you have in your garden and love the photo.

    Happy Wednesday.

  20. Ohmygoodness!! I can't believe I now know (in bloggy land of course;) someone who has a koala in their garden!! That is tres cool!


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