Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Riotous Rhodies!

Our Tree Rhododendrons have finally realized it's Spring & have burst forth with their glorious blooms. As difficult as it is, I resist the temptation to bring them inside as cut flowers. Their place is in the garden, basking in all their fragile glory.

I took this pic through the Living Room window looking out to the southern side of our jungle (oops garden!). The pale pink Rhodie & the crimson Camellia behind it are actually very large. If I stood under the Rhodie & jumped high, I would still not touch its lowest branches.


  1. Hi Millie,

    I love the splendid colour that your Rhododendrons and camellia are showing. The pink one looks like a floaty organza gown. Must be great to look out your window.

    Have a great Wednesday.

  2. Millie, I love rhododendrons - your garden looks divine with these wonderful burst of colour. I have an atrocious black thumb and have tried to grow rhododendrons in our garden a couple of times but without success. You've inspired me to try again. Lee :)

  3. Yours are just coming into bloom- while mine are getting ready to sleep for the winter. What a lovely picture these make on your property. Happy Spring!

  4. They are so beautiful. I will have to have some in my garden when I move down there. They remind me of azaleas, but in tree form. Heidi

  5. I love them too. We have a large old pale purple like yours and also a fuschia one. It Drives Me Crazy that I can't put them in a vase. They wilt within about 20 seconds. But you are right I guess their proper place is on the tree. xoxo

  6. Your spring, my autumn.

    I adore flowers.

    I have been blessed by your photos and I thank you.

  7. keep posting flowers, millie, since mine are all fading. my once lush flower bed is barren. *pout*

  8. Beautiful Millie, really beautiful.

  9. Well, Mills....I am now green with envy. Your garden is amazing, as are your beautiful rhodies.
    We have quite a large garden, considering that we are just outside of London, but nothing compared to yours. It looks as if you could give Kew Gardens a run for its money !
    Also, I have tried to grow rhodies and camillias, but you need ericaceous soil, which we don't have, so it's a no no in our garden. Even if you add it to the soil, they don't grow that well. I will just have to admire yours and grow other things in my garden. XXXX

  10. Millie, I'm with you - I prefer to have my flowers living and adorning my garden than gracing my dining room table... What a beautiful garden you have. HOpe you get lots of time to get out and take advantage of it!

  11. OK rub it in - you've got beautiful BIG trees covered in wonderful, wonderful flowers. No I'm not jealous, well alright, just a little! Leigh

  12. Lucky you Millie - The flowers here are on the fade, leaves are starting to turn and there is just the slightest chill in the air. Enjoy your spring!

  13. How beautiful! Sadly all the flowers are gone by my house as we head into winter. I don't even want to think about finding my winter coat.


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